Because it’s Pride month, today’s WWYDW is about this goof in Tennessee and his ignorant sign.

Dare I get too cocky and fall into the false confidence that every single day will bring with it 10,029 words added to my book, I figure I’ll get today’s What Would You Do Wednesday out of the way and then get down to the business of adding to my first draft!

Since it is June, and not only does the month get kicked off with the celebration of my birth on the 1st, it also happens to be Pride Month.  And, with the celebration of people’s rights to be who they are and love who they love, there sadly comes with it many stories of abuse, intolerance toward our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community.  Which has got me thinking, if you saw a business that had a sign in their front window boldly stating: NO GAYS ALLOWED in the establishment would you:

a)  march in there ask to speak to the owner of, in this case, Amyx Hardware in Tennessee, where this sign has been boldly plastered since 2015, and try to have a conversation with them about opening their hearts, and ultimately their minds by sharing your thoughts on how love is love?

b)  go inside with guns blazing, offended for all the people on earth who aren’t “straight” and give them a piece of your more open, loving mind?

c)  head inside and support a place such as this because you too happen to think that people being in love with people of the same sex is sinful, and unnatural?

d)  do nothing, walk on by and act like you didn’t see the sign because at the end of the day this sort of narrow mindedness and bigotry doesn’t affect your life?

I appreciate that this is a little bit of a “hot potato” topic, but I’m really curious to see where you sit on this matter.  I mean, I’m fairly confident that those who truly agree with this backward bozo aren’t going to shout their support loud and proud all over this post, but if you do, I am interested in knowing your reasons why you think their is nothing wrong with a business owner behaving in this manner in the year 2018.




  1. I would stick to the following sequel under his pretty and cultured sign:
    „because I’m an asshole and I want to serve customers just like me.”

    I don’t think people can be persuaded only by sharing thoughts about accepting.
    I would prefer to have the owner meet a man he appreciates and would be grateful to be friends, and at the end of the day it will turn out that he’s gay.

    Honestly, I once had a similar experience, too. More years before, during my holiday in Vienna I have seen a sign in one of the shop windows: “Hungarians, do not steal!”
    Oh my goodness! It was incredible! I never hurt anyone, but I was ashamed, I’ve never felt such before.

    That was a total crazy feeling. I was feeling everybody knows that I am one of those Hungarians. It seemed strange, people was oncoming on the street with „I know very well who you are” look. I felt guilty because of others of my nation.
    It’s indescribable. I’ve just seen the mark on me like a scarlet letter.

    No one should suffer such a thing who didn’t harmed anyone.

  2. Hmm, I know you didn’t include it but I would choose option E – choose to give my custom to a similar shop who is not owned by biggots. I think your option d is a bit biased in itself, in that not choosing to engage face to face with someone who so clearly displays his ignorance and bigotery with such pride and brashness is not necessarily a sign of not caring but of acknowledgement that either you don’t feel up to have an argument on that day or that you realise that if that sign has been up for years and his mind hasn’t changed it will not change by me telling him my mind, but if enough people stop shopping there it will hurt him where he cares, his pocket.

  3. Good Lord! How do these people live with themselves?
    To answer your question, i would take a different track. I would happily put on my fiercest Pride t-shirt and go shopping. When told i couldn’t shop there i would let them know that i was NOT gay, just a practicing Christian following my Lord’s commandment to love others as i would love myself.
    I’m not an outrageous Bible thumper, just someone who believes that i never got a knock on my door one day to be told that God had died and i was His replacement.
    (Btw, i got into a little trouble with my trans brother for yelling at the dolts from Arkansas telling people outside Drag Con in LA that they were all going to Hell for their lifestyle.)

  4. I would do B. Since I am a gay woman, I am deeply offended that any asshole is so paranoid that we “rub off” on them, that I’d have to say something. Actually, I cannot say nothing! Sure I’d probably get shit from them but, what the hell! I’d start out with “are you kidding me with this sign?”, then go from there. I’d like to say that they are probably on the down low but that would more than likely get me killed or beaten to a pulp! I don’t take this kind of “fear”, lightly. These people are afraid of LGBT people. It’s the unknown that frightens people. In most cases, they have themselves had feelings for someone of their sex and cannot deal with it OR they are so self righteous (like the crusaders) that they feel that they are doing GOD a service by acting this way.
    Like I said in my last comment, #45 has opened the Pandora’s Box of hatred & negativity for anyone who is not straight, white, male and speaks American English. God forbid you have an accent!
    I hate people like this! I cannot help it, they disgust me!

