To gloat or not to gloat is today’s What Would You Do Wednesday!

Today’s WWYDW, would you gloat or would you let it slide????

I grew up as the middle child in a house with two brothers, we were all equally competitive.  It wasn’t unusual for me to volunteer myself “as tribute” to play net for their street hockey escapades, just so that I could play with them.  I hated being left out because I was the only girl.  I actually got pretty good at net, so good in fact that I toyed with playing hockey, we even went equipment shopping, which is when I learned that I would have to wear a jock/cup protector, and that was the end of my hockey career.  Over before it even began.

What I learned by living with two brothers was how to gloat.  I became an excellent gloater at any, and every victory I experienced thanks to them.  Marrying Yannick, and becoming a mother helped to dial it back, since I now, as a mature sensible woman have realized just how inappropriate it is to brag and pat yourself on the back for winning, or being right at something.  But sometimes, on the extremely rare occasion it rears its ugly head.

Like now.  I soooooo want to gloat about something that I’ve discovered I’m right about.  And it’s pretty big.  It’s not just about me, it’s something I’m right about on a municipal level regarding Toronto, and a political decision that was made that I said was a ridiculous decision to begin with.  So now here I am, I am actually the living, breathing subject of today’s What Would You Do Wednesday scenario.

Let me ask you friends, if you realized that you were right on a public, political issue with regards to your city would you:

a)  Write a blog about it, letting all your readers know, (so gloat), even though you know one of your readers is the son of the Mayor of you city, who is a very good friend, whom you also made a $1000.00 bet with that the pilot project would fail and hope that it reverts back to the way it used to be?

b) Let somebody else tell everybody?

c)  Take an ad out in a local paper, to make sure that everybody knows that you were right!!!?

d)  Read the news, quietly say to yourself, “I knew it, I just knew it.”  And then hope that your local politicians do the right thing and revert back to the way things used to be?

I can’t wait to read where you all stand!  Tune into tomorrow for my answer to what I would do, and will do about it.

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  1. I tend to go with the Blog but then again the WWYDW is getting it out to a Lot of people.
    DWYWTD (Do What YOU Want To Do) 😉

  2. I’m all over A especially when it involves stupidity on the political level and they obviously never put it to their constituents.

  3. That’s a hard one to call.
    Maybe share and bond with like minded people so that you can be ‘right’ together.
    That group could be heard more readily and have an even greater positive influence.

  4. I would probably do D, but…brag bout it to all my friends and relatives!

  5. OMG this is about closing that road to traffic, isn’t it! Write the blog and do a little “I told you so.” Then offer to sit on the city planning commission. 😀

  6. D is my choice. It’s great to be right about something you feel strongly about but many others really don’t care. So to gloat or advertise the fact of a poor decision by the Municipal Council and Mayor may not have much impact. Not like perhaps the impact you are imagining. Also, among others in the city who cared about this issue, may even have written letters or met with the Mayor, they already are aware and don’t need informing. You may be among quite a few citizens with the same opinion. In my city, I do often write letters to my Mayor & Council. On two occasions have actually made an appointment and met with our Mayor. I’ve enjoyed the conversation and have gone to these meetings well prepared with information for him. On one occasion, a change occurred and on the other a Council vote was not successful. So, for myself, it is more a one to one issue, with no need to do other than just know I do care about my City and will exercise my ability to have my opinion heard about important issues. That is the important part of being in a democracy.

  7. This one is easy. Being right is highly overrated. I know people for whom being right is more important than anything else. I wonder how awful it is to be in knots all the time like that. I’d bask in silent satisfaction. Besides your family knows , we all know now, and this poor guy who’s made the bet owes you big time. I suggest you forgive the bet in favor of lunch. Next time your advice will be taken more seriously if you don’t rub it in.

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