Anyone else think the weekend should start on Thursday night???

Okay friends…TGIF has always been the MO to ring in the weekend, but after the morning I’ve had, I swear I would like to petition that weekends start on Thursday evenings.  Here is a compilation blog for my reasons of wishing it had started yesterday.  While driving down to workout, something I don’t normally do on weekends, so if it was already the weekend, today, I would not have even left my house until lunch time, meaning perhaps getting a flat tire would not have happened to me.  The only thing that would have still taken place is the part with Duke pissing in the house, since he’s taken to doing that every single day.

  1.   I got “trapped” behind a truck doing 20 miles under the speed limit.  Which if I hadn’t started my day running late, thanks to Duke peeing all over the kitchen island during the middle of the night, then the fact that this guy didn’t want to use a single one of the turn outs on the two lane canyon wouldn’t have bothered me at all.  I love a leisurely drive first thing in the morning through Malibu Canyon.  It’s one of the most beautiful roads I’ve ever been on.  I just don’t like to go leisurely when running late.
  2.  Did I mention that Duke peed on the island, and since I found it, and both Yannick and I had appointments to get to, I cleaned it up.  This made me late; and isn’t the best way to start any day, day after day, after day.  I arrived at my workout class right as the clock struck 8:30, they give away bikes four minutes before class starts.  I’ve never had them do this to me before.  Yet today they did.  Thank God they had another bike, and I didn’t get turned away, I still was able to get my ass kicked, which in case you wondered, I pay to have that done, so yay, lucky me.
  3. Another reason I was late to my class is because they’re doing construction on the street right outside of Soul Cycle, and although I was waved through by the flag man, I was stopped a little bit further along by a giant construction vehicle.  This friends, is where I believe my tire was damaged.  There was a steel plate that the forklift right in front of me had just laid down on the road.  It wasn’t completely level to the ground when he allowed me to pass through.  My tire hit it in a funny way and I just knew it wasn’t going to end well for the tire, or me.  But when I got out and parked, the tire looked fine.  So I didn’t think to check it again.  My mistake.  Because after I ran a couple of errands is when I made the discovery that I had in fact blown a tire.  Not fun.  The bright side to this is that the road side assistance woman said it would take an hour for the tow truck guy to arrive, blessing, he was there within fifteen minutes.  Changed the tire in five, and I was on my way within ten minutes.

On my merry way, back to my house, (before lunch) a husband who would begin the hunt for a new tire for me, sunshine, family, and my bikini.  The thing is, not any one of these side steps is a big deal, but stack them on top of each other, and I’m here to tell you that I’m starting my weekend early.  “Mimosa please.”

TGIF friends.


  1. As far as I’m concerned, Thursday is Friday-Eve, and whether you’ve had a good one or one that you can’t wait to see the back-end of, it’s worth celebrating! Pass the mimosas … 😉

  2. Luckily for me, this particular Friday went OK, very few in the way of “argh” moments. I drove 6 hours to a casino in Louisiana, to meet some friends, but none of us came home with a profit.
    I’m sorry yours was so frustrating! But it seems you sorta if not completely salvaged your weekend by time on the beach. I trust you did have a drink (or two?). Kohl was a hoot running around on the beach, and even Mack (and bad, bad boy Duke) got some fresh air!
    Next week’s GOTTA be better!

  3. Quick comment, the third sentence, you mistakenly typed “time” for ‘tire.” Don’t know if you can pull this and correct or not. Thought you’d like to know.

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