How can a government manage to pass laws about who people can/cannot love, but not who people can/cannot kill???

I find it absolutely fascinating that a government who can manage to repel a law put in place to ensure that somebody who is mentally unwell getting their hands on guns be more difficult was one of the very first things #45 and his cronies did.  Like it happened faster than fast, as did taking away insurance companies having to cover birth control for female employees.  It truly is remarkable how swiftly things can be passed by government when the people/corporations being served are the people/corporations who put money into the pockets of the people elected into office, by the people, for the people.

Talk about confusing.

Talk about getting that fucking swamp drained.  Insert eye roll here.

I’ve said this too many times to count over the past two plus years, ever since Trump made his intentions to run for the head of the Republican Party known.  The only good thing about all this vile hatred, evil, racism, and ugliness that he has riled up in a large number of the American people is this.  Change is coming.  Not only has he, and the GOP revealed all that is still wrong with the country by drawing these people out from under their rocks, but they’ve also done this:  “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”  Isoroku Yamamoto

The masses are all paying attention now.  Those who sat back in apathy, whether it was because of their wealth, the colour of their skin, (meaning white people) or their belief that all politicians are corrupt.  Whatever the reasoning, people are no longer standing in the shadows, waiting to see what happens in their country.  Never mind the vast number of citizens who will be coming of age to vote, and make their voices known, too many who have come of age under the weight of mass shootings being a “normal” part of life.  Mass shootings are not a normal part of life.  Nowhere else in the world is it so.  Next time there is an election you will see all the oppressed, all the people who have grown up on a steady stream of “now is not the time to politicize a tragedy” will make their voices heard.  I for one cannot wait for the day.  I cannot wait to see the looks on all their faces when the realization that the jig is up happens for so many senators, men and women elected by the American people to govern, when all they were really doing was lining their own pockets while making their corporate friends wealthy also.

It will never make sense why a government, who says laws don’t stop people from breaking them, so why implement them in the first place, continues to make so many laws.  They contradict themselves by doing so, for example the law they made where people can’t have a legal drink until they turn twenty-one, but they can buy an AR-15 long before they can have that drink.  Or how about this law, no more Kinder Surprise chocolate treats because one child choked on the small toy inside, but kids can “accidentally” take a gun to school in their backpack that “accidentally” goes off.  Another personal favorite is the law that you can no longer text and drive, because texting and driving kills, but so do people on the other end of a gun, yet the laws to protect people against that happening are getting looser.  The ultimate one for me though is how the GOP refuses women the right to chose whether or not they want to have a baby, or once they get pregnant whether or not they need to go through with the pregnancy, but, if somebody wants to take a gun and mow down dozens of people?  Well there isn’t a damn thing anybody can do about that.

Why don’t they spend less time writing laws telling people who they can/cannot love, and worry more about creating laws that will protect all the people that are already loved by somebody.

How about that for a change.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly!!! Why? I’ve been asking this question for a long time!

  2. Mrs. Bisson,
    I 100% agree with you that something needs to be done to keep mentally ill people from harming others. So let’s review a little history shall we? Prior to the mid/late 1960s in the US, it was fairly easy to involuntarily commit someone for psychiatric evaluation/care for a significant amount of time. There were many “state hospitals” where these patients were housed, treated and those who recovered were released. Some were absolute hell-holes where the developmentally disabled were consigned and abused by both staff and the truly violent patients (the ones who really belonged there in the first place). “Right thinking” people objected to the very concept of state hospitals and convinced legislatures to close them in favor of “community-based care”. In practice, this has resulted in a large percentage of the homeless population that exists and, due to restrictions on involuntary commitment statutes, many potentially violent seriously disturbed individuals being left free to do as they please in society. Hence, we get “monsters” like the mass shooters. We don’t have the ability to legally strip away someone’s right to purchase weapons if their mental health problems are not reported to authorities…law enforcement, schools, etc. So maybe instead of going for the largely symbolic act of banning so-called “assault weapons”, we should take a very serious look at changing how society is allowed to deal with mentally disturbed individuals. In reality, a school shooter could just as easily kill lots of people with a couple of revolvers and a pocket full of speed loaders. It isn’t the tool, it’s the intentions of the person wielding it. BTW, unless you support confiscation of existing “assault weapons” from their legal owners just how does a ban on new sales keep anyone from buying/stealing any of the hundreds of thousands already in private hands?

  3. Hope the momentum continues with plans in place for marches and walkouts, especially by students. In the past I would not have favored students leaving their desks or teachers leaving their job for protest, but this is too serious not to happen..the revolt must take place.

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