Who else is traumatized by the Game Of Thrones series finale??? But also, by Trump???

Black crow and a sword


I mean SERIOUSLY.  Yannick says it’s going to be TWO YEARS before the final season airs.

TWO YEAR???  Are you kidding me?  I’m DYING.  They have a dragon that breaths ice fire!  Jamie left.  People are having sex while being related, but they don’t know they’re related.  I mean a couple of them do and others don’t.  Tons of people are getting killed off.  It’s WILD.  Nobody’s safe.  Not even the dragons.  WHAT IS GOING ON???

Now I know how those of you who are reading this who are diehard MM fans feel about their season finale.


What in the hot hell is going on with Murdoch.

I KNOW, I KNOW!! I know everything that is going on with MM Season 11, wonder how much money I could make to give up the goods???

Things that make me go “hmmm.”

Being married to Yannick I’ve never understood why people care so much about the season finale cliff hangers.  In fact I often wonder if fans really care all that much about them at all.  Like do people care about MM the way I care about GOT??  I have a difficult time picturing people discussing Murdoch Mysteries at their offices, over a meal, coffee, or anywhere really.  Not that I don’t think the show is fantastic, because I do.  I think it is brilliantly done.  The crew members are some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet, the writing is smart, the acting is topnotch.  I’m incredibly proud to be married to the title character.  I’m a Murdoch Mysteries fan. But I just don’t think it’s any GOT.  I mean nobody ever dies on Murdoch, I mean other than the murder victim, but so what, who’s really invested in a character they barely know?  I know I’m not.  I’ve been telling Yannick for YEARS they should pull some Game of Thrones shit and kill somebody off.  And now, finally at long last coming up on Season 11 they’ve gone and done it.  I’m proud of MM for being bold and making this play, for me it still isn’t GOT I don’t pine for the next episode in the way I do for Game of Thrones.  In fact, in all my life, I don’t recall being genuinely disappointed at the end of every single episode of a television series in my life.  Not one, not ever.  Yet here I am, always shocked at how quickly an hour seems to pass while I’m watching a GOT episode.  Every Sunday evening my heart gets broken again, and every year the seasons get shorter, and the wait between them gets LONGER.

Why creators of GOT?  Why???  Why do you hate us all???

I can’t bear the thought that YB might be correct in saying that the final season won’t air for two years.  I’d google it, but the harsh reality is that I don’t really want to know if that is in fact truth.  I want to live in my little bubble of denial for a little bit longer.  I certainly wish I could exist in a bubble where #45 wasn’t actually the President.  But alas, GOT is over for another God knows how many months, and that mess of a man is really the President of the United States of America.

For the record let it be known that when it comes to #45 there is absolutely nothing that anybody could say about him, or message me about him, or present to me in the hopes of putting a positive spin on him in any way shape or form that will ever get me to “see your side.”  Just like I know that there’s nothing that I could say, or the bulk of the world for that matter could say, about his psychotic anti-presidential behavior to get you to believe that he’s actually the worst.  So stop.  Stop messaging me, stop trying.  Stop acting like I’m “open for business” when it comes to this person, because I am not.  The best thing for any of you to do is to ignore the tweets and posts were I go after him.  I mean you’re welcome to read them, but just refrain from commenting your support for him at me.  I’ve stopped reading them, in fact I now simply delete them.  Not because I’m not open to opposing opinions to what I write here, if you read the comments I do post favorable and unfavorable remarks.  This is not about you disagreeing with me, the reason why I’m not reading your hype on the man is because I don’t care, and I just think there’s nothing redeeming about the man.  And truthfully the two sides are never ever going to come to any sort of mutual ground where he is concerned so we really should just stop trying.  What we all need to be focused on is how to bridge the gap that is being created in America.  How to spread more love.

