Who else would LOVE to see Oprah run for President in 2020???

There is a very interesting conversation taking place all over social media these days.  I think it is 50/50 tongue in cheek, and the other part is wishful, hopeful thinking.

That is the conversation that is calling for Oprah to run for President in 2020.

I have to tell you, I’m totally here for it.  I’ve seen the woman in person, and truth be told, when I went to watch a taping of her show as a gift to my best friend for her 40th birthday, I wasn’t a fan.  She was a HUGE fan, but me, not so much.  I always found Oprah to be “too much” you know “too good” and “too upbeat/positive.”  I wasn’t sure that I bought what she was selling.  I hadn’t drank the Oprah Kool-Aid.  I was more of an Ellen Degeneres fan, that was until I saw Ellen live.  I went to a taping of her show, VIP, thanks to Barb, who had a strong in because Rick had just been a guest on the show.  Let’s just say I went there with BELLS ON.  I actually twisted Barbie’s arm to get the tickets for us.  I was D-Y-I-N-G to see her, to meet her, to dance with her, Barbie wasn’t that in to her, so she did as I did for Jenanne, got the tickets for her friend and went.

Let’s just say I was hugely disappointed in every element of that day.  My image of her was shattered, and I have, since that day never watched a single other thing Ellen has done.  Without getting into too much detail, I’ll simply say that she wasn’t kind to her audience.  During commercial breaks she went as far back on her stage as she could, she turned her back, and didn’t interact with the audience AT ALL.  Then when the break was over she turned it back on.  Her people even went so far as to tell us hat we weren’t to try and dance WITH her.  If she chose to dance with us, go for it, whoop it up, but don’t touch her.  Don’t dare try to engage her.  It was so the opposite of what she and her show appeared to be when I would watch it while doing my cardio.

I was shattered.

And then there is Oprah.  The one I thought was a fake and phony was the exact opposite of Ellen.  Not only did Oprah NOT go into the far corners of her stage during commercial breaks, she encouraged the audience members to ask her questions.  She even went so far as to take photos with some of the lucky few.  She sat with her shoes off, comfortable, friendly, acting like we were all just chilling in her living room WITH her.  She was thankful that we were all there, and it was her second show of the day; she used to tape two shows each day.  She wasn’t cranky, or distant.  She was open, available, genuine, warm and present.

In my humble opinion, Oprah is everything this country needs right now.  They would be so lucky to have such a calm, giving, intelligent, reasonable leader at the helm.  Especially on the heels of this Madman.  But I’m doubtful if she’ll do it.  I pray she does; but how I would really love to see it all go down is like this:  Michelle on the ticket for President, and Oprah as her VP.  Let them lead America for eight years like that, and when Michelle’s back to back terms are done with, Oprah will have spent eight years in the White House learning from Michelle.  Then Oprah would go on to be President for eight years with Gayle as her VP, and on, and on, and on it would go.  Smart, caring, sensible female Presidents back to back to back.

Wouldn’t that be grand???


  1. That would be awesome! That would be a freakin miracle too!
    We can’t get a woman President in this country it seems. No, instead, we voted in ( well the electoral college voted in) a delusional, narcissistic, bully, hell bent on overturning everything the previous president, a black man, did! Strictly because he was black!
    I would sooo love to see a woman take the reigns. I really would! What a dream to have, eh?

  2. I would love to see this if ONLY to watch the Toddler-In-Chief completely lose his sh*t after losing to an intelligent, loved, friendly, funny, admired, generous, friend-of-Obamas, book-loving black woman!

  3. Mrs. Bisson,
    Are you an American citizen and eligible to vote in US elections? If so, please continue to support or encourage anyone you please to run for any elective office as long as they meet any/all legal/constitutional requirements. If not, your opinion as to who should run for/hold any elective office in the US is unimportant since you can neither vote for nor provide financial support legally to any US candidate. Do we need to start an investigation into potential Canadian meddling in US elections??? LOL! Oprah is already “Queen of the World”, why would she want to work harder than she ever has to secure a demotion to mere leader of the US with a huge pay cut?

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