Some tips on managing financial stress in your relationship from a woman has “been there, done that”!

Final catch up blog for this round of on-air segments.  Happy reading! As you can imagine, over the course of thirty years there are very few relationship issues that Yannick and I haven’t come up against in our marriage.  Some were small bumps in the road, and others were seemingly insurmountable mountains.  And yet, here […]

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If you want your house to run smoothly, delegate tasks to your family that they actually enjoy.

I truly feel like a broken record with my posts lately about relationships and parenting.  It seems to me that I say, at least once in every single segment and blog, that communication, open and honest dialogue, are the keys to a happy household.  I say it a lot, because after thirty years in, I […]

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Teaching our kids how to balance their social media use is one of the most important jobs for today’s parent.

If you’ve been reading me for any length of time you know exactly how I feel about social media.  You’re also aware of my own personal struggles of being able to protect myself while having to be on social media as part of being a public person with ambitions of becoming a published author.  Social […]

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