How pissed would you be if your kid’s soccer coach took your child in a cave and got them trapped for two weeks???

So there I was thinking I was going to be all on track again, and get down to the business of blogging every day.  Ahhhh, the best laid plans…turns out there is still a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done that requires my being “hands on” at the cottage, and by the time I should sit down and write, my brain is FRIED.  Which as you can imagine gets in the way of my blogging.  Not only does it keep me from blogging, but that along with slow internet access at the lake, which I have to confess, I’m not even all that bothered by, but it keeps me off of social media as well.  Which I must confess, with what’s out there on Twitter these days, it’s actually really nice to NOT have my device in my hand all the damn time.

It’s a breath of fresh air to look out at the lake, watch the wind create ripples on its surface, and chat with people.  Or, chat to nobody and just be peaceful in nature.  I don’t really miss it at all.  I don’t miss reading the news, I don’t miss seeing what’s going on outside my nature bubble.  I’m in contact with my husband, my daughters, and my best friend since I was fifteen, who lives right next door.  What more could a girl need?

Which is why I had no idea until Sunday morning that a soccer coach took his team into a cave in Thailand, and that the twelve boys and coach have been there for two weeks?

What the hot hell???

Who’s idea was it to take them into the caves in the first place?  I mean is this something that everybody does?  Are these caves famous, and a destination spot, and most people go in and out without incident??

I. Have. So. Many. Questions.

Maybe I should refrain from writing anymore on this topic until I do more research and am able to answer my own five W’s with regard to this matter.

I wonder if the coach feels like a proper ass now?  Now that twelve kids lives have been hanging in the balance for fourteen days.  Now that one brave Navy Seal’s life is over due to his attempt at a rescue.  Now that hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent getting them out.  Now that they’ve got eight out and only four remain in the cave.  Like what is going through his mind?  You know the expression; “oh to be a fly on the wall” well I’d love to be IN HIS HEAD.

Can you ever say sorry enough to the parents, to the life partner of that Navy Seal, if he had one, to his kids, if he had them, to his parents, to the kids you got trapped in the cave, to the government?

Perhaps this is an honest mistake, but from what little I’ve read it is highly recommended that nobody enter these caves during the monsoon season, I suppose for reasons such as this predicament we find ourselves in, or should I say that these kids find themselves in.  It is amazing to me that they’ve all managed to survive for that long without food, or water, since you can’t drink salt water.  It’s also fascinating to me that two of the kids couldn’t even make the practice due to tests, and school commitments that were pressing and needed their full attention.  I bet they and their parents are giving praise to Buddha all day long for their good fortune.  It is a damn Christmas miracle that a) they were found that deep inside the cave b) they’re alive and c) that it’s not going to take them MONTHS as they anticipated it might, to get them all out.

But such is life isn’t it?  It turns on a dime.  A delay can keep a person from entering the World Trade Centre buildings the day they came crashing to the ground.  Or keep a person from being on a freeway in the exact spot where a fatal collision happens.  It is amazing how there is no mistaking how perfect the universe is, and that what is meant for you will always find you, and what isn’t, will pass you by…

Prayers that they all make it out okay, and that this harrowing experience doesn’t have a long term negative impact on their health, other than a good case of claustrophobia for the rest of their days.


  1. I imagine all of the boys wanted to have an adventure and talked the coach into it. Not sure why they ended up so deep unless the water started rising and cut off the way they came in and they kept on maybe looking for another exit, It is a miracle they were found and another that they were all alive, probably with the help of the coach, and Yet Another that, as I write this, they are all out alive. In hind sight they definitely should not have gone in especially during monsoon season. I also expect they will need some long term care for the trauma of being in the cold dark for 9 days before they even knew they would be found, They were all smiles when the first divers found them. I hope they can hang onto those smiles. Especially when they find out just how many people were outside the cave working on getting them out and that the Whole World was holding their breath until today.

  2. Yes! Yes! I wondered the exact same thing. Why, oh why, would you take those boys into that cave? Now, I’m sure the boys all thought it was a great idea. But doggone it, someone needs to be the voice of reason. They can’t even be sure what foreign bacteria or illnesses they’re bringing out with them. Yikes!! There must be a lesson here somewhere.

  3. I m with Shantelle💜 that God is on there side and the get all of these boys safe and sound.

    I don’t know why he coach took these boys into this. cave. I think that the coach will be answering a lot of questions. I just pray that all the boys get out save and sound. My throughs and prayers are with you all. 💚⚘💚❤❤❤

  4. Pretty sure he is feeling quite guilty, he has even written so in a letter to the parents apologising. But from what has emerged the monsson season hadn’t started and the rains were unexpected. They were celebrating one of the boys birthday , I’m sure now he dearly wishes he hadn’t taken them but on the other hand withought his guidance they would have not survived 9 days in a dark, cold, flooded cave. He knew to take them to one of the very few safe places, he taught them to only drink water from the walls of the cave, told them to take turns in turning their flaslights on so they always had some light, taught them meditation techniques , how to conserve energy and kept their spirits up. He was a true leader when it watered.

  5. I think it was an honest mistake and the poor coach will be traumatized about it for years to come. How he kept them calm and their spirits up until they were found is a miracle. And he’s not leaving until the last one of his charges is out. I don’t blame him and I doubt the parents do either. When he comes outa hope he’ll be treated like the hero he is, and I don’t use that word lightly.

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