Ever have a trades provide service for you without invoicing you, but then say your payment is late???

For those of you who have been reading me for some time, you know that I used to own my own business.  I had a gym in  Toronto called the Toronto TaeBo Studio, and I employed sixteen people.  I had employees, I had a landlord, I had companies who provided services and goods to me.  Meaning I paid bills, and I also invoiced people from time to time.  I still do with Yannick’s acting work, not everything is an automatic debit or payment, sometimes there are paper trails involved, and when they’re are I print them off, pay them and then file them.  I’m sure you’re all like me.  If you have a bill to pay it goes in a special file until it gets paid.  It’s not that complicated, or at least it’s not supposed to be.  And yet, for some it really is.  Someway, somehow, people don’t complete the chain from quote, to contract, to service provided, to invoicing for work completed, and when they don’t it somehow ends up being my problem?

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.

This is something I will never for the life of me understand.  People who run their businesses, but are disorganized when it comes to billing people.  For example in the past week I’ve had two separate trades from our cottage send frantic emails stating that our payment was past thirty days.  The thing is, I’ve never received an invoice for services provided.  I have received QUOTES for the work that was to come, but not from either of these men did we receive invoices.  But, what did pop into YB’s inbox were emails from them saying that our payments are late.

Ummm, excuse you sirs, but we cannot pay you for something if we’re not clear what amount of money it is we owe you.  So, lesson here for any independent companies, for the love of God send INVOICES after the work has been started, or preferably after it is completed so your customer knows exactly what they owe you.  We’re not mind readers, we don’t know when the work is done, and what the total amount of work completed actually was.  We’re trusting you to manage this part of your job.  I mean I don’t know if you came in on budget, or by the grace of God by chance, UNDER.  Regardless of either of these issues, I do know this for certain if you don’t send me an email telling me that you have a total for me to pay you, I’m not going to just grab a number, or a date, out of the air and wire you payment.  So please don’t send me a snarky; “past thirty days” email when from where I’m sitting it is no days due because I don’t even have an invoice.  One guy didn’t invoice at all, and the other sent it only to YB, which is a lesson in and of itself.  If anybody who provides any services for Yannick and me are reading this blog, if  you know what’s good for you don’t EVER, like NEVER send an email invoice to JUST him.  I will never see it.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask our eldest daughter and husband who missed their flight by two hours because the itinerary change went to Yannick’s email address and not mine.

Yup.  If you wanna get paid for any services provided around my house you gotta go through me.  Good news the snarky emails are opening up a whole new level of communication in my marriage, so it’s not all bad; and now I gotta go pay some bills friends.


  1. Yes, yes, yes. I have had this happen to me. I was astounded and figured I had missed something but knew I hadn’t. I hate to say it but am so pleased to know this has happened to others as well.

  2. Mrs. Bisson,
    I wholeheartedly agree with you. Having a contractor of one kind or another doing work is SOP around the stables and getting proper timely invoices is make-or-break for me when considering using that person/firm in the future. I expect the work to be done for the agreed upon estimated price by the date specified, unless a change is agreed to prior to any wrok done due to “surprises” discovered during a project.
    For large construction projects (houses, barns, stables, earth work, etc.) I always hire my own “outside” project manager to oversee the general contractor and his subs…with resolution of all common contingencies specified in the contract with the general. I’ve found having that onsite pair of experienced professional eyes to always be money well spent…both short-term and long-term.

  3. Oh dear God! Does this sound like me and my partner. We went through a similar thing when we bought our beach house. She hired a landscaper, since we’re not there every week, who stopped mowing etc because he wasn’t getting paid weekly, which I thought we had an understanding that he would be paid monthly! ( she forgot to tell him that). We pull up to the house that looked like no one had lived there in years due to the height of the grass/weeds. I freaked! She says I haven’t paid him because I was waiting for the bill! That was the last time she handled a tradesman. From that point on all correspondence goes to me or to both of us. This way nothing is missed. Also, I don’t pay until I get a detailed invoice. It’s for evidence of the work to be/or performed as well as for tax purposes. I am surprised YB had the email go to him since you pay the bills/ run the show. Maaan, I’d be on his case BIG TIME for that blunder!!

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