The entire idea of being a “modern day Nazi” doesn’t even make any sense.


My girls and I were moved to tears today as we strolled the streets of New York near our hotel, which as I stated happens to be within spitting distances of Trump Tower.  We did what tourists do, we had tea at Bergdorf and did some shopping.  Not because we don’t care about what is happening in America, to innocent people, like Heather Heyer who went to protest Charlottesville White Supremacy march and lost her life by a DOMESTIC TERRORIST.

We cried because as we came out of our couple of hours inside the bubble where we ate a lovely lunch, we landed straight into a protest.  People, brave ones standing up for the rights of their fellow Americans.  Not like the cowards who took a pipe to innocent African American, Deandre Harris inside a car park yesterday.  Or the asshole who drove his car into a group of protesters defending their own right to freedom of speech.

We watched them marched by us and we cried.  We cried for their bravery, but we also cried because within the crowd of people marching there were far too many Americans who were of an age that have probably marched against the Vietnam war. Who probably marched during Martin Luther King’s attempt for racial unity.  Who probably already fought one war against Nazis.  And it broke our hearts that in 2017 they are once again marching for the rights of people who were already given their rights.

The thing that is most ironic to me is that most of these White Supremacists have no real knowledge of what being a Nazi was/is all about.  I mean do they know that Hitler went back into all the families genealogy and if there was any trace of blood in them that wasn’t German they were up for grabs.  Anybody who wasn’t pure blooded German was at risk of ending up in a concentration camp?  I mean let’s do some DNA swabs on these guys and see what blood courses through their veins.  Are any of them pure anything, American?  Are any of us pure anything anymore???

There is also the reality that these white guys are flat out cowards, and I’m sure if their President really does start world war 3, none of those white boys that were in Charlottesville will be first in line to defend the country they claim they’re attempting to protect.  Furthermore, you don’t even have your facts straight about being patriots.  America was an ally fighting AGAINST the Nazis.  The actual US patriots that fought to defeat them are probably turning in their graves.  You’re a bunch of dumb-ass children who need to sit down.

Also the President you stand so loyally behind has a Jewish son in law who is sitting in the White House, who has his ear.  His daughter is also an advisor to him, she conformed to Judaism and is raising three Jewish children…where is your logic, your sense, your cause???

You are lost children who need to sit the fuck down.  While the rest of us with good sense continue to build a world of inclusion, unity and as best we can fairness of all regardless of race, colour, religion or gender.  The happy news is that every single American we’ve come in contact with since being here is on the side of this ideal of how not only America should be, but how the world should be.  I believe we will win in the end.  Love will win.


  1. I can’t thank you enough for your posts. You seem to know all the right words to express what I feel. These are people who have no idea what it means to be an American or even just a citizen of the world. How in the world, in the twenty-first century, can we still be condemning people because they happen to have different skin color or for who they choose to love, or for how they worship. It just hurts my heart I don’t think you could count on one hand how many of them even know what a Nazi was. All they know is the hate. We have to show them that hatred cannot be tolerated. We have to do and be better than that. I live in the US and it is so hard to see this happening. I only recently discovered MM and from that, the Bisson family with your passion for helping others. I actually got a quote from William Murdoch that really made me think. from what I have learned about you and your wonderful husband and family, I can imagine it is something that he or you have said. When asked how he combatted the hatred he said
    “I know the truth about myself. No matter what someone might say or think about me, I must be the strongest, and the best version of myself that I can possibly be. Be Better than anyone who might hate you”
    We all need to honor Heather Heyer and Stand up for goodness and LOVE and be Better than those who preach hatred.
    Thank you again speaking up.

  2. I can’t wrap my head around the psycho babble these white guys are spewing. I also feel as you do, that if they did a DNA test none of them would be a pure American. Let’s face it, only Native American Indians are pure American. None of us are pure American. God bless all those that protested against this absurd way of thinking, their skewed view of America. We are ALL American first; our ethnicity second!

  3. Yup. Been there, done that and doing it again. Because it needs to be done. The struggle for freedom is eternal because there will always be those who want to repeal or replace the humanistic society we are trying so hard to build. I don’t see history as linear. I see it as cyclical and with each rotation, new people try the same old crap again and we have to be there to stop it. Perhaps one reason you see so many seniors leading the fight is we have the experience and we aren’t afraid of the consequences. Our parents and our grandparents fought world wars, our generation fought for women’s rights, civil rights and to stop the killing in Vietnam. But we do need young people to take up the torch. So don’t be afraid to get involved, even on a shopping spree to NYC. Walk a few blocks with us. Raise your voices. It’s a heady experience. And we’re all in this together.

  4. As a Canadian who has worked in the US as an RN, has visited the US more times than I can count, it’s obvious the majority of US citizens are the ‘good ones.’ They are the ones of any age who are marching in their stalwart objection to the racism, pro-Nazi violence and murder which occurred in Virginia. The young girl who was killed was standing up for goodness. Many never do. Bless her soul. If there is a Heaven, she was greeted by Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela. I like to think so. Another young girl, an innocent bystander was badly hurt by the car that killed Heather Heyer and it will be months before she recovers. Because of hatred for others, random targeting of violence which cannot be justified in any way occurred. My heart is heavy, candles burn in my home for the 3 lives lost in Virginia this weekend, Heather and the two helicopter officers. Bless them all.

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