Do you think the artists playing Coachella know they’re playing for a bigot??

What can be said about Coachella? For me, I’ve never understood the entire go stand in a dusty field, cheek by jowl, sweating in the California desert with a whole whack of strangers.  I do have to say that originally how Coachella came to be was inspiring.  Many indie groups getting to play a festival building their brand and their following.  Loved that.  But, sadly that changed long ago, in the same way it changed for Sundance Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, but I digress, that’s for another blog.

Perhaps I should preface this post by stating that a) I don’t like strangers en-mass and b) I don’t like sweating, unless it’s for a good cause like burning off the cheeseburger I ate.

Maybe, just maybe if I were being open and honest about why I’m biased toward music festivals then I could be taken more seriously in regards to what I’m about to type, which is:  HOW CAN ALL THESE LIBERAL EDUCATED SOCIALIST TYPE HUMANS PAY A BIGOT TO ATTEND HIS MUSIC FESTIVAL, BUT ALSO, HOW CAN ARTISTS AND PERFORMERS TAKE MONEY FROM SAID ULTRA CONSERVATIVE RIGHT WING BIASED HUMAN?

I’m sorry, but none of our modern world makes sense to me.

Actually, let me rewind a bit, much about our modern world makes sense to me, except the parts of it where people suck and blow simultaneously.  This I honestly do not understand.  Where I sit, on issues like this; it’s either black or it’s white.  It’s either Yes or it’s No.

For example, Philip Anschutz, who is the guy who owns AEG Live, where he enjoys ownership stakes in the LA Kings, the Lakers, LA Galaxy.  He also backs Bieber, Swift and Chesney’s tours.  They are second in concert promotions to Live Nation, this guy is a STINKING RICH.  He’s uber powerful, and he’s also a known extreme right wing supporter.  He’s known to be anti-LBGTQ, he’s handed over money to pro-gun senators, along with anti-abortion and same sex politicians, plus he’s anti-climate change.  Basically Philip couldn’t be further on the human spectrum of what he believes in and supports than all the artists he pays to tour, and play Coachella.  Which seriously has me going “hmmm…”

Like excuse you Beyonce, but you know this man, is the polar opposite of essentially everything you performed about at the Festival last weekend, and are currently re-performing tonight.  Like does it really do any good for her to take his money, while pumping her fist in support of Black Lives Matter while lining her pockets and supporting a festival that is in direct conflict of all that she supposedly represents??? Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.

I had this same question for Lady Gaga last year, a known advocate for the LGBTQ community, yet there she stood, opening the festival on a stage being paid by a man who gives his personal revenue to senators and the like who oppose the very same people.

What about all the people in attendance at Coachella?  You’re all supposed to be free, liberal, and “woke” yet there you are, paying your hard earned money to a man who’s literally going to turn around and give it too all the organizations you tweet and Instagram post opposition to all week long.

I’m sorry, but this entire Coachella thing is going to be a big fat hairy no for me.  It was originally a NO due to the dust from the desert, and the sweaty strangers, but now that I know what I know about where the money comes from, and then where it all goes, I have to say, it would be a very cold day in hell before you would see my ass, or the tits of any of my daughters waving around in front of a Coachella stage friends.

We all need to know that when we make a stand, it should be a stand across the entire board of the issues, not just the portion of the issues that suits us.  I’m just saying.







  1. I just don’t understand the mentality that thinks they have a right to grope another person. And you can’t tell me that the runners of the event don’t know about what goes on. And if the performers say they don’t, I think they are lying.
    When you only look at the bottom dollar, you lose sight of what is good and real in the world.

  2. After reading this enlightening information about this festival, think perhaps the actual performers don’t have a clue because so much of their ‘business’ dealing are handled so far from the performers concerns about appearances wherever they occur. They are arranged by agents through management companies. It’s also all about the money not just for the performer but all the other staff and people working under that performer’s umbrella. The other goal is reaching many, many of the public to ‘get’ new fans no matter the allegiances of the promoters of any show. It’s not on their agenda of concerns by performers (but should be, I believe) where the actual show happens and who owns or profits from the event. Their concerns are their own staff, dancers, singers, crew travelling, travel arrangements, etc., and that takes precedence. Another issue about Coachella is recently I read an article about the rampant issue of sexual harassment and abuse toward women (with occasional rapes having been reported) on the Coachella Festival site. I’ll find the article and link it to your Twitter comment for this article here. It’s shocking with a journalist doing a survey with woman attending and what they thought of whether there was disrespect and actual sexual abuse while at the Festival. One young woman’s report was shocking stating she would be touched inappropriately over and over, even being solicited for kisses and more. So, that’s another issue entirely. Apparently the Festival itself does nothing to reduce this occurrence and it seems almost promotes this type of behaviour. So, there’s another different dark side to Coachella as well.
    Amen to what you wrote above. I fully agree.

  3. Wow – I often learn things when reading your blog. Today it is how the set up of festivals differs, i.e. who owns and runs them, and how their money is spent.

    Denmark has a strong history when it comes to festivals, with Roskilde being the granddaddy of them all, started by hippies in 1971, and still running today. It is commited to using part of the revenue for charity work, as well as for local societies (some sport clubs are supported as ‘payment’ for volunteers working the logistics).

    The Tønder Festival is another old festival, having started in 1974, and is one of the oldest folk music festivals in the world. Again a lot of volunteer work goes into the festival, and again some of the procedes go towards local clubs. (It was in trouble 5 years ago, but the local council stepped in with some financial support, and after a serious revamp the festival is back in the black).

    In fact, when I look at the festivals we have in Denmark, those that are successful are the ones that involve the local communities. Attempts have been made to start more commercial festivals, but they haven’t really prospered. The volunteers and the whole ‘giving back to the community’, from the ‘Green Concerts’ (a series of concerts around the country, mainly sponsered by the Tuborg breweries, where the procedes go to the MS society), to the Skanderborg Festival, where foreign charities (ex. a school project in The Dominican Republic in 2012) is something we like.

  4. P.S. Shantelle, I absolutely understand the aversion to standing around, shoulder to shoulder with sweating, dusty, and drunk crowds! When I HAVE paid to attend festivals, I’ve chosen smaller events so my experience would be more pleasant. Nothing says mood-killer like some odoriferous clod barfing down your shirt while you try to get lost in the music. Sadly, smaller events don’t last long in this economic climate. They’re still out there and an absolute joy to attend, but they’re harder to find.

  5. Despite my history of festival coverage, I’ve never felt the want or need to head out to Coachella. Add to that the fact that it’s run by a man who is basically anti-everything the majority of the performers stand for and I get more than a little cranky.

    But, hey, you know, the big artists don’t care because they’re making bank at these things! Many of them are also folks who fly off to perform at parties thrown by despots around the world. It’s all about the money for them.

    There was a report about the restrictions placed on the performers at Coachella: they couldn’t perform within 1500 miles of the venue for some ridiculous number of months. Fine for the big acts, but death to the lesser-known acts. That’s why they keep upping the ante and ticket prices…so they can bring in top names.

    Personally, I’ve always preferred to attend festivals that 1) support a wide range of artists on the “fame” spectrum (though the fact that I pretty much stuck with blues festivals that was a given) and 2) the festivals I covered also had a community benefit tied to them, like raising money for local food banks or supporting music programs for schools.

    It’s not too difficult to find ways to go have fun, listen to music, and be part of something that directly benefits more than the promoter’s pockets. You just have to be willing to put your conscience ahead of your desire to be with the “cool kids”.

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