Ariana Grande is the epitome of “though she be but little, she is fierce!”

My brain is basically a giant puddle of mush today.  I’m struggling to do anything of any importance or significance with my life, in fact I have all these piles of things that I need to do and I am literally moving the piles from here to there.  Not organizing any of them, just moving them around.  I’m amazed that I managed to get out of bed, it took me three tries to get it right, beginning with YB’s alarm at 5:30am.  My energy is in the toilet, and I have no idea why.  I’m going to jump to the conclusion that it has more to do with processing what I experienced in Haiti than any real ailment.  It might also have a little something to do with the fact that for some reason, only known to Mother Nature, the sun refuses to shine here in Toronto, and the temperature appears to have zero intention of getting up above 16 degrees for more than one day in a row.  I’m even struggling with stringing words together for this post.  I keep glancing over at Duke sleeping contently on the couch in my writing room.  I wish I was a dog right now.  Nobody cares if they don’t do anything other than lay around all day long.  They’ve got it made.

Anyway I’m allowing myself a get out of jail free card today with regards to marking off any of the boxes on my, still way too long, “to do list.”

How fucking strong, brave, bold, and fierce is Ariana Grande?!?

I’m not sure what you got up to yesterday, or if you had time to watch the One Love Manchester benefit concert yesterday.  I sadly did not, due to a baby shower that I had committed to, followed by my own birthday dinner celebration.  I’m also hopeless with technology, with no urgent desire to get on top of figuring out things like my Apple music, or how to PVR shows; which means I missed out on recording it so that I could watch it later.  Thank God for social media, because even though I didn’t see it, I feel like I did, and what I’ve caught online is beautiful, heartwarming, and wonderful.

I am not an Ariana Grande fan.  I, personally don’t like the style of her singing.  I won’t deny that she has quite the voice.  Her range is impressive, and her tone is pure perfection.  I just can’t get past the style of how she sings, and her wardrobe choices.  Many have said that she’s like a baby Mariah Carey, and I would say, she’s close as far as range, but for me she just isn’t.  Then there was the whole business about her licking a doughnut and announcing that she hates America.  Having that video footage played back time and time again, was not a highlight for her I’m sure.  I’m confident her mother probably called her and gave her quite a talking to after she saw that on the news.  I’m sure neither of them were proud of that moment in time, or her choice to behave that way.

Life is a series of choices, some of ours are good, and others not so much.  And in fairness to her, like Justin Bieber peeing in a mop bucket, she was younger then, and we all make dumb choices when we’re young.

But, after the terrorist attack in Manchester that happened at the end of her concert, I have to say I for one am incredibly proud of her.  Her strength of character, and her obvious personal growth.  It would have been so easy for her to simply cash the money from the concert where 22 people lost their lives, and tell the world that she was too traumatized by what happened to ever step foot there ever again.  But she didn’t.  Instead she stood her ground in the face of terrorism and took to an even bigger stage two short weeks later to give back to the families who lost something that can never be replaced.  It is admirable, and not something I think I would have the courage to do.  Even with the threat that there was to be another attack, not only did artists who could have turned their backs, deeming the entire thing far too risky, and unsafe for THEM, perform but they helped to raise more than 12 million dollars to aid Manchester.   Bravo Ariana.  You’re braver than I thought, and more sensitive and caring than the media has ever led me to believe that you are.

I truly hope and pray, as a mother to three women in their 20’s that Ariana will find peace within herself, and that she will carry no guilt over the people who lost their lives that night.  May the good that her benefit did put her soul at ease, and remind her that the terrorist attack had nothing to do with her, and everything to do with sick, twisted men filled with evil.


  1. Take a time out and re find your focus. There has been a lot to process over the last couple of weeks and you need to just take time. We all have days and weeks where we are like this so give yourself a break and try and relax. Sending much love from the UK xx

  2. Seeing as you admitted to your brain being mush, do read again your sentence about Ariana “being too traumatized … ever step foot in London again.” You either mean Manchester or England. Okay? Anyway, you are simply feeling the after effects of a shock – culture shock at being in Haiti. You’re probably trying to process how in leaving, there is some guilt at looking at your life here in Canada and knowing the lives of the Haitians (and all the millions of others in the 3rd world countries) are not going to ever be like yours. It’s a shocking truth. But feel good knowing your awareness now is making you & Yannick even more determined to continue to be supportive in any way you can. At least that makes a difference in your lives and also in those receiving the education so needed in Haiti. Again, this does not need to be posted, Shantelle. Give yourself some time to readjust. It’s not like walking from one room to another in your house – it will take time. Okay? Hugs.

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