The people of Texas are doing a damn fine job at the moment.  Thanks be to God, and the fact that people in crises and at the same level of need will almost always pull the best out of each other.  I’m proud of the citizens of the hardest hit regions of Texas, keep putting religion, race and gender aside to do what is right and good, and that is to help one another.  No matter what, the right thing to do all day every day is to; “do unto others as you would have done to you.”

Period.  End of story, and #45 doesn’t embody this at all.




  1. I am always happier after I read your blogs. I understand your obsession. My daughter has been wanting me to start GOT. But I am one of those Diehard MM fans. My family says I am obsessed. and I can’t disagree. I got started late because I live in the Maryland and the only MM is at 1AM Sunday morning and they are only in season 4. I would absolutely talk about the show invert coffee if I could just get anyone In my small circle to get on board with me actually. I found it after wondering who that great guy on the Aurora Teagarden mysteries is and does he do anything else. OMG yes he does. Pulled him up on IMBD and saw that there were 152 episodes of this period mystery piece called Murdoch Mysteries. Found the early ones on Netflix and thanks to Amazon I have all seasons now and was able to get up through 9 in no time. 10 just came out Aug so I have that now too so I expect to binge watch that as well, I have had the luxury of not having cliff hangers until now . I just put in the next disc. Probably won’t see 11 until At least January. That is unless I take a trip to Toronto on the 25th for a week for the first 2 episodes in case it takes 2 to get out of the darkness of the last 10. So I totally understand your obsession. Waiting so long must be awful,
    I am Totally With you on #45. And the goodness that comes out of people in a Crisis is Wonderful to see. I hope they get all the help they need. Thank you for all your sharing

  2. Okay … First, I care about MM sort of like you care for GOT. Perhaps not quite so rabid about MM, but I don’t watch GOT. Just wish we didn’t have to wait until 1/2018 for Season 11 of MM here in the U.S.

    As far as the Predator in Chief, I can only reply to his supporters with funny comments from me, friends and the comedians I love. It drives his followers nuts! A few examples:
    * Obama is simultaneously hotter AND cooler than Trump.
    * Trump doesn’t lie–he’s been on both sides of nearly every issue; technically, he rebuts himself.
    * Regarding more troops in Afghanistan– wives can come and go, but Trump is willing to work at war.
    * Trump and his supporters are more devoted to order than justice.
    * He spreads so much wrong information that he is the Typhoid Mary of stupid.
    ENJOY and please share!

  3. I too hate that we have to wait (I heard 18 months) for the final season of GofT. It is killing me. Just loved this last season. I enjoy watching MM but you are correct, we don’t sit around work talking about as we do GofT. Different type of show for me. Although, on edge to hear they have killed a character off in MM…..GofT, I expect it and accept it (unless they get rid of Tyrion). 🙂

    As for #45….keep at it. Keep shining a light on him. If the world sits back and does nothing, then we are implicitly saying we support him. And I for one do not and I want to see your tweets, your posts, etc. I want the world to know what type of person he is and all that he is doing, not to sweep it under the carpet. I need to do more of what you are doing, adding my voice to those who do not support him or his actions.

  4. Whaddya mean someone is killed off on MM 11??????? No f’n way!!!! Not one of the majors?! Crap!!!! Well I hope it’s Davies! As far as the JACKASS in the WH; let’s just say that karma has a way of biting you in the ass when you are the most cocky. Just wait; we’ll see it! He will go down as the worst leader this country has ever had and we can blame the electoral college for that! He DID NOT win the popular vote! God help us through this time and God help the people of Houston and surrounding areas. There are many heros we should all be honoring and several reputable places to send financial aid to, for all those left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

  5. Well, it’ll give me a chance to catch up! I fell off the GOT wagon a while back (a lot of evening shifts put paid to watching), but still want to see them. So when this season comes out on DVD, I’ll be spending a week or so in bed, bingeing…..
    And while MM is great (let’s face it: direct reason I’m reading your blog), it may not capture the world as GOT does. Doesn’t make the work put into it or the result inferior – just different. Looking forward to s11….

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