Did you also know about the rampant sexual assault that takes place at Coachella???

God Damn I cannot drink caffeine!  I added one little caffeinated pod to my decaf coffee this morning and I swear I feel as though I’ve snorted a line of blow.

Good Lord I’m weak!  Not of body or mind, but of constitution, like who cannot have a half-caf coffee once a week?

Anyway, forgive any part of today’s blog that might not make sense due to me being under the influence of caffeine!  It’s an expansion on yesterday’s post about how the artists of Coachella, who in my opinion need to make a decision; they’re either for the people they march alongside in protest of anti-LGBTQ laws, the lax gun laws, and Women’s Marches etc, etc, etc, or they’re not.  To me it’s that simple.  I feel as strongly about this for the performers as I do about the attendees.

I read a fascinating, albeit upsetting article the other night, which is what actually started my entire public rant against Coachella in the first place.  It was an online piece written by Vera Papisova for Teen Vogue.  The topic was exposing the rampant sexual harassment, and sexual assault that happens against the females attending the festival.  It also went into how there is literally zero support for them should they, (undoubtedly) be a victim of sexual assault while there.  I don’t want to bastardize her piece so I’m copying it here for you all to read.

It should really come as no surprise that an owner of a festival who is so blatantly anti all the things he is would give less than zero fucks about the safety of the women in attendance of his desert festival.  This doesn’t surprise me, I mean all we need to do is look back over, the last 100 years, to see how the patriarchal society is alive and well within the Republican party.  Now, I’m not saying that all those in the GOP are pro doing nothing to protect women and their rights, I’m simply saying that this particular powerful man not putting in place safety measures for women while attending his event comes as zero surprise to me.

Which brings me back around to all the artists who have posted on their social media platforms in support of the #metoo movement, who wore black to the Golden Globes, who wore the PINS, who marched alongside the women in the Women’s March…WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING?

How can they do all that, yet take money from a man who could care less about any and all things that are supposedly so important to them?  I don’t get it.  Yes, of course ultimately I know it is about the almighty dollar, but when you’re already worth a gazillion of them do you really need anymore from the likes of this man??

The short answer is NO.

You know what I would LOVE to see?  I would love nothing more than to witness the Beyonce, the Justin Bieber, the Taylor Swift’s of this world to come together and create their own entertainment group that funds world tours where some of the money raised goes back to women’s support groups, anti-gun movements, and to educating their fans.  Making it loud and clear that they will no longer get in bed with people, organizations, anybody really, who have and continue to make their fortunes with the blood of innocent people on their hands.

Wouldn’t that be grand??? This is where the real change lies.

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  1. My blood boiled when I read that article yesterday. It’s yet another reason I’m glad I’ve not embraced that crowd.

    Now, going back to my comment on your last post, about the money aspect: I think when you create an event that requires a fairly significant amount of money just to buy a ticket – let alone the outlay for accommodations for the weekend – you’re attracting a certain type of person to that event, the type of person who feels they’re entitled to behave however they want. It’s been reported that sexual assaults (like at Coachella) happen with the same regularity at other festivals with hefty price tags (some in the Caribbean, Central America, and even some of the larger festivals in the U.S. with the spendy tix). Again, I believe it’s an entitlement thing. Men who can afford to throw that kind of money around tend to treat people as everything else they consider disposable. “Who cares if the women don’t want my attention! If they didn’t want anyone to touch them, they wouldn’t be here and they wouldn’t be dressed *that way*.” It’s not right, obviously, but think about who has access to that kind of money and how they behave in the “real world”. I know men like this. I despise men like this.

    Too many of the men who attend pricey events are of the mindset that everything and everyone is there for their pleasure! Invited or not, it’s theirs for the taking. It’s exacerbated by the amount and the types of drugs available at festivals, coupled with the false sense of security young women have there. They figure they’re with other like-minded people who are as chill as they are, who just want to magically vibe together. Even if a gal isn’t voluntarily partaking in the chemical enhancements, there’s little keeping someone from slipping something into their drink. Let’s consider how many of THOSE assaults are never acknowledged, let alone reported!

    I’m extremely grateful my daughter has never been much for concerts or festivals. She’s that much safer! And I’m grateful my son isn’t one of those guys (he’s a fierce protector of all females, he was born that way). If he were, I’d kill him myself.

    I doubt we’ll ever see the day when Beyonce, TSwift, Katy Perry – or any of the artists at their level – say no to performing at festivals run by this particular promoter or by others like him. The money speaks too loudly and buys them enough distance from the unpleasant experiences so many women have. It’s almost as if the money buys their ignorance.

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