How can this woman write her own hubby’s dating profile, while she’s dying???

Today I read a most fascinating piece via The New York Times online.  It totally made me go “hmmm” in fact I’m still puzzled by the content, and attitude of the writer, even now.  Many hours later.  The piece was titled; YOU MAY WANT TO MARRY MY HUSBAND.

Excuse me.

Come again.

Say what???  The author of the article is a writer, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, she writes children’s books and has weeks, maybe even mere days to live.  She is dying from ovarian cancer.  She has been married to the love of her life for twenty six years.  TWENTY SIX YEARS.  That’s incredible.  It is beautiful.  It is rare.  But, she’s not going to be on this earth for much longer, and she doesn’t want her husband to be alone.  She wants him to remarry.

No.  No.  No.

I’m sorry, I’ve already told Yannick in no uncertain terms that he is never to marry should I die before him.  I’ve also made it incredibly clear to him that I would haunt the shit out of his life, and future second wife if he thought he could get away with it once I was dead, and burnt to ashes.  You see I’m a jealous woman, which is why you’ll never hear of me having a threesome with my man.  Many women do that, I have a couple of friends who are all for it.  But me?


HELL NO!!  My man, my lover, his bits belong to moi.  I do not share.  I won’t even share my coca cola, if you think I’m sharing my man in life or death, you have another think coming.  I am a petty bitch, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  If it’s not me, it has to be nobody, that’s just the deal I’ve made him make with me.  Even our daughters have told him that they would never be nice to a second wife, so poor Yannick, he best be praying I live forever, or he will be a lonely, lonely man.

But this Amy, she’s an angel from heaven, she wants the exact opposite for her beloved.  She wants him to find another love, she doesn’t want him to be alone, she wants somebody else to bring him comfort, and enjoy him the way she has.  And to that my friends I say; “BRAVO YOU EVOLVED INCREDIBLE REMARKABLE WOMAN!!”

I absolutely admire her attitude toward, not only her imminent death, but the fact that she won’t see her children marry, she’ll never hold grand-kids, and she seems to have made peace with all of it.  And although the above mentioned are painful moments in the lives of our children that would be heartbreaking to miss, the thing I find most admirable about her, is her selfless heart, toward not only wishing love for her husband, but literally writing his dating profile to ensure he gets exactly that.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal I’ve never met you, but I wish I had, you have much to teach a selfish, jealous woman like me.  May your pure heart, spirit, and kindness live on in your kids, and all the joy you’ve brought to children through your writing be passed down the line of many generations to come.  I wish you go in peace, and rest in the knowing that although your husband may find another wife, he will surely never find another you.

With respect,


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  1. I saw a movie on that very subject during the holidays. At first I was shocked, how can anyone do this, not possible. But as I kept watching it seem to make perfect sense somehow, the husband wanting to screen potential husbands and future father to his children. It would take an amazing selfless kind of person to be objective, Hmmm

  2. I was married for 40 years to my 58 year old wife, Karen. She knew she was dying and told me that she wanted me to find someone and to be happy. No one will ever replace Karen, but I am happily married again.

  3. I too am planning for death and want my husband to have someone to share his life when i’m gone. i’m nearly 20 yrs. older than you and I think that perhaps when older you will be more generous w/ your wishes for your husband. I don’t think I could have been as anxious for my husband to find someone else years ago. I hope that your girls who love their father would not want him to be alone and lonely and would be kind to someone if anything should happen to you.

    it’s not easy to die but we want those we love to live a life of joy when we’re gone. I hope you’ll live a very long life.


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