So, the democrats are lying about Roy Moore, and so are the women who accused him?

Today I watched a Vice video where 12 people who live in Alabama were being interviewed about the entire Roy Moore fiasco; discussing how him being a pedophile isn’t such a bad thing.

Excuse me?

Say that one more time for the people in the back.

How is that a grown ass man, hitting on, attempting to “get with” anybody under the age of consent, in this case, fourteen year old girls at the mall be anything but criminal?

Where I come from it certainly is.  I don’t know about where you, who are reading this post, live, but here in all of Canada it is a crime.  But not so for the folks in this video I watched, one man even went so far as to say; “forty years ago in Alabama there’s a lot of mommies and daddies that’d be thrilled that their fourteen year old was getting hit on by a district attorney.”

WTAF did that man just say on film?  Actually, watch it for yourself and see if you can stomach anything any of these backward people say on this video.  I’m going to put the link to the segment at the bottom of this post for you to watch, in your own time.

And listen, I’m in the film industry I know that there is this thing called editing, hell YB does it with his self tapes that are going to his team in LA.  It’s about putting your best foot forward, and giving the exact perception that you want to, to the end user, so I get the editing thing better than most.  But, let’s be clear folks, no matter how they, the network has edited this clip to “fit their news agenda” this dumb f*#k still said that he was confident that some parents would be proud to know that their little girl was being leered at, being sexually approached and harassed by an adult male simply due to the job he held.  Another woman said; “they both still had their clothes on, and when the girl said she wasn’t comfortable he took her home.”

Oh bravo.  Slow clap for Roy dirt bag Moore for not actually going through with his intention to have sex with a minor.  We should totally give him a medal for not raping the fourteen year old girl with “a questionable reputation.”  At fourteen?  Wow, so a young girl who makes out with boys her own age is now of ill repute?  Give your f*&king heads a shake, or better yet go back to your ignorant villages and stay there.

As for the small minded man that said the parents would be proud, I only have this to say.  As a parent, I can assure you even if Bono himself had wanted to get with any one of my girls when they were under the age of twenty while he was a grown ass man I would have felt the same disgust if he had been a fucking poor, unemployed, meth addict.  It would matter not to me the status of the creep; if any adult male wanted anything to do with one of my underage, or significantly younger girls I would have words for them.  In fact, we’ve had two scenarios in our lives where our girls were being “wooed” by men more than twelve years older than them, they were just twenty and we put the kibosh on those relationships so fast.  No thank you. Go get a woman closer to your age men.

But girls still in their teens, just barely into them in fact.  These girls need to be protected, by not only their parents, but their governments as well.  What the hell is going on in America, the second home that I love, that not only the leaders, #45 has given his endorsement to Roy Moore, but now some of the backward people of that state are coming out in full support of a pedophile who wants to be an active part of making laws and passing them.  Laws that will affect the entire country.  Why do I feel like I’m witnessing a world class country being thrust back into the stone ages?  What’s next passing a law that allows harems of underage children be wed to adult males?

Where, when, or how will this madness ever end?  Who will be the change we need to see in this world?  We had Obama, and much headway was made, which it seems #45 is hell bent on overturning just because he’s a racist prick.  How will Trump’s bizarre, racist, perverted ways ever be stopped, and when?  Far as I can tell, with people like the ones in this video still roaming the earth it’s likely to be good long while before we get back to unity, protection of young people, and believing women who come forward about any sort of sexual misconduct against them again.  Or at least it seems to be the case in the state of Alabama, and this small group of good ole white folks.



  1. I thought some of these things from the start as to why this could even remotely be OK with these people. What kind of twisted think I g gets you there? Some folks think that the best thing a young girl could hope for is as breeding stock for an older man with a good job! When you limit womens’ options you greatly increase the options for older, creepy guys! The worst part? Some mommas are perfectly OK with that for their girls. The definition of deplorable, in my book.

  2. I don’t even know where to start with these people. Next they’ll be saying it’s cool for Uncle Daddy to marry his 12 year old sister. It’s all sickening.

  3. I just can’t understand the whole situation. Much less the people who are supporting a pedophile ANd our President fully supporting him, I know I shouldn’t be surprised since he is a pig. I am so embarrassed at what the rest of the world must think of America right now. I love my country but the government right now makes me sick. Roy Morre had better not win. If he does. I will never set foot in that state again. Now I am just one person so that may not mean anything to them, but it is a small step that I can take, Someone must be working on articles of impeachment somewhere. And I am also disgusted with the people of Pensacola Florida who cheered #45s urging to vote for Moore. I know it isn’t the whole city because I was born there and still have family there and they were Definitely NOT at that rally,
    The video is unbelievable, These people Are totally IGNORANT.

  4. I’m totally amazed and sickened by these idiots. On one hand, you have Sen. Al Franken, who admitted to what he had done, and was asked to, and is resigning. Then you have a President, who thinks it’s perfectly fine to go grabbing women by the pussy, “because he is a star and can get away with it”not to mention the fact that there are about 15 women who have come forward and accused him of sexual misconduct, and people are still supporting this SOB???? Then you have Moore, who is nothing less than a child molester… and still, people support him. Totally disgusted with these supporters, I have no idea how they can. I have no doubt that Moore will win the seat, and that is a very poor representation of the people of his state.

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