How can you be prepared to defend yourself when promises you can’t keep are made without your knowledge, and you have no choice but to break them??

Thank you to everybody for your prayers, well wishes and kind words for our sweet boy Kohl.  I’m upset about his diagnosis but not without faith that we caught it in time, and I’m confident he is strong and healthy enough to get a clean bill of health and live a long, healthy life.  Thank you also to “annoymus” for sending me the link to boxers and cancer, unfortunately all it did was make me fall more in love with the breed because those dogs are all so good looking ; )  Anyway, I will definitely keep you posted on Kohl’s health, and am thankful for you keeping him, and all of us in your prayers.

Thanks also for your continued support with regards to the disgruntled, obnoxious fan.  It is expected that you’re going to get unhappy people, who come out the other side of “meeting” a person they idolize on television disappointed.  Most often people are in love with the character that an actor portrays, especially one so upstanding, pure and good like William Murdoch.  So it makes complete sense to me that people would meet Yannick and be left “wanting” because he might swear in their presence, or he’s just too 2016 for them to deal with.  This is all fine, this is understandable.  But to attack him, say he’s an “asshole/big shit” who doesn’t remember what it’s like to be “middle class” anymore, because you paid money to hear him speak but didn’t get your autograph, is just unacceptable behaviour.  Like honestly lady, WTAF.

We have uncovered exactly what happened, and why this woman is so irate, and should we want to know who this woman is the production company has all her information, thanks to her calling the very next morning after Yannick’s Brantford talk to lodge an official complaint via voicemail, fax and then “in person” on a call with staff at production.  Again, honestly, WTAF?  Who has that much time or energy.  I for one wish I had any time to take phone calls from anybody.  Aren’t phone calls a modern day luxury?  Maybe not for you, or this particular “ex-admirer” but for me they totally are!

Anyway carrying on.  Let me take you all on a journey with me to what happened that night at the Brantford Artist talk; first things first some background so you can all have perspective, and then maybe, just maybe, if she’s reading this she’ll feel like an outright fool for misplacing her rage onto Yannick in the first place.  Many, many months ago the guy who runs this series of chats with artists reached out to Yannick to ask him to participate in one of these evenings.  Yannick had done one for him once before with a high level of success.  The first appearance/talk Yannick participated in was more successful for a number of reasons;

1) it was a smaller group of, if memory serves me correctly 60-75 people

2)  there was no two part chat, with an intermission, he chatted for about one hour and then went on to take photos, sign shit, and chat with the people in attendance

3) the guy who organized it stayed through the entire thing helping to move the line along.  But not this time, this time around he left half way through a meet greet that he promised/set up and left Yannick with ZERO help to manage the line of people who were told they would get their chance to meet him.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself, so let me dial it back so I don’t lose you.  You see unbeknownst to Yannick this organizer had a flight to catch to Montreal, so he could only stay at the event until 10pm.  What we also didn’t know is that it was promised, by the organizer/moderator that there would be a meet and greet with everybody who attended after the talk.

Really buddy?  A MEET AND GREET 250 PEOPLE ON A SUNDAY NIGHT WHEN THE MAN NEEDS TO GET UP AT 5:30AM WITH A TWO HOUR DRIVE AHEAD OF HIM?  Am I yelling??  Yes I am yelling, because honestly WTAF was this guy thinking?  We have a best friend, Rick Springfield, as you all know who is a rock star, he does meet and greets every single concert he does.  But you know what else Rick does at his meet and greets?  He has a couple of “handlers” who assist with moving the line along, ensuring that every single person, which is usually only about 20 people, because 20 is a manageable fucking number for one person to stand, take photos with and sign stuff after they’ve performed for you for 90 minutes.  You know what isn’t manageable?  TWO HUNDRED AND FUCKING FIFTY.

