IF your God “punishes” sinners, why do you need laws like this?

I’ve decided that I’m going to use my blog to spread the message of love.  Because at the end of the day the truth is that love is greater than hate.  Hate is able to flourish in a garden of fear, and fear takes root where there is no love.

I choose today to have deep faith in the knowing that there is no way in hell, regardless of what this current administration does; whether they back out of the Paris Climate agreement, or even if as they did on October 3rd, reject the UN resolution that is against the use of the death penalty for any LGBTQ person, it will never become an “actual thing” that happens.  Not in America.  I choose to believe that ultimately there are more people of love who not only live there, and have the power to vote, but who also have the great privilege of being a person with power in the House and Senate to not let this happen.

Listen, I understand that there are those people who don’t “get” homosexuality.  I also know that there are many who think the pan-gender, and transgender is all a “fad” that we will one day “live to regret.”  I appreciate that there are a whole whack of people who think all of this is a sin against “their God.”

I get that these are your thoughts, your fears, your beliefs; of which you are entitled to.  We all are the captains of our own minds, and what we do with those thoughts.  But, for the life of me I will never, for as long as I have breath in my lungs, understand anybody’s pressing need to remove the right for others to love whom they love, or to be whatever gender they believe in their hearts they truly are.

What skin is it off your back???  Especially when, IF, and I use IF in all caps because, IF these same religious fanatics believe that this is a blight against their almighty God, and that it is an unforgivable sin, than why not simply leave it up to God.  He is the ultimate judge as far as you believe.  So let God deal with the LGBTQ people who in your mind are so out of line with Him.

This has always made me go “hmmm.”

I have a theory as to why all these religious people are so fearful, and are so desperate to try and control not only people of different races, and sexual orientation.  They’re this way because deep down inside they know that God is a God of ultimate love.  I mean IF you read and know your bible, which I happen to know very well from five years of being a Women’s Ministry leader, the New Testament is here to wipe out the old.  Jesus came and died for ALL SINS.  Not just YOUR sins, of which if you’re a human with air in your lungs, you sin at least once a day.  Minimum.  There is no person without sin.  This is FACT. And if  you know you bible, you know deep down in your soul that God is LOVE.

Not hate.

Not fear.

Not judgement.

Not violence.

Not death.

We are all His children, in all our wild colours, and genders.

The government has no place in deciding who gets to live or die based on who they love, and what sex they identify as.  And I believe that whatever the US rejecting this means, I know deep in my heart and soul that there are not enough congress people to ever make this a law.

Because love is greater than hate.


  1. I’m not really an “organized religion” person, but isn’t there some kind of saying (I read it somewhere) that says “Let go and let God …”? Shouldn’t these people be doing that? Just let it go. Let God deal. You have so much faith in God and His power and your own righteous indignation (over things which are none of your business), then let your God deal with it.

    As Mary Kate noted above, what difference does it make to you unless you are being forced to join in? And … oh wait … isn’t that what these Christian right wingers are trying to do? So much of organized religion these days is just organized hypocristy, and I feel so badly for those folks who are trying to be devout in their best possible way.

  2. What someone does in the privacy of their bedroom is none of my business. It doesn’t become my business until i am asked to join and accept.

    My god is a God of love. Also diversity. Love comes in so many shapes and forms. Who am i to determine what sort of love is right for anyone?

    BTW, no one has shown up at my door to tell me that God died and i have been named the new Master of the Universe.

    “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Matthew 7:1

  3. Great Post and so right on point, I have just never understood how people can use the name of their God for hate. I can’t belong to any organized religion because most of their ridiculous attitudes toward people who may not be just like them. And thank God they aren’t just like them. You said it best GOD IS LOVE no matter the skin color, the gender (born with or chosen) , or choice of life partner.
    Thank you again for sharing your insights

  4. SOOOOO on the same page here! It’s the reason I REALLY don’t get religiously based hate crimes! (No hate crime is OK, BTW) If your only for hitting a gay man is “It’s against the word of God/God hates f**s/The Bible says it is a sin!”, well then I say: Let GOD deal with it in her own time! No nead to worry your tiny mind with it, or find yourself with a criminal record because of it.

  5. So agree! I recently watched a new episode of “Bull.” There was a very thought-provoking line that I think might work: “What kind of god do you pray to?” ‘Nuff said.

  6. Excellent point Shantelle. If God is the ultimate judge of sins and sinners, why not leave it up to him? I think religious fundamentalists think it’s catching. If their kids see LGBTQ people go unpunished, their kids might think it’s OK. Best guess.

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