So Canada wants to allow more Chinese Immigrants, but also wants to add a foreign home buyer tax???

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.


This is a thing. Wow.


I am not a politician. Which I’m sure if you’ve been hanging out with me since the get go, you have deduced that by now. Even though I have zero interest in entering that shit show of an occupation, it still fascinates me. I often wonder, does the right hand know what the left one is doing when it comes to politics? Does it?

On August 10th, our news outlets reported that our Canadian government wants to “double Visa offices in China to attract more high-skilled workers.”


Depending on what particular “high skilled workers” we’re looking for, this is a good idea, we have a huge shortage of doctors, for a start.

Yet something about this disturbs me, just doesn’t sit right. Here are my main concerns for these potential new Canadians. In the past, we’ve done the same to other countries, lured their architects, engineers, doctors, only to slam the doors on them once they arrived. Their licences were not “recognized here” in many cases, so now a lot of these people I’ve met, drive cabs, or perform some other job that is not at all in the field that they were educated in back home. My very real fear is that we’re going to repeat this same mistake. And now, now I have a newfound fear/worry for my potential country men/women…are these high skilled workers, who will be applying from China also being made aware of the extra tax they will be paying, should they choose to ever purchase a home here? Do you know if this little tidbit of information is being made readily available to them BEFORE they land here??? I would certainly hope so. Because, I mean, if it’s not made common public knowledge, then that is some super shady, shitty, business that my country would be pulling. Wouldn’t it be? I’d really love to know how this is being handled. Because from the outside looking in, it could almost come across as if they’re luring high earning people here, just to hit with foreign buyers home taxes, AND to add to their 53.5% income tax bracket to fatten their tax coffers.


But our government would never do that.

The timing of all of this is really just coincidental, there is no way at all that a government would be so calculated. Nah, it’s totally a coincidence, these happen all the time in politics. Besides, as long as these new Canadians don’t settle in Vancouver, they’ll be totally fine. The 15% foreign home buyers tax won’t ever jump provincial borders.

Cuz if it did, that could be perceived as a set up, and that would be crazy, right?

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