A follow up on YB coming in on time for date #3, and what ever became of Road Rage Gramps.

I figure if I’m going to rant and call people out on my blog it’s probably only fair and just that I also applaud them for doing an about face and correcting themselves.  As was the case with YB the other night.  After two date nights in a row of NOT getting to the party on time, he had awesome time management skills for the third one.  Coming home not only in time for dinner, but also in time to shower and put on a presentable outfit.  As they say “third times the charm” and so it is, even when dealing with mountain bike riding man.

It is interesting to me the way we are as human beings.  Like why does it take us so many tries to just get it right?  How many times should one make a request of their partner before said partner hears you, like REALLY HEARS YOU.  I don’t know what I’m like as a partner, since I’m not in the same sort of relationship with myself that Yannick is.  I know, as I’ve confessed to you many times before that I run “hot” that I often speak before I think, which has me coming back around with a lot of; “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to come across like, blah blah blah.”  For whatever the current offense might be.  Thought I would like to think that my shortcomings are not daily occurrences.  That I’ve successfully managed to train myself to not be an asshole straight out the gate when emotions are running high.

I have no idea what my husband, or girls think of being in a relationship with me, or if they too feel like dealing with me is sort of like living ground hog day every single day.  I could ask them, but do I really want to know how far short of their expectations I’m falling?  Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.  I guess I’ll just remain thankful that the four of them don’t have a daily blog that enables them to blow my cool ; )

In case any of you were wondering what the hell every happened to my grumpy, aggressive; “if I had a gun I would shoot you” driving friend.  Well, apparently, Yanny Bissony saw him outside his home yesterday morning, being all patriotic and getting his Canadian flag hung just in time for Canada Day, July 1st.  So, YB pulled over to have a “little chat” with him.  It went, and obviously I’m paraphrasing here, “quite well.”  As one would assume, when a man approached him to have a little tête-à-tête about the fact that he threatened to shoot the man’s wife, the grumpy, ballsy, bold older man didn’t also threaten the younger, more virile man.

Nah.  Why would he do that?  He might just get his ass kicked, even if he is old.  Nope.  He did what I honestly hadn’t expected him to do.  He admitted to it.  Road rage Gramps took responsibility and confessed to his sin.  Telling Yannick that; “neither of us were at our best that day.”

To which my husband responded; “that’s not a suitable response or reaction to what happened that day.  People cut me off all the time on the road, every single day.  I’ve never followed a woman, or anybody for that matter to threaten them to shoot them.  There is not a good enough reason on the planet to do that to anybody, never mind a woman.”

Road Rage Gramps didn’t argue with him.  He nodded, apparently, in agreement that he had crossed a line.  Then told YB that he’s never even held a gun, YAY CANADA, nor would he even know where to get one, or shoot one.

So here’s a thought Grandpa, IF, you don’t own a gun, and have never picked up a gun maybe just maybe don’t chase people down threatening them, suggesting that if you did have one you would use it.  It’s not a good way to conduct yourself, especially at your age.  Just a thought.

In the end Yannick asked him what he’s going to go back and tell his wife (me) about this little chat, and the man responded that he would like me to know; “that I’m sorry, that I wasn’t my best that day and I didn’t mean what I said.  I’m sorry.”

So there you have it friends, Road Rage Gramps is going to get to live the rest of his days free in the world with no impending threat that I might turn his little lapse of judgment over to the authorities.  And I for one am going to choose to believe that he has learned his lesson, since you never know where the people you’re threatening live and whether or not they KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE.

Keep your cool out there friends, and treat everybody the way you would like to be treated all day, every day!

Love, love, love,




  1. I had some old man threaten me with “I have a gun in my truck and I’m not afraid to use it” I called 911 and as I was doing that he got in his truck and left. Got his license number and everything and the police made a visit to his house. Turns out he is just a lonely old man, whose kids haven’t visited him in months. So, he has been set up with frequent welfare checks to make sure he is doing ok. Turned out all of that was a blessing in disguise, even though he scared the shit out of me!

  2. Yay for Mr. B! Well done for getting it together for date #3 – always good to get it right!

    And while it’s great that he got Road Rage Gramps to own up to his less than stellar behaviour, I’m amazed (and slightly saddened/disappointed) that it takes Mr. B having a tete a tete with him, and that he didn’t ‘man up’ and come to appologise on his own. He will never know how close he came to talking to the authorities (unless he reads your blog – somehow I doubt it…), or just HOW much his words meant to your life. I’d say he owes you a bouquet of flowers, and you could thank him with a cup of coffee (you never know: he might be a new friend….)

  3. Yay! I was wondering if YB would step in. Let’s face it, men, old or young, won’t act the same way with each other, as they do with women.
    Guess he told him, eh?
    Good on all of you!

  4. Thanks for the update! I’m glad YB was able to give him a talking-to. Also, maybe that’s just ONE of the things that kids are NOT being taught: Do unto others!

  5. So happy YB had a little chat with grumpy gramps. His apology is pretty lame but hope he has learned something about his behaviour on the road and how must worse this situation could have become if he hadn’t been dealing with such lovely people. xo

  6. I’m so impressed that YB held his cool when dealing with Grumpy Gramps. But what’s most impressive is how he had GG realize his error and had him apologizing for his behavior. Could YB teach my hubby to keep his cool like that when addressing someone who used poor judgement? I would be most appreciative and grateful!
    Thanks for your wonderful posts which always make me stop and think…which is a good thing! Thank you <3

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