I’m taking a blog hiatus, until a new spark gets ignited xo

Lately it’s getting harder and harder to come here and blog about the things that make me go “hmmm…”

With the seventh month of 2018 winding down, and my year of wellness going, well, “well.”  I find that spending any time holding on to, or reflecting on the things happening all around me that don’t make sense, or that upset me, seem to carry less weight in how they affect my daily life.  You see, the largest part of being well, is “eliminating all that does not serve you”.  Which, in case you didn’t know being riled up about matters that one cannot change, is definitely the number one way to be UNwell.  So, in my quest of letting go, it seems that I’m doing exactly that.  Letting go of things before they even get the opportunity to take hold inside my heart.  I no longer ruminate on any one topic, or any head scratching incidents.  I observe them, and then they’re gone.

Part of what makes this possible to be frank is that I just don’t watch, read, or listen to any news.  I honestly cannot bear to, so I’ve stopped.  Because truthfully I can’t read one more article on a corrupt boy-man who is called the President of America.

I can’t witness one more innocent African American being beaten, or killed by a psycho racist cop, or just any ole regular Joe.  What can I do to help my fellow humans who don’t have white skin receive the equality they deserve, because they’re living breathing human beings?  My heart is so broken for Nia Wilson and her family.  What will even happen there?  Will our cries, our tweets, our marches bring about the change we/THEY so desperately need?  What about the families who lost their two beautiful girls in Toronto, what happens to them?

It’s all just too much, and I appreciate that none of this is actually happening TO me.  I’m only reading about it, and watching it on social media, and I’m overwhelmed.  It seems, when reading my Twitter mentions that a great number of you are losing yourselves in GIF tweet chains.  I suppose everybody is doing their best to cope in a world that seems like it has recently taken one thousand giant leaps backward in time.  And while we seem to be going backward at warp speed, other parts of life seem to be propelling forward, such is the case with 3D guns.


I can’t even.

I don’t want to know about this.

This cannot be a thing that happens.

It just can’t.  But how do we stop it?  Who stops any of this now?

So many questions.  So many concerns…

In short, I guess what I’m trying to say to you all today is that I’m not feeling my daily blog anymore.  The whole reason I began it, and the tone of it, everything has changed for me.  So, until I find what it is I want to write about each and every day, I think for now, I’ll bid you all adieu, while I take a blog hiatus and see if something new, fresh and fitting comes forward for me.  When I return, prayerfully it will be with as much passion, interest, and excitement as the first time I sat down and blogged two years ago.  Thanks to every single one of you for coming on here everyday and hanging out with me, it was a good time indeed!!!

Happy Summer.

Until next time friends…




  1. Hi Shantelle,

    I have missed a few of your recent posts. Looks like a bit of spark has lit the fires again!

    I just wanted to share this link I found when I was curious and wanted to see if I could find a picture of Kuda (I think that was one of your dogs). Was not sure how to send this link directly to you without using Twitter.)

    I hope the next family that moves into this lovely home loves it & gives it the same respect the previous owner did!

  2. Good for you! Actions speak louder than words and your caring spirit will continue to thrive and benefit others.5

    As a communications professional, I can assure you that you don’t NEED to blog every day. Blog when you feel you have something to say. Your readers will be there. Be well!

  3. Dearest Shantelle!
    It is your blog to (or not to do) with as you like. And while I will miss it, I certainly understand the reason why you need a hiatus.
    I hope the hiatus (however long/short) lets you replenish, regroup, and reclaim you blogging-mojo. Should it not, I would say you’ve had a good run, which I have enjoyed becoming part of.

    Enjoy your summer in the wonderful cabin you’ve created, and do as your heart moves you.

  4. Well, I’ll miss you. I would spend my lunch break reading your blog. But girl, you need to take care of yourself and that comes first. Taking care of both your mental and physical health is a number 1 priority. Take all the time you need. Even if you don’t come back, just know that I am a fan of yours and have immensely enjoyed your brain dumps. I may not have always agreed with you or thought of things the way you did, but it made for great reads, insights and responses. I do anticipate the completion of BPF though. That’s where I found you. Good luck and God bless you Shantelle.

  5. I am very sad that you had to make that decision, I do believe, it wasn’t easy for you. However, I think that things in the world that are now frustrating will hurt you even if you don’t write about them.
    Well-known persons have an opinion-forming power, which is a great responsibility, but a great opportunity at the same time. I don’t believe that some people with good intentions are able to change the world. But I do believe that everyone can influence, make better their own environment, the well-known people can do it with even more people by sharing their opinions, their feelings with them. If you share what you think of things, happenings, it will impact many of us even if we cannot change them.
    You, good persons with influence, are like pebbles in the river, purifying the water; the more you are, the more chance the world has to be a better place to live.
    Now there is one pebble less. I am really sorry.

