Why is everybody so serious part 2??? Also I’m, sadly, not having much fun with this at the moment.

I kept this in my “draft” folder because honestly, I’m in a bit of a shitty mood…I’m a Gemini, so anybody who lives with two of us knows that our mood flips every five minutes, so, me being in a shitty one is not entirely a surprise.  But, the fact that I’ve had zero interest in posting for multiple days in a row says a lot, because, well this blog was meant to be fun, and it sort of isn’t these days.  When I shared with Yannick, back in June 2016, that I was thinking of starting a blog, his advice to me was; “well I would turn off the comments/contact section because you know you don’t mince words, and somebody, or a bunch of somebody’s are bound to piss you off.”

I assured him that that wouldn’t be the case, that I wouldn’t read the comments, that I would leave it to my web designer to manage that element of it.  And, usually I’m pretty good at it.  I tend to not give a rats ass about the posts I write when they’re not emotionally connected to me.  Which makes sense, right?  I mean why would anybody check in on comments made about a blog about plastic surgery, when I’m so good about why I had it, and know that I would never in a million years judge anybody else you wanted it going forward.  In fact, most comments that aren’t of interest to me get put in the trash.  My web designer knows me, and knows what I want on my website, and what I don’t.  But, the blog posts about Yannick, or my girls, those I tend to spy on.  I confess, the comments from those posts are the ones I tend to check in on, to see how people react to them.  Obviously, as they are with me, they tend to be more emotionally charged for other people as well; and there are a fair amount of negative comments made as well, those are the ones that get my goat.  Which, since I’m a smart woman, you would think on days where I post more “intimate” blogs would be the days that I shouldn’t bother checking comments.  Would be smart right? But alas, those are the days that I definitely do, and then my the gloves come off.  Because, I mean I was pissed off enough to write the ranty blog in the first place, but now I’m dealing with mouthy comments…oh man, my blood begins to boil.  And all of a sudden I have even more to say!  It’s not because I’m hyper sensitive, it’s more to do with the fact that I’m super mouthy, so if just reading the haterade comments makes me feisty, imagine what would happen if I posted them for all of you to read the negative comments on here??  It would be a mess.  So, when you say “nobody is begrudging me what I post on my website” you would be extremely surprised at how many people actually are trying to tell me what I should, and shouldn’t post on my blog.  But, since these sort of comments are booted the second they come in, nobody every actually sees those.

Thank God.  So just because the readers of my site don’t see all the bullshit comments that come in, doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.  I don’t want my comment section to be filled with negativity, judgement, and criticism; which is why you, the readers, if you’re reading the other comments will only see positive messages being posted.  Believe me, sadly this doesn’t mean that there are no negative comments being made to me, about me, my writing, or my opinions.  It just means that I made a decision when I started this website back in June 2016 that I wasn’t going to add fuel, to the bottom of the barrel of humanity, fire, by allowing, supporting, or encouraging assholes with nothing better to do than dump shit, and talk shit against people (me in this instance) on the internet.

Now, hopefully this is all cleared up, and we can go back to just having fun with my daily musings once again.  And to the reader who suggest that I “should be a writer” I actually already am a writer; so I’m happy that you have recognized my talent and potential.

xoxo SB


  1. I for one find it incredibly refreshing to find someone who has the balls to put it all out there, like you do. The blogoshpere is rife with useless, platitude-filled, politically correct bullshit – whether I agree with your musings or not, I love having the chance to hear an honest point of view that may differ from mine, often filled with humour and always authentic. Tolerance is about exposing one’s self to differing ideas and beliefs and accepting that we all have a right to hold them and express them – not about living in an echo chamber where we surround ourselves with people who think the same way we do.

    Thank you for your thoughts and posts – there will always be those of us who tune in and enjoy them, specifically because your voice is one we want to hear.

  2. I only have 1 thing to say to the ignorant people out there who try to tell you what to put on your blog and/or respond to your thoughts negatively!!

    Get a FREAKIN LIFE!!!!!

    This is a fun site, it’s thoughtful, emotional and venting!! If you don’t like it or agree with what this writer has to say, then F-OFF! Go away and don’t come back because your too immature to act like a sensible adult. PERIOD!

  3. I have been figuring that some people are just angry, or spiteful, or out of whack, and take any chance they get to air their venom(hmmm, odd mixed metaphor), and that THOSE comments don’t make the cut. As you said, your blog should be fun, so only the positive ones are posted. Seems fair to me! As I commented on Part I, it is YOUR blog, and you have every right to determine what’s published on it. I am also a Gemini, and understand the mood swing issue. I hope you get to feeling better!

  4. You’re a smart woman and I’m sure you knew when you started this blog that sticking your head above the parapet would draw fire – maybe you just didn’t realise how much!
    Most people who read your blog, are I guess, rational enough to realise that everybody is entitled to an opinion and you are no exception so we read and we go…hey yea or hey no or even hmmm…but we respect your right to an opinion.
    I suspect those blasting off hate filled diatribes are the so called ‘superfans’ of Yannick’s you talked about in a previous post. I’ve come across this type of person and they will hate everything you do and say and believe that they know what’s best for Yannick (which usually involves them and not you!) and to that end everything you write is, to them, worthy of a whinge.
    They need to grow up an realise that the ‘man of their dreams’ isn’t going to drop everything for them the second he sees them and you aren’t going anywhere (despite what they would like!).
    So file their shitty posts where they belong and move on!

  5. I should be surprised by all the nasty comments that you have to read on a daily basis but sadly I am not. Some people take pleasure in confrontation, anything to get attention, to bring you down to their level.
    I know you are a wonderful writer, I am a big fan of your work. What you wrote about about your daughter was so beautiful and from the heart, touched me deeply. I meant it as a compliment

  6. To comment or not to comment, that is the question, I’ll comment. I’m so sorry that people don’t get it about your blog and feel the need to judge you, when you are doing nothing more than expressing how you feel at any given moment.

    Why they don’t understand that is beyond me, but there are those who believe they are the arbiters of every thing in the universe. They believe that they can criticize you when there is nothing to criticize. These are your feelings and they are neither right nor wrong. They just are.

    Hold on to the thought that those of us who really care about you are not judging you, Those who do are the ones with the problems.


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