Do we think Meghan will change the monarchy, or will they change her???

All weekend long my thoughts have been preoccupied by the two biggest news stories:

  1. Harry, Diana’s youngest son, the one who walks most closely in his mother’s philanthropic footsteps, wed his love on Saturday, as we all know.
  2. And the students who died a senseless death in Santa Fe at the hands of an angry seventeen year old boy, because a girl didn’t want to date him.

Today I’m going to talk about the wedding, some of the feelings I have about it, and to ask you if I’m alone in the things I’m wondering about.  Or if maybe, just maybe some of you share some of these same thoughts regarding this union that make me go “hmmm.”

Tomorrow I will blog about the lives lost, and what that makes me think, feel and ponder.

Meghan; as we know is a biracial American woman, born to a black mother, Doria Ragland.  I cannot believe all the stories I’ve read this weekend that reveal the unimaginable truth about how these two women were verbally abused by their step family.  How this extended “family” (by marriage) have been dragging them through the mud, and abusing them for years.  One would have thought that Meghan’s fame on Suits would have softened them up, but it didn’t.  I suppose once a racist always a racist.  Which I can’t decide is if I appreciate their consistency for not being fake and phony, or not.  I mean truly what’s worse?  People who disliked you based on your skin colour before you became something and then all of a sudden accept you because you’re now a big deal?? Or if it’s just better that they stay the shitty humans they’ve always been?  In fact from what I’ve read on this mother daughter duo it seems that all the success fueled that step family’s hatred further.  Perhaps they became further embittered because Doria, a single mother was able to raise her daughter on her own, and raise her so successfully.  So successfully in fact that she landed a Prince.  If not, the most beloved one ever; Diana’s youngest boy.  The boy who seemed to wear his broken heart on his sleeve all his life.  That is, until he met and fell in love with the woman who would become his wife.

She is now an inspiration to all single women, black, and white.  She is the poster child for divorced women of both races everywhere, that there can be another happily ever after post divorce.  There might not be a Duchess title in their futures, but there can definitely be love, and this is an incredibly encouraging powerful message for young women of divorce to believe.  The stigma that attaches itself to women, that for some reason doesn’t seem to stick to men in quite the same way has been powerfully changed with this union.  I mean, at least I see it that way.  But perhaps I’m being romantic.  Maybe I’m being as hopeful about how this will change the dating and future marrying landscape for young divorced women everywhere in the same way I believed, with my whole heart, that America having their first black president, for two terms in a row, would abolish the remaining racism that lay hidden in the States.

That romantic notion has been not realized, in fact we seem to have taken ten giant leaps backward in this area.  Which now has me also wondering if the Royal Family will find themselves thinking differently about race issues that are not only a part of their history, but potentially a part of their future should not all the Royals be as openly onboard of this, the first biracial member as William and Kate are.  Which brings to me to the thought that keeps dancing around in my mind:  can one woman change the entire monarchy, or will the monarchy change the one woman???

She has made a powerful statement with all the touches she put on HER wedding to her prince.  She wanted there to be no mistake about the fact that she comes from a black mother.  That she is a black woman.  This is her culture, this is her identity and nobody is going to take that away from her.  My only hope for Meghan is that the monarchy has learned a valuable lesson in how they mistreated Diana, who shared a very similar powerful spirit as this young Duchess seems to yield.  And my hope for Meghan is that they no longer believe, that it is their right to squash her spirit, as they did Diana’s.  I pray that they understand that, from the outside looking in, it seems like Meghan, Doria, and Harry will never let that happen to this independent free thinking new Royal.

I am going to stick to my romantic notion that the monarchy has truly evolved, and that this marriage is a reflection of the unique, and multi-cultral fabric that makes Britain a great and powerful country.  May they enjoy a long married life filled with love, compromise and joy.


  1. I think influence will run both ways. Meghan will bring change to the royal family, and they will bring change to her life. What matters most, ultimately, is what they all do with those opportunities. Honestly, Meghan and Harry both seem to possess strong character and a keen interest in fairness, kindness, and charitable action. They’ll do good in the world and be good to one another. If we can model their behaviors in our own lives, we’ll be better for it.

  2. My vote is for Meghan (with Harry) to prevail. She made some wonderful and unprecedented changes to Her wedding, and those were Big Changes. BUT if the Queen had not accepted those changes, they would not have happened, SO I feel she has already made a change to the attitudes of the Royal Family
    The treatment of Diana was shameful but I don’t see Harry or William allowing anything like that happening to Meghan. And I don’t see her allowing it to happen either. They are a loving, caring couple to each other and to others around the world. Had a glimpse of him at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (my home hospital) when he came to visit our Wounded Warriors. From military members, to sick children to endangered species, I believe this couple will be a force for Love and Caring in the world

  3. With the teachings that were passed on to the boys by their mother, i don’t believe that Harry and Meghan will continue on with the “traditions” of the royals.
    While some things will be as they were before, Harry seems like the type to defend his wife and live his life to his choosing.
    I hope they are able to bring some change to the house of Windsor, opening hearts and minds, although i think the monarchy under the reign of William will be a much different thing.

  4. Diana’s death and the world’s collective greving at her passing, was the catalyst in all of this! It was the means to finally have a Prince, an heir to the throne, change the Royal Family and their draconian ways when it comes to a partner, a spouse. IMO, it was with this tragedy that Charles, finally got to marry the woman he was in-love with for decades!!! Hopefully, with Diana’s teachings, these boys bucked the “Royal” ways of spawning the next generation through “Blue bloods”, and found their love’s, despite the pressure the Royals may have exhibited on Charles, initially. Diana taught them to do things out of love and for no other reason! She was an awesome mother despite the lousy homelife she had. She was in-love with Charles, but he was still in-love with Camilla and only had her “approved” and married her, because of her blue blood and age at being able to spawn the heir to the throne. It’s not like there wasn’t a black person in the Royal Blood going back generations! She is showing the world that F-Y, I am a person, I love this man, and I will be his partner, FOREVER despite the color of my skin!
    Thank God that chapter is over! LOVE WON!

  5. She must be an extraordinary woman or the royal family would not have accepted her. Their union legitimizes mixed marriages for some people and infuriates 1others. Meghan has a fantastic opportunity to move race relations forward just by being her classy self. You’ll never move the haters but the people who are undecided will be enlightened and moved. That’s the best she can hope for. I’m glad William and Kate have another couple to share their unique situation and offer mutual support. It cannot be a fun job no matter how guilted the lifestyle.

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