Who cares that Mama June lost “two people” in weight, she still has dated sex offenders TLC. Why give her another show???

What gives TLC.

I mean seriously.  What crack are the executives smoking over there.  I don’t give a rats ass that Mama June lost two entire people due to her stomach stapling procedure.  Big deal, this doesn’t take away the FACT that she had a man in her home with her daughters who was a known sex offender and child molester.

I’m a TV show concept creator.  I have had producers pitch my original factual television shows TO YOU.  And you mean to tell me that giving a woman who has a history of dating KNOWN SEX OFFENDERS is a better way to spend your money???  WTAF TLC???

Actually let me rephrase this; not only has she dated them, but you, TLC know that one of her daughters has even accused one of these men of molesting her.  You canceled her first show right after this, did you not?

But what, a couple of years have gone by, and you think we’ve forgotten?  You think we’ve forgotten this about her in the same way that you hope we’ve forgotten that Kate Gosselin is actually crazy pants.  I mean, no mother, I don’t give a damn if you have one, or twenty kids, should speak to her children the way that woman does in private, never mind in public, on national television, with your encouragement via the money you’re paying her.

You used to be an informative, fun, family viewing channel TLC, now you’re a place where people who want to go and watch hypocrites in action, don’t even get me started on that mess of a family the Duggars.  You’re providing hours and hours of television that highlights, and showcases all the things that are wrong with our society.  Small children being paraded around by parents for their “beauty” with their spray tans, they’re “flipper” teeth, who have the desire to just be regular little kids, but cannot be because their parents are obsessed with exploiting them.

Why?  Why TLC?  Where did it all go wrong for you?  Who took over your development and put you in this black hole of smut television?  Where have the days of your channels mandate:  “A place for learning minds” that you were founded on, disappear to?  I get it, without eyeballs on the screen there’s no channel.  You need to have people watching so you can make money to produce content to sell advertising to make money to produce content, and on, and on, and on, the circle goes.

But this content TLC?  Really?  Really???  The Mama Junes of the world, and the Josh Duggars of the world are the best you got?

Listen, if you want to turn your channel around, get eyeballs on the screen while entertaining people with people who don’t have a habit of dating sex offenders, or being sex offenders themselves, call me, I have a whole whack of factual television that I created specifically for you, to help save your image.




  1. I just had to comment: thank you. We have not had “TV” in our home for over 10 years now, but have Netflix and will watch YouTube. None of our 3 kids (all adult) have TV connections either. We select carefully what/when we watch, and our grandchildren have good parents who monitor (control??) what they are exposed to. I’m not savvy enough to figure our “streaming” yet, but I choose to choose. I hear enough from other sources, what trash is offered, and I say, “Thank you, NO!”

  2. Wow, I’m glad I finally found the energy to read this post, Shantelle!
    (Mortality and all the frailties with it come with it suck!)
    You’re right on the money; TLC is a shadow of its former self. But as they say, sex sells – and so does human suffering and weakness, apparently.
    Here’s hoping they see the light, but I wouldn’t bet on it…

  3. Boy, I could have written this post. (Well, except the part about developing TV shows.)

    I’m sooooo glad to hear you say that you don’t give a rat’s ass about Mama June. I have one question, WHO DOES CARE ABOUT THESE PEOPLE? How can anyone enjoy watching a show about a majorly dysfunctional mother, grandmother, and children who clearly have issues with food in addition to horrible parenting skills? If someone molested my daughter, his ass would be in jail, but Mama June didn’t apparently see it that way. hmmmm

    I don’t know how networks make the decision about their programming, but it has to be pretty screwed up. How, in the name of all that’s holy, could a network called The Learning Channel, pick up that ghastly show about Honey Boo Boo and then pay for Mama June’s make over and televise that?

    I remember the days of Connections, The Day the Universe Changed, and Testament, to name a few. Why don’t they broadcast those kind of shows any more? All I watch is “Who Do You Think You Are?” and the rest is just crap.

  4. Just a quiet observation: could there be a reason for her original overweight? In my personal experience you don’t get that big unless A: you have a serious problem with your thyroid-system, B: have some underlying psychological problems, the symptoms of which you ease by eating. We don’t know what her childhood was like, if she was molested, and damaged, and therefore has had problems chosing the right people to let into her life. How many women go from one abusive relationship to the next? How many women are psychologically beaten within an inch of themselves, either breaking totally or finally snapping out of it?

    That being said: I just cannot stomach the whole ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ craze – luckily it seems to be staying on your side of the Pond. This objectification of children is just plain disgusting, and the amounts of money spent on dresses, make-up, coaches, etc. boggles the mind. Because let’s face it: not all these people seem to have the financial wherewithall to uphold a normal life, let alone one schlepping their kid from pageant to pageant. I usually change channels right quick…..

  5. I think TLC lost its vision long ago. And celebrity gossip may be fun for some people,, it doesn’t interest me. That being said, her relationship with a sex offender was completely ignored by that network, and her weight-loss is the focus, now? Ludicrous.
    About your earlier post, I agree that parents’ unconditional love for their children is essential. But parenting is a job, and the work is in raising healthy, confident, responsible and happy adults. We are careful to keep our children from touching a hot stove, to protect them, how can we then support them when they’re moving in a dangerous direction? And no responsible, loving parent would celebrate dangerous behavior, with smiley faces.
    I’m not a prude, at all. But these young people are not emotionally equipped to wander through the sexually-charged minefield that is social media. We’re supposed to be their guides.

  6. I know longer watch TLC at all due to the type of people they glorify and pay to display their bad behaviour. Would love it if they would give people like you a chance!

  7. Unfortunately, trashy TV shows, like doom and gloom news shows, sell and apparently, in a BIG way. However, I haven’t had cable in a very long time (decades?), so I’m pretty much unaware of what’s currently on cable. I was watching broadcast TV, and I thought the best channel there was PBS. Although, I must say I’m thankful to COZI TV for introducing me to Murdoch Mysteries! Now I finally got Wi-Fi, and watch Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Acorn TV(all 3 have MM, but Netflix is limited to season 8 or 9, I think). I have always been a big movie fan, especially the classics, but lately I find I am addicted to documentaries, REAL reality TV. I am only sad that there are not more high quality Canadian shows (I put MM up in the Top 10 greatest shows of all time, on par with Star Trek!!) available to people in the US.
    So I guess I’ve strayed from topic yet again!

  8. Because reality TV is for people who enjoy watching a train wreck. Psychologically, I think people use it to feel superior to the people they see on reality TV. “At least I’m not THAT bad.” You’re smart to keep your family out of it. It puts people in impossible situations and encourages bad behavior for the sake of “good TV”. I quit watching TV 4 years ago and exclusively stream from online services now. No commercials (car commercials are the worst) or people yelling at each other on talk shows, no stupid talking heads. Just shows I like when I have the time. That’s how I found Murdoch 😉

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