Even taken a sabbatical from social media and the news hasn’t lifted my spirits.

Barcelona Spain

I don’t know how you are feeling these days, but I’ve lost my appetite to blog, or spend any time whatsoever on social media, or read the news.

My heart once again is broken for the innocent people visiting, and those who reside in the tourist town of Las Ramblas.  I have a friend who had relatives who were in that exact spot two hours before the attacks.  Then upstairs in the safety of their hotel room, which faced out toward the street they heard the screams as the horror of the unthinkable cowardly act unfolded.

#45 IMMEDIATELY called this a terrorist attack, but has yet to do the same about the white 20 year old American who did the exact same thing to a group of fellow Americans on American soil.  Same tactic, different comment from the man who unfortunately is President.

I honestly cannot even anymore with the world as a whole.  I’m preferring to stick to my own little bubble of the world in Toronto, going to my Godson’s wedding, celebrating new beginnings instead of only knowing about all that’s evil and wrong in our world.

Vince Gill sang this song, let there be peace on earth…and I believe the best thing we can do is start within ourselves and work our way outward.  We need to be the peace we want in the world.  We need to be the love that the world needs and give it freely, today more than ever.
I’ll leave you with these lyrics while I spend the rest of my weekend digging deep within myself to find the reasons why I should even bother to continue to fight for the good I want to see in this world.   Because honestly my friends, at the rate we’re going, which is backward at 200mph, it seems like peace and love will never be accomplished in my life time.
God help us all, and may these lyrics lift you up and inspire you to keep doing what’s right.
Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me
Let There Be Peace on Earth
The peace that was meant to be
With God as our Father
Brothers all are we
Let me walk with my brother
In perfect harmony.
Let peace begin with me
Let this be the moment now.
With ev’ry step I take
Let this be my solemn vow
To take each moment and live
Each moment in peace eternally
Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me


  1. I am so sorry Shantelle. The world today, with all the anger and hate, is disheartening.
    We need to hold on to each other, especially wonderful, caring people like you. We need to support each other, share our strengh to get each of us through these times of trial.
    Please take heart knowing you are surrounded in love – from your family, your friends, and the circle that follows you.

  2. I know that song very well! Actually, I sang it; sitting here alone on my computer, while doing laundry. It gave me chills, just as it always did when we sang it in church. It’s a beautiful song with words that strike a chord today like no other! I’ve thrown my hands up too Shantelle! I just pray more now that ever that something, someone, get this JACKASS removed from office. How much more of his negativity and hatred spewing do we as Americans, and we as world inhabitants have to take? I’ve seen people come together in peace more now than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. I’ve seen the civil rights demonstrations, the Vietnam Protests and the Love-In at Woodstock. Never did I ever think that we would be going back to those days again. But just like a pebble thrown into a calm body of water, the ripple effect moves exponentially. In this case, his hatred. In our case, in peace and love. I know I go off on this comment section out of shear frustration. But honestly, I DO have hope in my soul. I DO believe that good will triumph over evil. Lets just all keep this in mind everyday and pray to whatever God you worship to help us in this and WIN!

  3. Dear Shantelle,

    I understand you feeling disheartened by all the goings on around the world…and how things are being handled in the USA. It does seem like the world is going backwards and standing on its head. Maybe expending energy ‘in smaller bursts’ in fighting for the good we want to see in the world is best, so as not to feel overwhelmed too much. I know that being a sensitive person, as am I, sometimes a certain event can hit so hard one can be in shock for a while, Just doing the best one can and being the love and good you want to see in the world in your immediate environment still matters, and still raises the vibrations of the planet, even if it doesn’t seem so. If that goodness affects just one person, that is a huge achievement.

    It’s also healthy to take a break from all the postings on social media. I’ve been skipping over those somewhat myself this weekend. Beautiful pictures on Instagram have been a balm for me lately. Thank you for sharing these lyrics by Vince Gill. They are truly beautiful and uplifting, and very worthwhile pondering on.

    Wishing you peace and sending love your way too.

    God bless you all,

    Nattacia xox

  4. Really do think this idea of yours of peace from ourselves outwardly is true. Lately, while out in my community, where it is very multi-cultural with many folks new to our English speaking country, I try to connect with them. Often it is at our library, or a shopping area, with just a general comment of something like, “How do you like the library?” or “Your child (or children) are so cute.” It doesn’t take much. Even many of those who serve us in shops are new to Canada. One evening at a large Loblaw’s market, I spoke to a female staff person about how hard she must work at the bakery, dessert area. She and I ended up chatting and within a few minutes, she told me that she’d just heard that day her brother in the US had died. A man in his early 50’s and of a heart attack. Yet, here she was at work, probably very concerned she could lose her job if she took time off. The sad part for her was that she is from Iran, she is Muslim and would not be able to attend her brother’s funeral. It just took listening to her story. That’s how we can have peace and connections grow. Since then, I’ve taken her a poem of mine about loss. We just chat a moment, yet the connection is there.

  5. It just hurts my soul every time someone decides to terrorize others the way it happened in Spain and Finland this week. It also hurts when it happens anywhere else, but somehow (to me) it just resonates more, when it is places I have been, or people with whom I can mirror myself. I don’t think I am alone in this, and I don’t think it makes me unfeeling of terrorist-attacks in, say, Baghdad or Kabul. But I find it truely worrying that a world leader (and like it or not #45 qualifies on paper, if not in real life), decides to ignore/downplay attacks on his own soil! Failing to recognise domestic terrorism should worry anyone, regardless of party, because if the leader can cherry-pick what he deems terrorism, is anyone safe?

  6. Please don’t bail on us. We need all the passionate fighters for a just world that we can get. Take a break, recharge and then, to quote #45, double down. Combined we are more than a match for these jerks. It seems to take 4-5 years of sustained effort to win wars, even culture wars.

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