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I get that paying taxes is a necessary evil, but what can be done about how governments use our money??

I’ve been to Haiti and have witnessed first hand the utter devastation that the absence of both government, and tax collecting has on a country.  It isn’t pretty that’s for sure, but, even though I have seen that, I must say our Canadian government needs to hop off.  I have to ask the Toronto/Ontario/Canadian government […]

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Who else is excited on the days when their bra comes off, and stays off, by 4pm?

Lately I’ve been wondering if I’m turning into my mother, well, maybe that’s a stretch, how about I dial it back and say that I’ve been feeling like I’m turning into some of my girlfriends.  Not my girlfriends who are the same age as me, or even younger, but those who are now mid-late 50’s […]

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