I don’t want Doug Ford as my leader, but I won’t be peer pressured into mass hysteria either.

Alright, I think I’m just going to take a little hiatus from social media, and reading the news.  My heart has taken a beating this year, and we’re only half way through it.  So many parents without their children due to school shootings, and so many children without their parents due to ICE in the US.  Countries at war and in famine.  It feels like every time I turn around the news is sad, and hard to take.

And now, Toronto, and Ontario, my province, my home, has a new leader.  A man who is a mini #45.  A man who I will also not name by his name.  Mikaela used to cheer at the same gym as one of his daughters, and they, the daughter and the mom strutted around that gym like they were rock stars.  The other moms fan girling over them all the time.  I didn’t get it then, and I don’t get it now.  The only thing I knew about the Ford family back then was how corrupt they were, they certainly weren’t the sort of people I’d want to hold in high esteem.  Yet here we are, he’s the new leader.  We were in LA when we heard the news that he had “won” the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.  I was stunned.  I was shocked.  I was angry.  I get that we’ve always bee the kid brother to America, and little brothers and sisters look up to their older, cooler sibling.

But not like this.  I think we can do better.  Better in not believing that the sky is going to fall, and better at knowing that the other elected officials don’t want a tyrant running wild in office and will do right by us.

Angry because I wanted the Liberals out, they’ve squandered tens, possibly hundreds of millions of dollars, of hard working citizen’s money, people who trusted them, and elected them.  They came along and jacked taxes up, and up, and up…for years.  I knew for sure I was done with having that party in power, but then what was the alternative?  The NDP?  A party that ran on a platform saying that they would tax the highest earning people in Ontario even more, for what?  To cover the cost of free health care, free prescriptions, free housing, for so many who don’t work at all?  There is nothing free about “free.”  It comes out of other people’s pockets.  I don’t mind social services, if they’re fair.  I mean federally the Liberals are already taking 29.5% from anybody earning $150,000 or more, and another 12.6% provincially plus 13% on all goods and services…do the math that means 55% gone at the source.  Which means that a family has to live off less than $75,000 a year to raise a family and save for the future of their children’s educations.  HOW?  Explain to me how a family is supposed to do that being taxed like that???

Short answer they’re not.

So clearly more taxation wasn’t the answer either…so now what?  Now we have Tweedle Dee with the dead eyes, and the people are losing their minds on social media, so I’m going to go away for a few days to pray.  Pray and believe that we are Canadian, which means that we are not like the followers of #45 who think women shouldn’t have rights, and that health care is NOT important or a priority for the people who our leaders govern.  I’m going to go away and focus on finding comfort in the knowing that even when a party has a majority, they can’t just take things away from the citizens they represent.  I’m going to remind myself, that every elected official has to vote change into effect.  A leader cannot just will it to be so, whether what they want is for the good or not so good of the people.  I’m also going to go away for a few days and protect myself from giving into the mass fearful hysteria that so many are giving into today.  I’m choosing faith and light.




  1. I am so with you. It is going to be an interesting 4 years. Lots of prayer will be necessary.

  2. Hi! Shantelle! First I am sorry about what your dealing with! I know I don’t understand how these people can get elected either! Most of these elected people don’t care about us! All they really care about is the money in their pockets. It’s sad,

    On a more positive note…I do have a question for you and hope you can answer. I just want to first let you know you are very inspiring and I have been waiting to start my own blog but don’t really know where to start. Do you have any advice for new aspiring bloggers?

  3. Your choice is the best way to go. I am sorry to hear about your new leader. Hopefully Faith and Light and Love will get Ontario and the US through in spite of their current leadership. After reading about “he who shall not be named”
    and his family, I was so hoping that the people Ontario would take a lesson from the US and make a different choice. We have to all be better people than they are.

  4. OMG! What is going on in the world today? Another corrupt tyrant elected to office! Why do people think this guy will be different this time around? Why would this continue to happen seeing what a divisive miserable shit head #45 is? Why did Canadians think this politician would be working for the people since he’s proven he works for himself! I’ve followed Ontario news and this guy looks like a #45 clone! What is going on in the minds of voters on this continent??? Jesus help us all!

  5. Enjoy the cottage for a few days. It has been a hard week!! I’m choosing to remain positive that most Canadians will continue to be tolerant, compassionate people and that our new Premier will be held in check. Love Marion

  6. Sorry to hear that your new leadership is so Trump-like. But I must take a stand for taxes. There is nothing wrong with taxation done correctly and fairly. The right has, for FAR too long, equated ALL taxes with bad policy. Not so. Applied according to ability to pay and used for funding critical needs such as health, education and infrastructure is NEVER bad policy. Until EVERYONE center and left believes this, we are all at the wim of the vocal negatives who decry all taxes. We need to get smarter about this issue or we are doomed to be led by ignorant tyrants who do well under such fallacies!

  7. I feel your pain. Like for 2.5 years now. We live in extreme times world wide, and in a way, it’s our fault. We were complacent, living our lives and letting governments do their thing as long as they didn’t intrude too much. Nice normal reasonable people stayed out of government because it’s dirty and you have to compromise your ethics. So who’s left? The loudmouths who don’t care about ethics and service. Look at Europe, England pretty much everywhere, people are pulling in out of fear, letting rule by the loudest take over.

    The remedy for those of us who wouldn’t soil our hands in politics is getting involved. Not just sending checks, but registering voters, having town halls, listening. #45 shook us out of our complacency. I’m active in politics again after a hiatus of, oh, 50 years. Sometimes it has to get so unspeakably awful to jar you awake. If the Ontario legislature doesn’t roll over for Ford like our spineless GOP has, you’ve got a chance. Keep the pressure on your reps. I have several apps on my phone from the resist movement that let me fire off phone calls, faxes and text messages to my rep, senator and the prep for all the good that does… their offices record yeas and nays. I hope someone will develop similar apps for Ontario. Im sure they can be adapted. One is Resistbot txt 50409 and another is Countable. I’m also contributing and knocking on doors for the opposing candidate. Been on marches and to town halls. As long as the electorate is passive, they’ll do what they want. Even if getting active doesn’t get you all you hope for, you can look at yourself in the mirror knowing you’re part of the solution.

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