Some Friday fun, a whack of things that have me going “Hmmm.”

Today’s post is going to be a little lighter than what I posted yesterday, which for my own peace of mind I needed to put down on paper.  This blog is my release, my “letting shit go” as it were.  It just so happens that I’ve opted to do my journal writing on the World Wide Web.

Weird?  Maybe.

Anyway, let’s have a little fun, since it is Friday, and I’m not sure where you’re reading this from, but from my deck in sunny California it is shaping up to be quite the beautiful lead in to the weekend.  So how about a compilation post of things that make me go “hmmm” which is something we haven’t done in such a long time!!

Fun and light, right?

Let’s begin.

For starters.  Why am I the most impatient person in the entire world?  I mean, I can’t really say that since I don’t know everybody on the planet, but I for sure feel like it.  I just feel SOOOOOOO IMPATIENT at the moment.  Ugh.  Why am I the way I am???

Thanks to our rat/mouse issue, and the fact that I’ve always wanted an ocean view, Yannick and I have been house hunting in LA, well Malibu specifically because we love it here so much.  Our house that we currently own is in the Santa Monica mountains.  If you’ve seen any of our posts you can see that we’re tucked in a bit of a valley with mountains all around.  It’s magnificent, tranquil, and lovely.  But I’m a brat, and I want to see the ocean from my house.  I don’t want to LIVE ON IT, because in my opinion it’s not a matter of IF there is a Tsunami, it is a matter of WHEN there is a Tsunami that hits California.  And I for one don’t want to be snug in bed when the warning goes off.  No thanks.  I enjoy going there, walking for hours along it, but live on it.  Nope.  I’m good, a little view of it out a window will suit me just fine.  But, man oh man, are the people who have these properties ever on crack.  For what they expect to get for a house that has an ocean view; if you tilt your head just the right way while standing on a ten foot ladder at the far corner of the property.  Is INSANE.  I mean honestly what the hot hell is going out there.  And the thing that makes me go “hmmm” mostly about the housing prices for homes that have a “view” is that the ones we’ve seen are a) for the most part total tear downs which if you’ve ever renovated, is a huge cost and b) most of these bitches have owned the houses for like sixty years!  I mean you know they bought it for $20,000 and now they want millions of dollars (said in my best Austin Powers voice) it’s nutty.  And makes not only me go “hmmm” but YB and Dominique as well.

So for now I will stay in my mountain house, where the rats and mice have taken over the garage, and hope that Yanny Bissony Rat Hunter extraordinaire gets them all, and makes this house a fortress against their attempts to “move in” every single time we’re gone for more than a couple of days.  And speaking of “hmmm” what is up with that?  Our neighbors across the way say they’ve had more mice this winter than they’ve ever have and they’ve lived here for thirty years?  Maybe it’s because the turkey vultures have moved out of the neighborhood, or the coyotes seem to have all moved along.  Whatever the reason for the increase in mouse and rat traffic I’m not stoked about it and can’t wait to be on the other side of it.  I will say this though, it has really got me thinking about buying a cat.  Unlike my knucklehead dogs who all they do is pee all over the house to alert the critters to their living here, a cat would hunt and catch them probably de-ratting and de-micing this entire property faster than YB could/would…it’s a thought.

Except what do I do with the cat once I leave???

Hmmm…not a solid plan.

Speaking of what do I do with a cat, what on earth am I supposed to do with my dogs.  Honestly, these two guys are so health high maintenance it’s a wonder I don’t pour myself a glass of wine the minute the clock strikes 5 in Europe.  Seriously what’s with them and their allergies flaring up literally the minute their paws hit California soil?  I feel like a full time nurse to them.  Ointments and sprays, allergy medications, and heart medication.  Good Lord I don’t get paid enough money for the nonsense of mothering these two fat heads.  Truly.  Between them being intact and all their pills, potions and lotions they have to take on a daily basis, there is no kennel in the world that will house them should Yannick and I decide to go on a holiday.  Thank God, for now, we have Dominique assisting us, and part of her job is taking care of some of the household duties, but her new contract starts next month and then what will we do with the beasts while we venture off on Rick’s 80’s cruise in March?  Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…


  1. I think a house sitter( for dogs) is a great idea. I always had one for my shepherd. I tried boarding him at the vet but it made him anxious and he ended up sick. ( the vet was a friend he knew well so it was the place, not the care). I got a house( dog) sitter each time after that and it worked wonderfully. Your vet must know someone. Riley loved staying at his own place . Since he was big, he never felt cramped. As for the view, all I can say, as an RE appraiser, is if the market wAnts it people will do it. Water has always been a premium view( I live in Chicago by Lake Michigan).it’s funny, even a condo with a tiny view sells for more. I guess man has always loved the call of the sea..or something like that.. I am with you, I don’t need to live on it..I just like to see it. We don’t have the same weather issues Cali. Does. We have tornados..big ones ….that have nothing to do with any of this..except to say where ever you live, every place has its own weather…big snow, tornados, etc. We accept it. It always makes me smile when I tell someone I appraised a house with no basement. They always say,” But what if there’s a tornado.?” I grew up believing in the basement, I guess😊