I must ask the question once again…WTAF was going through this guys head?  He set Yannick up for absolute failure, embarrassment and made him come off, to at least one person for sure as a giant dick.  Well I have news for you, Yannick isn’t the giant dick.  Had Yannick and I known that the EVENT ORGANIZER was planning a meet and greet for 250 people we would have brought a “team” with us to manage it.  Shit, had I known that the organizer, once we got there and he sprung the fact that he planned to have the ENTIRE audience meet and greet, didn’t have any security, handlers, or a plan to stay for the entire meet and greet himself, I would have gone into the lobby to help my husband.  But why would I think this guy, who PROMISED this to the ticket holders hadn’t done his job to set it up for success?  I mean if somebody plans something and promises it to people who have paid a lot of money to get what they’re paying for, don’t you think it’s good business to ensure they walk out with their promises fulfilled and their heart happy?

I mean I’m not giving this bitter, greedy woman a pass on her bullshit behaviour in any way, but what I am doing is calling out the organizer for being so bad at his job, and for allowing the fallout of disappointed people to fall squarely on Yannick’s shoulders while he jetted off to Montreal for some convention that he was attending.  The worst part of all of this is that my husband turned this guy down more times than I can count to do this talk.  He turned him down not because he doesn’t love all of you, or that he’s not grateful for your support, or that he didn’t want to share himself in that way with the fans, he turned the guy down because he’d already done this for him years ago, and knowing it was during while he was shooting Murdoch didn’t think it could end well for him.  And now look at this, it didn’t really turn out that great.  Not just because of the one person who loudly aired her grievance about how the night went, but for all of you who didn’t get what you were promised that night.  Who also might not have driven to Brantford, spent the money, or taken the time to go listen to Yannick talk without getting the chance at what you were promised.  The opportunity to meet him.  To have your photo with him.

For that both Yannick and I are extremely sorry.  For that we truly wish we had had all the information before us so that we could have brought our “team” who knows exactly how to make sure these sort of events go successfully.  Had we known that it was going to be a colossal unorganized shit show BEFOREHAND we would have never let the guy take an “intermission!!”  What the hell was that all about anyway??

Going forward we will ask more questions of outside groups pulling these sort of evenings together, so that nobody leaves upset, or feeling as though they got ripped off by a “star” who has forgotten about the “middle class.”  And who knows maybe one day we’ll be able to pull one of these together, but a professional evening for you all to attend with a real meet and greet where everybody does get their opportunity to chat with Yannick.

One thing I do know absolutely for certain is this organizer guy who is calling my husband’s “people” to set up the next event…buddy you’re dreaming. You will never get Yannick to another one of your events for as long as you live.  Unless of course you take public responsibility for leaving my husband with egg on his face from your last poorly executed event.  Or maybe, just maybe every single person who was still in line when Yannick had to leave should demand their money back from the organizer so he’ll think twice about setting his evenings up for failure?

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…





  1. This is even further “I can’t believe what I’m reading”!

    Now my memory could be serving me wrong, but I was not expecting a meet and greet as I don’t recall it being listed on the event page. I don’t know if that information was given out to people who called about the event for more information or something, or if it slipped my mind, though I do remember it coming as a surprise at the event when the organizer said it.
    Given that the event was listed as going to be taking place in one area of the venue and then it happened in another, immediately told me less guests were anticipated, as well.
    I wonder if this whole thing is a case of “well I didn’t think it would be this many, but if that many are interested, why not?” and it all trickled into insanity from there (demand driving things instead of order, in a way; thus the meet and greet as well).

    And goodness, an official complaint? To that degree?!

    As my best friend would say: *SMH*
    Shakin’ my head to all this!

  2. HMMMMMMM!!!!!!! Not good enough mr. ‘organiser’! Who in their right mind organises an event, if they can’t stay the whole time through? At the very least, if you have to be somewhere else, make sure you have a second in command present. Because if you don’t, you’ll find that the audience will become irate, and the ‘star’ will let word fly, and you won’t get them or their friends again…..

    That being said: If you as an audience-member find something lacking, you contact the organiser, and NO BODY ELSE!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend – and lots af woofie-love to Kohl.

