Can’t we just let Barack and Michelle stay on leading the United States of America?

I think it is fair to say that most everybody is sick to death of the Donald VS Hilary hourly play by play. I also think that it is fair to say, that although Hilary is way more qualified to become the next President of the United States, it is obvious that the woman has an incredibly dark past. She too is not scandal free, what with the emails, the degrading attacks made against the women her husband either had consensual sexual relations with, or groped in the same fashion as Trump admitted to having done himself. She doesn’t exactly come off as smelling like roses either, in my opinion.

Trump is a misogynistic, sexist, racist, bully of a human being, who should not ever be allowed to even step foot on the public stage with a microphone in hand, never mind be being considered for the role of President of the U.S.A. I honestly do not understand how we got here. How is this even a thing that he’s being not only considered for the job, but has millions and millions of people in his corner, and not just other sexist, racist men, but women too are ready to put an X beside his name come November 8th? WTAF is going on America?

Our youngest daughter is American born and is twenty, which means this is her first election that finds her eligible to cast her ballot. She is horrified. She is conflicted, and to be honest, she is pissed off. She wishes there were better candidates for the role. She wishes Bernie Sanders was the one they Democrats pushed to the forefront of the race. She wishes, as do I, that Michelle Obama had made a run for the job. She also wants to know why America can’t just be like us. Not sure if you all know this about us, but up here in Canada you don’t have to leave after eight years. There is no maximum for a person to be our Prime Minister. She wants this to also be the case in her other homeland, and wishes they could let Barack Obama stay in the White House for another four years. I’m with her. I have the same question for our neighbors to the South. Why, in a time when you’re faced with two candidates, neither any better than the other. Both with sketchy histories. One lying to the people, the other also lying to the people, albeit in a different fashion, but the outcome is the same, no? It is still lying. And then there is the fact that Hilary spoke so disrespectfully about the women who had done her dirt, Trump also spoke disrespectfully about women, his in a sexual predatory way, hers in a bullying, threatening character assassination fashion (thanks Taylor Swift for that expression, I’ll never tire of using it).

I don’t know, I just don’t know the American people are going to pick in the end. Neither an ideal fit for such an important job. Neither seem as though they can fully be trusted to keep the American people’s best interests at heart. I get that Hilary has served, and been involved in what it takes to run the country for more than 30 years, experience is not only a benefit when leading a country, it is a necessity. Trump has done none of this. And even though he hollers about running successful businesses, some say he actually hasn’t done that fine a job at it. And personally I don’t really think that the U.S is in any shape to have a guy in there with a self inflated, and self proclaimed, track record. The U.S needs a leader who knows how to deal with other leaders, a leader who recognizes that sometimes you need to play nice with the enemy until you can figure out their weaknesses and then make your move. Not a man who believes that you can bully through the door and demand them to “behave or else.” That sort of leadership leads to World Wars, and I don’t believe anybody wants that.

So, it is with a sad heart that I count down the days until we know who will replace the elegant, stoic, level headed current POTUS and FOTUS. But I will tell you all, between now and then I will join our youngest daughter in continuing to ask the question; “why can’t Barack and Michelle Obama just continue on leading, as they have been doing brilliantly for the last 7.5years? Can’t they just make an exception to the rule?” Hilary said it herself last night, “When I become President I will have this thing called VETO power.” If she’s going to have it, doesn’t that mean that Barack already has it?? Is his VETO power strong enough that he can VETO the shit right out of this entire nightmare, and declare that he will stay in office for another four years??

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…

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