Anybody else chronically sick these days???

With travel, catching up on bills, paperwork, and other life responsibilities, along with battling yet another virus, I’ve been neglecting my blog.  Which really bugs me because I’ve had so many awesome moments that have crossed my path that I would have loved to blog about.  Sadly once the time became available to write about it, the mood about the topic had passed me by.  It doesn’t help that once I manage to get through the “must dos” each and every day I have no brain power to “hmmm” about anything, except why the hell am I sick yet again?  HMMM??? HMMM??? HMMM???

Also, why is Dominique sick, for more than a month now??  Poor Mikaela has been sick since the day we left for Thailand…so closing in on a month in a few days.  I’ve tried all our regular high potency holistic potions that usually kick this shit to the curb, to no avail.  I’ve even given in and gone to pharmaceutical over the counter medications that I normally NEVER take.  But what choice do I have???  The three of us have been soooooo sick, for soooooo long.  Yet nothing helps.  Like not even a teeny tiny bit. I haven’t mentioned it because I didn’t want to blog to you guys, ONCE AGAIN about being sick, and come across like a broken, sick record.  But seriously, I’m sick of being sick, and nothing is working.  We finally caved and paid to go into a walk in clinic the other night because we were thinking maybe the three of us have something that requires antibiotics.  But nope.  Nothing that a round of antibiotics can fix.  We also don’t have the flu, as we keep testing negative for that.  There is literally nothing that can be done, just tough it out and wait for it to pass.

So, here we sit, well them in LA, and me on a long planned ski holiday with Yanny Bissony; dying to be able to eat without feeling like we’re swallowing razor blades.  Desperate to sleep without waking with dry coughing fits.  Hopeful that one day the drowsy fog will clear out of our heads so that we can write, talk, and conduct our days effectively.  Until that day returns, I will blog when my load is light enough to manage it.  I’m thinking it might come after a straight week of sleeping…which I think might be in my future post ski trip.  Fingers crossed my friends, fingers crossed.




  1. If your Instagram is any indication, the fresh air is doing you good 😉 Keep that up, lady! Hope you’re feeling better … all of you!!

  2. Yuck–my sympathies! Sounds like you all need an extended sleep-in at your familiar home with familiar food and your OWN bed. Call it an enforced incarceration. Could be fun and therapeutic! Best wishes.

  3. Sure hope you recover soon. Sounds like you defintely need to that time apres-skiing to SLEEP Write when you can if you feel like it. But you need to take care of yourself and you family.

  4. In my home with 4 adults, we all got a cold in early January which wasn’t bad in terms of congestion, but it stuck around in the throat giving us laryngitis and constant coughing. It really lasted the full 10 days or more. I can’t take cold medications so my doctor recommended lots of fluids including chicken soup. He seemed interested in my taking zinc lozenges at the outset (although I haven’t seen much evidence) and recommended vitamin C which I didn’t do. He did mention that sometimes the cough stays after the cold. I also had him give me as asthma inhaler: I hadn’t had a bad cold in years and stopped using it. Obviously you can do lots of hand washing to ward these off! But you can’t really escape it when you’re on a plane or in groups, but then, it wouldn’t be much fun hiding in your home all winter (although the dogs would love it).

    Flu has been deadly this year so be sure to go to the doctors if you have a fever or the cold is lasting lover than the 10 days. Have your doctor listen to your breathing in case you do have a mild case of asthma that comes with a cold, like me.

  5. Mrs. Bisson,
    Sounds like the viral “crud” that requires spending some serious quality time in a steam room to me. If the ski resort or a nearby gym/spa/hotel has one, plan on spending at least an hour in the steam and consider putting a few drops of eucalyptus oil under one of the steam jets to sooth your chest congestion. Will do no harm and will likely speed your healing process. Just a suggestion based upon years of experience.

  6. Not that is much consolation to you but a similar virus is going on this side of the atlantic, a not quite cold that doesn’t come or go properly, tickly caugh and general tiredness. My daughter swears by Sambucol , a black elderberry tonic, to build up the imune system.
    Hope yoy feel better soon and are able to enjoy your ski trip

  7. Have no remedies or wisdom to impart just wishing you all a return to good health asap. Love Marion

  8. You’ve got a lot of company. My partner and I have been sick for a month now. First the stomach virus, then the sore throat- upper respiratory virus. Thank God she got sick first, then I went down. My sister’s entire family is sick both at home and college. It’s running rampant throughout the country along with the flu. Thank God none of us had the flu. I’ve now missed 6 days of work and don’t get paid sick time. So I’m starting to stress about the loss of income. I’m pushing myself to try and go in to work tomorrow but my coworkers want me to stay home. I’ve never seen it this bad before; I feel for you. Stay warm, drink warm liquids and bundle up. I hope we all start to feel normal soon!

  9. I wish all of you a speedy recovery, and send “healthy” vibes and love your way!
    I’ve been working in a clinic for homeless people for the last 10 years, so I would say I get exposed to all kinds of whatever germs are going around. When I first started working here, I would get sick a lot; I’d get coughs that would last weeks and weeks. I have been taking at least a multivitamin for many years, and adding other ones that I feel might help keep me healthier. I also am diabetic, so I feel I have a compromised immune system as it is. I added zinc, which seems to strengthen my nails, but still was getting sick. I tried Echinacea, which actually seemed to help my allergies, but it’s only supposed to be taken for a few weeks at the most(hard on the liver?). I read about L-Lysine, and that seems to do the trick. I have never had a flu shot, and while many of my coworkers were brought low by this winter’s version, I haven’t gotten it. That doesn’t mean I never get sick, but just a few times a year.

  10. Spent most The the pre-holiday time with a virus. Coughing,sneezing, tossing and turning, could barely move till it settled in my ears. That required an antibiotic which I hate to take but did. It was powerful and when that was done coincidentally so was the virus. I did not feel up to myself until almost a month later but you women are all much younger. Good Luck!

  11. Understand how you & your two daughters are sick of being sick. Even on Twitter, have read of others who’ve had a virus which just hangs on for weeks and isn’t the flu. As you mentioned, also antibiotics are not needed either. In early October, I caught what is the virus with similar symptoms – feeling horrid for a few weeks, low energy despite getting lots of sleep and eating well, then the coughing began. I coughed for 8 weeks. Even over December, still would cough at times especially if talking for very long. Took to having small 8 calorie mints with me and found those helped stop the coughing for awhile. In January, decided to stop exercising at all, sleeping more and being very lazy for a few weeks. It seemed to work as finally the cough is gone. It’s just a long lasting virus. When you and your daughters can, do rest as much as you can and even have afternoon naps. Will say a few prayers for you all to be well again. xxx (one each)

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