  3. Wow! What a JACKASS!!! He left him high and dry! That bastard!! That guy set Yannick up for disaster from the get go! Shit if I was there, we’d have started to corral those people to move it along! (I can’t help but take charge when I see a mess before me!) But, just doing the math, there is no way on God’s green earth he could have spent any significant time with any of them and be able to see everyone! He’d have been there for 8+ hours!!!!!! And that’s at 2 minutes a person!!!!! What the hell????? I’m sorry, that guy high-tailed it out of there because he KNEW he f#%ked up! What a DICK! Actually, they were the first words that ran through my head when I was done reading it.

    I hope that woman (or man if he’s pretending to be a woman) reads all of your posts and the comments that have followed to know that SHE/HE F#%KED up royally!!! I’m sure whomever this person is, didn’t think past they’re own want out of that night and not looking at the whole picture, story, honesty and not having anyone help him with the meet and greet! How F#%ING SELFISH! Then to turn it around on Yannick and say/imply he’s a bad Father????? What a douche!

  4. Thank you for this explanation. I was there that night, and yes I was one of the people who stood in line and did not get to meet with Yannick. Neither then nor now do I feel that I was “owed” a personal meeting with Yannick. In fact when I bought the ticket, I did not know there would be a “Meet and Greet”. This first I heard of it was at the end of the talk. And as soon as I heard it, I had a bad feeling. It just didn’t seem well organized, and now, from your blog, I realize just how bad it really was. My husband books gigs for small indie groups, and when I told him about this he called it what it is: blatantly unprofessional. You are right to refuse to deal with that organization again.
    If I may add a further comment about the organization of that evening, it seems the people in charge are blatant newbies at crowd control as well. The line up in the lobby was a joke, because they opened the doors and people immediately stampeded for the auditorium. I am surprised some of us didn’t get trampled. And yes, there were people with mobility issues who should have been accorded some assistance.
    As for the Yannick’s contribution, I felt it was a wonderful sharing of himself. We got more than we deserved, and I just want to say thank you. Some day maybe I will be able to say this in person. In the meantime I will just let you pass it on.

  5. OMG! I would certainly hope this guy apologizes for what happened to Yannick. Who does that? Leaving before the end, of course it got out of control, 250 fans. That woman still had no cause to do or say what she did, I have no doubt Yannick gave all he could in the time he had.
    I can hear the NO from here if the jerk asks again.

  6. I was there and really enjoyed the talk. I was also one of the people that didn’t get to ‘meet and greet’. Trust me, most of us did not blame Yannick for having to leave before seeing everyone. When we got in line, very near the end, we figured we’d be very lucky if we saw him. We also knew he would be filming the next day and were surprised he was doing the meet and greet in the first place. I don’t recall seeing anything about that in the description or on the ticket. There again I may just not have been looking.

  7. The talk was fabulous. No promises were broken. The tickets did not say “Meet and Greet” they said “Artists in Conversation” I travelled to hear Yannick speak, he kept his promise.

  8. first of all, you swear like a sailor, I can only imagine your frustration, but you swear like a sailor,

  9. What a series of unfortunate events, for the both of you. It was very unprofessional of the person in charge to abscond when he was really and truly needed, and it was entirely wrong to promise something that he had a) no intention of helping with and b) didn’t tell either of you two about in advance! Sadly, there is an upturn in folks feeling entitled to basically whatever they want (in this case, a meet and greet with a great actor to whom they relate in some way) There’s also an upturn in outrage when things don’t go as “planned” (though I know you didn’t have a plan because you weren’t told you’d need one). Anyone who has met either of you for two seconds would know that you wouldn’t leave anyone hanging without a good reason. In this case, I’d say you didn’t even leave anyone hanging – these were not promises that you made, and I’m sure (and can tell from your writing) that it was an upsetting position to be thrown into. Some folks just have far too much damn time on their hands and need to make their furor known whether it’s founded or not. I’d even suggest that it’s the only time that *they* get to be in the spotlight.

    Take care.

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