I never thought I was the cottaging kind, what a surprise to learn that I actually am!

It’s so frikkin’ easy to get mentally sidetracked in life.  To forget the long game and get hung up on the intricacies of the short game.  To become fixated on the “when” will it happen, rather than living life, and trusting that it IS HAPPENING.

Whenever I spend a lot of time with my dogs, as I’m doing more and more of while at the cottage, because, let’s be honest while in the city, life is busy, and my dogs are not as front and center of every single day life.  Not the way they are at the cottage.  When we’re at the cottage we’re all in one place day in day out, so obviously we spend a lot of time together, and what I’m learning from hanging out with my four legged kids is how unbelievably easy going/flexible, and cool they always are.  They don’t care if there are boxes around them, or not.  They don’t know if they have hot water, or not.  They are totally clueless to whether or not the landscaping is done around them, or if it’s still just sand/dirt.

Dogs are chill.  Dogs have no agenda.  (That is unless it is dinner time, and Duke turns on his under the table begging charm.)

I need to be more like my dogs.

To live more in the moment, to chill out and trust that everything I need will come to me in its right time.  That life is awesome, and perfect, and magical exactly the way it is, in this exact moment.

Dogs don’t look ahead, nor do they look behind.  They just are.  Every day they live in the moment.

And they nap a lot.

That’s definitely something I wish I could do more of.  Hell do any of; is nap.

After spending these last three days with my boys, in nature, just being, I have to be honest with you, I miss very little of my city life.  I don’t miss the time I used to spend on social media.  I don’t miss the hustle and bustle of running from this appointment to that one.  I definitely do not miss the traffic, or the sinus pressure headaches from the pollution.  What I do miss is the peace and tranquility of the lake when I leave it.  I was worried that I wouldn’t take to the quiet, serene, cottage life…so imagine my surprise to learn that I’m taking to it like a fish to water.

Things that make me go “hmmm…”




  1. Too many people, and I am including myself, do not know how to just be in the moment. Actually had a mini meltdown last week dwelling on everything I need to do, Should do, or Want to do. I just needed to take a deep breath. and again be in the moment and not the moments that may or may not be coming. Your cottage is the perfect place to unwind and just BE. And to be with your boys furry and not 🙂 They sure seem to have settled in Kohl can run his route around the yard Duke can survey the lake front. and protect from wandering drones. Or simply curl up (or lay upside down on their pillows,
    Happy you have such a wonderful Oasis to Breath.

  2. Shelter from the storm. And as long as you can get there and back safely in fall, winter and spring, it will be fabulous watching the seasons change. You could do a minimalist Xmas there. Less glitz and more togetherness. Perfect place for writing. Very happy for you.

  3. HAPPY Sunday Shantelle❤
    Cottage life would be like travelling into a new world of advertures.I am not fond of camping but staying in a cottage is like a home of dreams. To be able walk out the door and down to the water everyday for a swim would be heaven.
    City life has it’s rewards but come Friday my adventure would be on high alert.
    Yes Shantelle🌻 Dogs are the best friends in the world. Dogs are like doctors the heal you when your sick and love and kiss you just because. Yes, living and enjoying life is all part of being. So enjoy your New found love of nature and having a Sparkling fun loving time at the Cottage.
    Shantelle🌹 You and Yannick have worked so hard and now it’s time to enjoy your rewards.
    So when Friday rolls around and you arrive at your secret love nest. Plan a carpert picnic. Love you both ❤

    For get work enjoy🌻 Cheers 💚⚘💚

    I had to fix some of my mistakes Shantelle❤

  4. Sometimes when I leave my phone at work (on accident of course), I feel like I am on vacation.

  5. Teeheeeheeeheeee! I had a sneaking suspicion that you would enjoy it! (And having seen the drone-pic Mr. B. posted, I don’t blame you).
    Dogs are the best (although my nieces’ two kittens are to die for – two bundles of fluff, who eat, sleep, and fight, all the while purring like a couple of hoovers). They know when you need cuddles, when you need something warm at your back, and they can be masters of zen (unless the first snow of the season is there, and it’s time to run round the garden like demented racehorses).
    I don’t have a dog, as I’m single, and away from home 10 hours a day – and live in a flat. But I love getting to interact with my friends’ border collies – it is really a great way of soothing the soul.

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