  6. You will be missed. Enjoy your time with lovely husband and daughters. I hope our world changes where bad things are not the normal. Take care 🙂

  7. While I understand your frustration, please know your witty commentary and right on analysis of life will be missed.

    Thank you and looking forward to when you blog again.

    Good Luck with your books!

  8. HI! I read your blog last night before I went to bed and it really stayed on my mind. So when I woke up this morning to snap, crackle and pop (not the cereal) I knew I had to respond to you. I’m going to talk to you as one of my girls. Your personal wellness is important because you sound burnt. I understand completely. We live in a world that seems to be ripping itself apart. Asswipe in the White House, racial divisions, senseless killings and death and the loss of kindness and respect for each other. I used to cry everyday about anything and I knew I had to do something about it. I went home! Caught a train and rode for 35+ hours to my home town and found some peace and joy. Stayed with my mom-in-law and slept in a recliner that had a mind of it’s own. Slept better in that chair than in a bed. It was because I knew I was in a place of love and comfort. Visited with my girlfriends from childhood, schoolmates, former workmates and my 2nd grade teacher who remembered me from years ago (so many, more than 50). I found some fun and learned a lot. The world is a mess but there are those who are working hard to help clean it up. You already know you have much to be thankful for. You know you have a loving family and friends. A devoted husband who thinks you are the Bomb. You are smart, strong and Beautiful. Take your time to clear your head and you will find things to blog about. You will find that spark no matter how tiny it may be that will inspire you. Don’t let this world and some of these despicable acts steal your joy. Your gifts are right in front of you so don’t be afraid to hold them closer to you. It will give you the opportunity to look over them and see new things. Hope I’m making sense. You know who you are and what you have to give. It doesn’t hurt you to be selfish about what you are feeling. You have a right to feel what you feel and if you need that break then TAKE it and don’t feel the need to come back until you feel it in your spirit! Sorry for rambling but I want you to know that you have my support and I’ll check back from time to time. In the meantime there are your previous writings that need to be read by me. So young lady take that weight off your back and just breathe. You deserve it. All my love and prayers to you and all you love. Jeanne

  9. Good for you to step away. Just because we have the ability to know what is happening at the very second it happens does not mean that it is at all healthy for us to experience it all.
    I find the old poem “Desiderata” by Max Ehrmann comforting and reassuring.
    Be well.

  10. AHA … the cottage air, the cottage vibe, the cottage freedom, the cottage quiet, the cottage calm … usually it takes longer to really REALLY have an impact that sinks in and seriously strokes (and stokes) someone’s soul … but look at you – it only took a couple of weeks ! I suspect your muse will find you when you’re ready – until then enjoy the place you’re in right now.
    As someone who lives full-time with all those ‘cottage’ things I realize how much we often take it all for granted – thanks for the reminder to everyday hear the waves (and the birds), feel the breeze, smell the freshness of air and the healthiness of damp ground after a rain, taste food that comes from the farm down the road and touch other people’s lives with positive energy and caring. You suggest you’ve been a badass woman for many, many years … well now you’re a cottage badass who will find a beat from a more natural drum to dance to.

  11. Hi Shantelle
    I can only Imagine how hard it is to blog everyday things that you think your audience will enjoy and appreciate. This is why I never had a blog. Good for you taking time away from it. You never know it just might do the trick. Take care, and hope you do come back!

    Btw your husband is a great actor, I just love Murdoch Mysteries!

  12. I’ve enjoyed your provocative blog very much. But totally agree if it’s not in you anymore, it’s better to drop it than fake it.

    Being American, I can’t ignore the man baby in the White House. It’s my duty to fight him and his agenda tooth and nail. But this too shall pass, we shall overcome and all those other trite slogans.

    See you on the other side, or not, as you choose.

  13. Of course I am sorry not to have your words to absorb I certainly understand that everything going on out here can be overwhelming. You have a wonderful oasis with your cottage and your new writing porch (With Umbrella 🙂 I hope you find an uplifting passion that will lead you back to blogging about that new passion.
    You will be missed. I have learned a lot about myself and grown into a more caring and Share-the-Love person through your writings and sharings (I know that is not a word but you know what I mean) And Laugh every day while you search for your new passion.
    Thank you

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