  2. Glue traps are great? Yeah, if you’re a sadist that likes seeing animals in pain, maybe!

  3. Ask your veterinarian if any of his techs do house sitting. My daughter is a vet tech, and taking care of the homes of some of the clinic’s clients is how she makes extra money. Then you have someone who is good with animals, knows your dogs, and knows if they need vet care. Just a thought. Maybe could even check with local vet tech schools to see if any of the students would be willing to help out. Get a reference from the school regarding their reliability, and go for it. As to the mice and rats, without knowing just where you are (none of my business), could it be that the recent fires out there have driven more into your area just as the same fires might have driven a good many of the predators out? Just curious.

  4. Late catching up on posts.

    My hmmmm….is why do I have a cat what theoretically should help me with my mouse problem but instead, she jumps on a chair and cowers whenever a mouse enters the house. Embarrassment to cats everywhere I say.

    The exterminator who I called in says mice and rats are on the rise in my area due to us humans encroaching on their habitat. While I feel sorry for them, not sorry enough to let them reside in my house.

    Good luck with the dogs and I hope you find a solution for the cruise.

  5. Mrs. Bisson,
    Have you considered “ocean view” properties in states other than California or does Mr. Bisson’s career dictate a SoCal location requirement? BTW, I’d be less worried about a possible tsunami and much more worried about your potential SoCal “ocean view” property becoming “ocean bottom” property after “the big one” earthquake inevitably arrives. BTW, the tax climate in TX or FL is much friendlier than CA…just a thought.

  6. Rent out the cat! Get yourself a good mouser (try local horse-barns, see if any have kittens, they make amazing little hunters – especially when they aren’t taken from their mum too soon), and let him/her take a whack at the rodents. You might even make money on it…

    Having watched my share of ‘Million $ houses’-programmes, I’m not surprised at the difficulty you’re having finding the right house. The cuprit is ‘greed’, but I would persevere – all of a sudden the right one will come along. Sometimes it’s just a question of letting the house find you.

    Out of interest: why haven’t the boys had the ‘snip’? I have a feeling it might solve some of their other issues (peeing, agression), leaving you with their allergies.

    Hmmm….. about that wine…. (I’m in bed with a cold, perhaps red wine should be the cure….)

  7. Hire a house sitter? That’s what I do. Mine the local college for reliable students…like mikeala? Or better yet, a grad student who can work on their dissertation online from your house. Or the grown child of a trusted friend. Stock the fridge with their favorite foods and text them once in awhile while you’re away for pix of healthy dogs and tidy home. Works for me 😉

  8. Hmmm, I feel your dilemma with the dogs. You may want to look up a house/pet sitter, one that will come and feed them, give them meds, walk them, talk to them, then leave until Dominique arrives home. Even if they just let them loose in the yard to romp for a bit. It may be cheaper in the long run. I have found that some Vet Techs do this on the side. They’d be great! I had a similar situation with an old cat who was diabetic. Her blood had to be tested 2 times a day and the right amount of insulin given based on those results. It worked out because I had a Vet Tech that came buy and did that. Now, cats are much easier to deal with than dogs, but you get where I’m going with this. Also, glue traps are great for trapping and killing rats and mice. I had a similar situation in my NJ house when they started to knock down an abandoned property across the back alley from my cottage. I think all the mice and rats in Asbury Park lived there then tried to move into my house when theirs was gone. After I got an exterminator for the umpteenth time, I decided I’d be the hunter! I put glue traps everywhere I thought they’d come in at. It got to the point where I was elated every time I found one in a trap and there were many. It seemed once I got them in the beginning of the season, I didn’t have them anymore that year, but, the following year it was “the Hunter” all over again. It became sport for me! LOL! I used to cringe at the sight of them in a trap but after a while I was like, DIE YOU BASTARD, for being in my house. LOL! Good luck with all that!

  9. Yesterday’s post was Right on Point. But fun and light is always good. An Ocean view would be nice but it can be prohibitive out there. And not sure you want a major Reno I was in a nice apartment (not ours) in La Jolla visiting a friend on a high floor but still had to go out on the porch leaning as far to the left side without falling over the railing to see their “Ocean View”. but I know they paid dearly for it. Your home is gorgeous and from the pictures you have shared the area around you is wonderful. I know the ocean does draw you to it when living in Calif.
    I wonder if the increased mouse and rat taffic in the area has anything to do with the fires. Maybe they were driven to travel your way. Umm I have a cat but she would more than likely play a mouse to death. Not a Hunter
    You know you LOVE those ‘two fat heads” even with all the ointments and pills. It can be a pain but they can’t take care of themselves. Just added medicine for congestive heart failure to my cats thyroid and unrinary meds. A pain to coordinate all of them but what can you do? Still aiming to get a another dog. Been without too long.
    Laugh loud, Love hard and have a GREAT WEEKEND

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