Couldn’t these rats have picked a different house to raid???

Well friends it turns out our sweet boy Duke has been doing us a good turn by peeing all over the house.  He knew something we didn’t.  Somewhere along the way of us not living in the house full time, some rats had taken refuge in between the floorboards and drywall ceiling of the garage.  We can’t be sure if they moved in because of all the rain and cold, or if they’re just dirty, shitty opportunistic filthy critters.  Duke has been peeing to let the rats know that they may not come INSIDE the house.  They can stay in between the floor joists, and drywall ceiling where we store our sports equipment, but they better think twice before coming in where he, and his two brothers live.  So here we are hardwood floorboards warped from dog urine, one dead rat that somehow got caught in the kitchen wall and died, and no idea how many others are wandering through the floor joists of my house.

The entire thing grosses me out.  Especially the dead one.

It makes me wonder how on earth my grade school best friend could have had a rat as a pet?  I had a hamster, but she had flowing fur, and a cute little face.  Rats are NOT cute, or fluffy.  This summer we had three fall into our brand new spa, and got sucked into the filter.  I was completely freaked out.  Removing dead rats from any part of my property is not a good time for me, so I leave it to Yannick to manage.  With as much as rats disgust me you would think I would have been way more careful with where I bought houses.  Yet I managed to purchase two homes that lend themselves to natural rat habitats.  In Toronto we’re on a ravine, and here in California we’re in the Santa Monica mountains, both rat havens.  It’s impossible to avoid running into them, and even harder to keep them out of spas, and garages.

One of my girlfriends had a serious rat infestation a few years back.  No matter what she did she couldn’t get rid of them, which is my worry since we all know how they have short pregnancies, and mate often, giving birth to six in a litter.  How insane would that be if they’ve been making an entire village in my floorboards for months??  How will we ever know how many there are?  My girlfriend couldn’t believe how many she had.  The crazy, unbelievable thing about my girlfriend’s rat problem was, unbeknownst to her was her then husband was not only cheating on her, he also had a drug problem that he was keeping hidden from her.  In tandem with her rat issue, and not being able to get rid of them, she discovered all this other stuff about her husband, her lover, her partner.  Then a strange thing happened, she kicked her husband to the curb, and within days her rat problem was no longer.  Just.  Like.  That.  The rats were gone.  Turns out she had a king rat, in the form of her husband.  Once she was rid of him, the rat army left as well.  Which has got me thinking, do our rats represent something that I don’t know about???  And if so, what?  And do I even want to know???

I hope my rat issue is just an occupation of convenience, and that there is nothing else tied to them moving in.  I also wish I could share with Duke how incredibly guilty I feel for yelling at him even once, when all he was trying to do was keep the rats out of the house.  What a good dog he is, as it turns out.  Now as he recovers from his ACL knee surgery I wonder if the rats will attempt to move on in, since the boxers wouldn’t dream of urinating all over their home.  Hopefully the exterminators we’ve hired will make quick work of trapping, and ridding our house of these disgusting critters.  I’ll keep you posted on my rat issue, but for now, I need to get back to my patient.


  1. Spent many holidays in Mallorcca with friends. After a particularly rainy spring and construction work further up the hill, the house became a resort for mice and rats. I suggested they get a cat, female of course, mouse/rat problem gone. Even the dogs love having her around,
    Just a thought.

  2. What a good boy! Man, I would have never thought that was why he was doing that. Now that its been found out to be just Duke, I can only think how good he was protecting his property. Now why he is being mean to Mack is another issue all together.
    Yuk! Rats! They ARE such disgusting creatures! I had one in my cottage in Asbury Park just after it turned cold. I got up one morning at 5 AM to make my coffee and I heard, yes heard, it running across my hardwood floor. I yelled “hey, I’m the only one allowed to live here”! Like that would make it go away. So, at 5 am I got on the phone and called my Exterminator, the one I used when I bought the place just to be sure there were no critters living in this run down place I bought. (I had tremendous buyers remorse). While in the middle of leaving a message on his office phone, the sucker ran out from behind my couch, following the baseboard all around the main floor (It was a small space), and into my Utility Room. I couldn’t really see him since I didn’t have my contacts in, but I COULD see a clearance under his belly. I yelled “there he goes, I swear he has army boots on”, as I was leaving the message. Well the office manager, his wife, got hysterical laughing at my message and they saved it and played it for some of the people in the office! Haha!
    So, my guy set traps, BIG TRAPS! Then the following Saturday, I stayed down to do some rehab work. (I live in PA and Worked in NJ during the week, so I usually went home on Friday after work). As I walked into the Utility Room to get some tools, I smelled it! God it was awful! FInally I looked behind my washer and there it was, in the trap. Man he was BIG! I picked it up by the tail and looked at it. God they are ugly!!! Needless to say, I threw it outside in the trash can wrapped in plastic grocery bags.
    I never had another one, thank God! But I have had mice that would come in as soon as it turned cold. Them I wasn’t freaked out over. It actually almost became a sport in catching the little buggers. I’d set glue traps and check them daily. When I’d find them, I was like the hunter admiring it’s kill! How insane is that! My best friend who happened to live next door thinks I’m a nut because I’d get such pride in catching them. One time I grabbed one by the tail as it was running across my kitchen floor in PA, while my cat sat there and watched! I should have fired him right there and then; and I told him so! HaHa!
    Ahhh, the things you do to humor yourself!
    Anyway, good luck with the hunt! Hope you catch all the gross bastards! HAHA!

  3. I have had rats in the past. Sometimes they migrate from someone else’s house, or other habitat (I’ve seen lots of vegetation around your house in Cali, in pictures). They love pet food, so I keep mine in a metal trash can with a tight fitting lid (they chewed through the first can, which was plastic). Also, they are smart, and when they see what happens to the ones who try the traps, they don’t try those anymore. Other than keep food and water inaccessible to them, I don’t know what to advise you. Perhaps another reader will have better advice, to solve your problem permanently.

  4. Duke knows how much you love him no need for guilt there. So sorry about the rat problem. They freak me out too. Sure hope the exterminator fixes this quickly. Now back to voting!!!! xo

  5. I live in the country where field mice infestations are a regular issue. Once your guests are gone hire a service. I have had zero problems with mice termites and carpenter bees since I did this. Their chemicals are so diluted they are pet safe. My 2 dogs are fine.

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