The evil of terrorism knows no bounds. Wonder what it will take? How bad it will get before we have peace???

Hello Friends,

Sorry, today will be an extremely brief posting due to the terrorist attacks on more children in the last few days.

This week alone we have witnessed too many families lose children, siblings and mothers.  My heart goes out to everybody, and my prayers are with those who are left to carry on.

I cannot imagine the shock, the horror and the pain that the mothers and fathers in both Marawi Philippines, and Minya Egypt, are faced with today.  Since December 2016 up until the attacks yesterday most of the deaths in Egypt have been children and women.  In fact in Egypt alone there have been 97 deaths, with 159 injured.  The injured numbers are expected to rise.

“When a parent dies we lose a piece of our past but when a child dies we lose a piece of our future.” – excerpt from Fathers Feel Too by Andrew Don

ISIS are not fools.  They know that the way to attack a nation, a city, a town is to go for the women and children.  Without women there are no more children born.  And without children a nation cannot continue to grow, or sustain itself.  Making these regions ripe for the picking for them to occupy and control.

I don’t hate many things, or people, or religions, or organizations.  Those of you who read my posts know that I’m so completely and wholly; “live and let live” believing that people should be free to worship who they want and live in a way that fulfills their souls.  This mindset only applies to when it causes NO HARM.  Sadly, the “God” that these fucking sickos honor does nothing but cause harm and is fueled by hatred.

I wish there were cameras in hell.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a live fucking feed of all the shocked expressions on the faces of the disillusioned, sick, assholes once they find themselves in the pit of hell rather than standing in front of their “God.”

Wouldn’t that be the sort of reality television we could all get behind.  Of if only.

Since there is no way to know that these suicide bombers are not rejoicing with a God in heaven, we must hold onto the belief that there is something bigger at play here.  That these terrorists cells can’t continue to go on forever.  That one day, hopefully soon, ISIS will be defeated and the senseless attacks and the lives of innocent children and people will no longer be lost.

Please wrap your arms around those you love a little tighter today.

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  1. In the states, we have the added element of the alt-right groups. The kkk, Nazi party, white supremacists and the white evangelical extremists. Two men were killed on a train in Portland, Oregon recently. They were trying to protect two Muslim women from a man who was terrifying those young women,
    Most of these events are perpetrated by white, evangelical terrorists. They often have no clear target. A church, a movie theater, a train…just wanting to produce as much carnage as possible.
    How do we stop terrorists of any kind ? We have a thug-in-chief who promotes violence, and hatred of “the other”. He has now taken on our NATO allies, and embraced the Saudis .
    I think we all just must be vigilant, must support our neighbors…all over the globe, must change the dynamic in Washington, D.C., and hug each other more, smile at everyone you meet, spread kindness everywhere we go and resist all efforts to isolate ourselves in fear.

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