I’m cool with Gender Neutral bathrooms, but can I please just be called FEMALE???

Once again we’re having the extremely rare, follow up post here on my blog.  It’s been a whirlwind these past seven days and I’ve not been very good at posting daily.  I apologize for this.  I’m confident once I get Mikaela graduated from Pepperdine on April 28th, then moved back into our house, and get us settled back into Toronto, and the cottage build is finished, I’ll be way more on the stick, that is my life!  But for now, I’ll do the best I can and hope to keep you all happily engaged.

And now, on to said follow up post.  As always I love feedback from any of you who are willing to take the time to give it.  I love learning more about our world, and hearing other perspectives and opinions about matters that I feel passionately about; such as the gender neutral bathroom.  I didn’t even know there was an official name for them, to me I just feel they’re gender-less, meaning any gender can use them, and since we’re all about declaring multiple genders, which I still don’t get this…I mean, where I come from, inside my brain, you’re male or your female.  You either have a penis, or a vagina.  If you don’t relate to, identify with, or feel any attachment to your parts, then I’ve always just figured that person was “asexual.”

But not any more.  Apparntly, according to Wikipedia’s description:  Cisgender (often abbreviated to simply cis) is a term for people whose gender identity matches the sex that they were assigned at birth.  Excuse me?  What does this even mean?  As far as I recall I didn’t stand in a line after my mother pushed me out of her WOMAN’S VAGINA and wait for somebody to put a penis or vagina “post it” on me, ala Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  I mean isn’t that what “assigned at birth” makes you imagine?  A bunch of newborns standing in line with neither a penis or vagina on them yet?  I mean, I’m not intolerant, nor am I judging, and I’m not here to argue that point, because you all know how I feel:  If it doesn’t harm anybody, and it makes somebody else happy let them live their lives.  Seriously.  Why don’t we just all mind our own business and do us?  As long as they don’t start insisting that I only call myself CISGENDER then have at it.  Because I’m sorry, I’m not offended by which gender you relate to, or what label you want to have on you, but for me, I’m a woman.  I love being a woman, I’m proud to be a female, and that’s what I want to be called.  If I’m respecting anybody and everybody for wanting to be free to be called by whatever gender label they want, I expect the same in return.

Which in a super long winded, round about way brings me to my point of today’s post.  I don’t fear, care, or worry about trans people being in a bathroom with me.  It wouldn’t, and actually hasn’t troubled me yet.  That’s not what my gender neutral bathroom post was about, at all.  I happen to know many young gay people, and I know that, sadly, public bathrooms are as dangerous for them as they can be for women.  The fact that this is a reality makes my blood boil.  Like why are there still so many small/closed minded people on the planet that the only way they can feel good about themselves is to cause bodily harm to somebody simply because they are different than they are???

I just do not understand it.  Live and let live people, come on already, it is 2018.  The fact that there are still bigots out there running around believing that it is their God given right to not only verbally assault anybody from the LGBTQ community, but that it’s also their right to physically harm them, in my opinion, are the people who should move to an all white all hetero island and leave the rest of the planet for us sane individuals to inhabit, happily, without judgement and only with love.  I’d way rather see that happen than another LGBTQ person have to be fearful whenever they go into a restroom alone.

Maybe I should start a gofundme page to buy an island and then once I have one purchased start offering one way boat trips to the intolerants to get out of the way of the rest of us building a loving, kind, world for us to enjoy.  How good does this sound????

Who’s with me on this???


  1. So with you! Of all the issues that could potentially go with sharing public bathrooms with members of the opposite sex, sharing one with transgender individuals isn’t even on my list. (Insert foul language of your choice here) Where do I contribute to your island fund?

  2. So with you on the Island. Wouldn’t it be great to send all the haters there to be hateful to each other and leave the rest of us to love and be kind to each other.
    No one should be fearful because some hateful people object to their choice of who they Love. never heard of the cisgender. Buy I too am a woman and proud of it. Hear me Roar or at least exclaim loudly 🙂 Love the whole image of the newborns waiting in line for a penis or vagina. Love the way your mind works.
    We love your posts but OMG you have a few irons in the fire right now. Mikaela
    graduating, moving her, moving you both and the boys AND the cottage — OH MY. Can’t wait to see the finished cottage. I know it will be fantastic . Have to see how that tree works out.

    So final Word. With you for the Island !!!

  3. With you all the way on this!
    My goodness, I do live quite a sheltered life here in landlocked Midwest, so good thing I can keep up with all the latest reading your blog. Never heard about the cisgender term, and obviously neither has the spell check 9which wants to correct to suspenders!!
    God forbid, we have to rename everything these days to please who, exactly, since seems impossible to please anyone.

  4. That’s copse not corpse! Can we beg your webmaster for an edit function on your reply box or at least a delete function so we can try again? I’m lousy with my iPhone keypad and autocorrect has changed some fairly intelligent messages into complete gibberish. Even when I proof I miss stuff. Please?

  5. I am so with you on that. Start the Go Fund me page. Something needs to be done with all the haters in the world.

  6. Sounds good to me! Make sure it’s waaay out in the middle of the ocean, where they can’t escape on a dingy and come back!! Life would be so much calmer and less stressful without them! If only….

  7. Your post reminded me of something my grandfather said 40+ years ago from the pulpit. It was either the Sunday before or after Easter and he was talking about those who only came to church a few times a year on special occasions when he said “of course those who need to hear this are not here.” Most likely those closed minded ones you were speaking of/to are not going to be reading your post. Too bad. They may contribute to your gofundme page. BTW: how big is Frog Island? Or is that too close?

  8. Only in America would we be so hung up on such trivial stuff. In the third world you just pee in the woods. Watch out for poison ivy tho. Or a hole in the ground. Here we parse terminology on everything now, slicing and dicing humanity into subsets of ethnicity and gender. Label mania. In the meantime I just need a clean bathroom. Imagine if we had separate bathrooms for all those gender identities? What kind of graphic would you put on the doors? I personally think unisex bathrooms are the way to go. As long as they’re clean. Just put a picture of a corpse of trees on the door.

  9. I don’t get the way people need to label everything/everyone! And for the woke religious people who are crying “It’s a sin!!! We need to punish these people for who they are!” : If you think this is something God has a problem with, let God deal with it!

    Everybody should feel safe to live their lives, as long as their lives don’t harm those of others.

  10. Definitely agree with you. My gender was me as a little girl wearing dresses and playing with dolls. No gender neutral toys when I was little. Grew up to womanhood and that was the person I was with not any confusion as to gender. I didn’t even know about homosexuality till in Nursing School. I’d heard the word, “gay” but it means ‘happy’ in my world not anything else. So thinking back, hearing other teen girls say our PE teacher was “gay,” in my innocent life, I was just glad she was happy. I smile typing this as am fully aware even children in elementary school are being often barraged with these sexual terms long before puberty. I have to wonder if it’s really necessary but who am I to say. I also don’t like the term ‘cis’ and didn’t know what it meant either until you’ve explained it, Shantelle. So, learned something tonight. One extra thing to add is sometimes babies are born with both genders – there is a penis, a vagina and ovaries – often not noticed right at birth and so the babies are male at birth. Then later the parents have to decide a gender for the young baby and surgery is completed. This is extremely rare, so as not to freak out any moms to be reading this. I’m guessing ‘one’ day the washroom signs may be so confusing, even someone who identifies as female will be uncertain which door to push. I’m not looking forward to that happening anytime soon.

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