Are birthdays a big deal for you? What would you do if you fell in love with somebody who thought nothing of them???

Is anybody else like me when it comes to birthdays???

I’m the sort of person that has a countdown for my own.  I have every single person who I love, cherish, and honor on a paper calendar.  I have alarms set in my phones to remind that they’re coming up.

I am OBSESSED with birthdays and I think they are a big deal.  I believe in them being celebrated every single time they come around.

I am however married to somebody who isn’t built exactly that way.  So we often find ourselves in a predicament, that I’m getting more and more comfortable with as the years roll on.  Which is I make a bigger deal about them than he does.  As time has passed I’ve come to terms with the knowing that just because he’s not as outwardly focused on them, doesn’t mean he loves me less than I love him.  The energy that a partner, does or doesn’t put into celebrating your birthday the way you would like them to isn’t a sign of bigger trouble…or is it???

Things that make me go hmmm…

So my friends, today’s What Would You Do Wednesday is all about making choices.  If you were dating somebody who didn’t think something like a birthday was a big deal, maybe even to the point of not even getting you a card let alone a gift would you:

a)  continue dating them anyway, your birthday only comes along once a year and what matters most is how they treat you the other 364 days of the year?

b)  share with them how important your birthday is to you and ask that they celebrate it the way that makes your toes curl, it is after all YOUR ONE day of the year?

c)  not date them anymore?

d)  do nothing, since birthdays aren’t a big deal to you either???

I’m so curious to hear your answers on this one, because I’m WAYYYYY OVER ON THE EXTREME of birthdays.  To me birthdays are a serious business.  Don’t believe me, just ask Yanny Bissony, today’s birthday boy!

Catch up with you tomorrow!!


  1. A. I love celebrating birthdays. My husband, celebrates nothing. Not birthdays, hates all holidays especially Christmas.

  2. Mrs. Bisson,
    First, happy birthday wishes to Mr. Bisson! I’m in the reverse of your situation…I love celebrating birthdays and my wife (of 25 years) could care less…or so she says. She does always remember to get me a card for mine while I try to surprise her with something “special” for hers every year. I haven’t tried forgetting hers or just doing the Bday card thing…best not to test her so-called “it’s not important” stance…LOL! We’ve settled into that pattern now…and it seems to work for us. Whether or not someone makes a big deal of birthdays would be pretty far down my potential relationship list…but then again, I’m a guy so go figure…LOL!!!

  3. My birthdays have become less important to me for my own although milestones show be extravagant, Like 75 coming up in a few years. but I always have and still enjoy celebrating others’. I do feel it is important to at least acknowledge it is a special day, My brother-in-law has missed my sisters for the last 25 years. It’s a good thing they are not that important to her, As to WWYDW If I were dating, I would let him know the importance to me (don’t think I would need to have my toes curled,) but I would want some fuss.

  4. If the man treats me like a queen all the time, I’m okay with not having a big deal made of my birthday. The simple fact is, men like that are hard to find.

    In all honesty, I’d be thrilled with one man making a big deal of my birthday just once, at least. I’ll be 52 tomorrow and I know there’s no chance it’ll happen this year, thus I hold out hope for next year or the year after…

  5. I would definitely share with him how important a birthday is to me, but what I would do after that depends on whether I like his good qualities so much, that I can bear the bad ones.
    On his birthday I would focus on him, not on his birthday.
    I would do a ”waking call”, something shockingly good action: if he likes to do something I don’t like very much, let’s do it together! Exceptionally today, just for him.
    It’s like presenting a love gesture. He has to feel, everything on that day happens just because of him. This day must be one of the most special days of the year. It should be memorable, not because of his birthday, but because of its specialty.
    Any ideas? – I would let my instincts work. Nothing big party, just something unique.
    After that, if I can get him to make the same special day of my birthday, that would be the really big deal.

  6. D. My husband nor myself are big on birthdays, or really any holiday. Instead, we give cards and gifts when we find something that makes us think of the other. It works great for us.

  7. I guess I’d go with A. I’m not a Birthday nut like you and like a friend of mine ,who celebrates her birthday as her Birthday MONTH! No kidding! But I’d at least like a freakin card or an acknowledgement. That’s all I want! My birthday is a weird day. It’s April 1st and although when I was younger, I l-o-v-e-d the fact that I had an usual birthday; as I got older, not so much! If I get a card, I’m happy. If my fellow Engineers take me out to lunch or get a cake or some other sweet treat to celebrate at the office, I’m happy. If not, not a big deal! I know it’s my birthday and I send a prayer up to my Mom who is in heaven now and thank her for giving me life. That’s about it. You might think me weird Shantelle, but that’s how I feel about it. A Happy Birthday, makes me happy!

  8. Definitely A. A lot of variables here. How their family celebrates events, that women are generally responsible for remembering family celebrations, one’s age, etc. When my kids were small we did it up big. But I’m personally embarrassed by fusses, so I tend to appreciate an intimate dinner with people close to me. However, I take note of how others prefer to celebrate and if they like a big event, that’s what I produce. Is it a deal breaker? Not even close. Sometimes downplaying birthdays isn’t so much a reflection of how they feel about you as how they feel about getting older themselves. My baby just turned 39 which means I’ll be 70 this year. If anyone dares to make a fuss, I’ll have their head on a platter…

  9. I LOVE birthdays and remember everyone’s special day. My late husband could have cared less. At first this really bothered me but eventually we compromised. He knew mine was a big deal so he never forgot mine and I remembered everybody else. He even eventually let me accepted gifts but no parties!!!

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