  5. Hi Shantelle💚 This one is really really a Hot potato for me. I think about how I was raised and gay was just a word a happy one. I was raised in the 1960 and people never spoke of such things. I would hear stories of men and men and women and women and how bad wrong it was to be in this kind of relation. I have learned that my feelings have changed in growing up and learning that it doesn’t matter who you fall in love with as long as you love with your heart. So, I would have to choose(B) I would definitely not try to talk to this person, he has already made his mind up. I don’t know if I would just walk by and not say thing I do say things that get me into trouble sometimes. I think that people are just people trying to get along in this crazy world. I Beleive that all you need is LOVE Kindness and compassion and learn that we are all one. Shantelle❤ I have learned in my 68 years that love is in everyone and it doesn’t matter who the love. 💚💚💚💚

  6. A. Which would probably get my ass in all kinds of trouble, but I would have to say my piece. Since being a Christian or just a loving person how could you not say something about this unloving gesture. I don’t understand people who do this sort of thing since I was not raised this way. Dad and Mom always said judge a person by their heart not their color, creed, nationality. What’s in a persons heart is more important than anything else and it will tell you what and who a person is. So yup I would go in and try to talk to the owner/manger.

  7. Why has he been allowed to discriminate since 2015? Aside from the overtly effeminate how would he know? I’d like to think I would do a or b. Definitely not c. But most likely the last one. I find confrontation and arguments hard.

  8. I might go in and tell them I cannot patronize their establishment on behalf of the people they will not serve. I wouldn’t be mean about it, just let them know they are losing business. I don’t for a moment think it would change their mind, they might even be pleased. Yet it might make them think that there are a lot of reasonable people who disagree. But the Bible Belt is very entrenched in this mindset so it’s likely pointless. It’s our duty to stop the hatred and ignorance by not passing it on to future generations, so if I had kids in the car, it would be a teachable moment (I wouldn’t take them inside with me…)

  9. Well as someone who doesn’t tend to go the boldly confrontational route for multiple reason, I will once again go with the unseen “E)”: React with a disbelieving/disgusted expression and, if I had been headed there to buy something, certainly change my mind and probably post about it; boycott mentality.

    Probably wouldn’t do too much, but, there ya’ go.

  10. I choose ‘d’ but add …’then proceed to write a Yelp, Google, etc. review letting others know of this policy.’ Unfortunately the current administration has emboldened the hate filled to come out of the dark and open their mouths. Hate will probably always exist but hopefully, if we all work together, it will be weakened and returned to the manure pile wheee it belongs. Now, get back to work I want to read your book…. (please and thank you).

  11. I believe I would start with “B” … but quickly escalate to “A”, no matter how hard I try to keep a good frame of mind. I don’t know that I’d be able to keep my anger at bay for very long. Just being honest.

    Kudos to all who could keep things civil!

  12. There is everything wrong with it. Might as well say “No n****rs” or “No Jews,” both of which have been seen in the past. I would simply refuse to buy from him, as you cannot have a meaningful dialogue with people like that. And maybe come back with some other signs to plaster on the business later. Takes time to make posters on adhesive paper after all…😉
    John W. Harris
    No problem with knowing my name from this end.

  13. I would like to think I would choose option A but realistically it would be B. It is a touchy subject for me as I have too many family and friends that have been very hurt by people like him.

  14. I know this doesn’t actually answer your question, but I wonder if we would be better off knowing how people feel about these issues. Would you really want the bigoted cake baker from Colorado to make your wedding cake if you knew he despised/disapproved of your gay marriage? I guess I’d prefer to take my business where it was appreciated and not give one penny to a bigot!

    Regarding WWYD–I’d probably save my breath on the guy since he’s not likely to change, but I’d make sure friends and family didn’t patronize the business!

  15. I don’t know if my talking to a person like this would do any good but I certainly would not shop at his store and I would encourage others to do the same and say why!

  16. I would Not try to have a conversation with the owner. the fact that the sign has been up there since 2015 tells me that the owner would not care what I think. I Would go in (Not sure if I am brave enough to go in ‘gun’s blazing’ ) But I would go in and tell them that they would never see a penny of my business or the business of anyone I talk to, because of their ignorant, hateful, hurtful stand on the LGBT community. Thanks for Sharing the Name!

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