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There is simply way too much happening in the world this Monday morning for me to post on only one topic, and to be frank with all of you, the news about Trump and the hatred taking place in both American and Canada has made my brain, and my soul hurt too much to construct an entire post.  Later I will be treating myself to an afternoon movie, which to me is the most comforting, decadent thing to do middle of any day, but especially on a Monday like today.  As for all of you, my lovely readers, count yourselves lucky, nothing too heavy to mull over for the start of your week, today is another compilation post of things that make me go “hmmm.”

First things first.  People say dogs don’t understand time passing.  Really?  Really?  People who believe this don’t own a dog.  I beg to differ, if they don’t understand time passing then how is that Duke knows well enough to pull his love away from his kids when they return home after being gone for some time?  He doesn’t do it when I run out to grab groceries, or go to the gym.  Not at all.  When I come home after running normal errands, and being gone for a regular amount of time, 3-7 hours, he bounces up to the door gives me love and kisses without any prompting.  No hurt feelings of neglect.  But, our girls come home after being gone for weeks, or months, and it takes a good 12, sometimes 24 hours for him to “love” them again.  No joke.  Without fail this is his M.O.  I for one absolutely believe dogs understand the difference between hours/days in contrast to how they feel being left for weeks and months.

Why is everybody freaking out that it snowed in Ontario yesterday?  Ummmm, it is almost the end of November folks, my girlfriend in Alaska has been dealing with snow since October…just saying.

If I’m taking all my hormone potions, sleep oils & vitamins, etc, etc why am I still not sleeping deeply.  Haven’t had a good nights sleep in five nights.  Yesterday was the first day with zero decaf coffee, today is day two, am I so “soft” that I can’t even drink decaf coffee anymore?  Hmmm???  I mean it’s already been proven that I cannot handle caffeinated beverages, but now decaf??  If this is the case I will be extremely sad.  It’s winter, and there’s nothing more satisfying than a lovely decaf coffee with some almond or coconut milk to start my day.  I will keep you posted on this matter.  If not having my one decaf treat per day doesn’t help remedy my sleeping situation then I will take it back up immediately!

What is it about family members who still want to talk about the family feud that is taking place, but is playing both ends to the middle?  Hmmm?  Also, what is with family members not believing the family member who was a victim of rape at the hands of another family member, but still wants to talk about it?  This really confuses me.  I’ve determined, after lying in my bed trying to fall asleep after a family get together last night, that the reason why family members don’t want to believe that one family member caused harm to another family member is because, I mean how do you sit across from them at Christmas dinner acting like the rape never happened?  The answer is you can’t.  So, in order to be able to still have a relationship with the rapist you need to pretend that the rape never happened.  So I guess it’s just the way it goes in families, the woman gets sacrificed to protect the feelings of the male.  Cool.

I read an interesting post today about how we all need to stop allowing Donald to distract us from real issues.  I hadn’t thought about it until I read this, but I’m totally guilty of getting all hot and bothered enough to post about his asinine request for an apology from the Hamilton cast, instead of posting about how he settled his lawsuit days before.  By settling his lawsuit he’s protected from being charged with a crime prior to taking office.  And as we know, a “convicted criminal”, I was going to type “known” but we can’t really say he’s not a “known criminal” because he is.  He boastfully admitted to avoiding paying taxes, as a smart thing to do.  I don’t know about you all, but you can bet your ass if you outwardly told the IRS on the world stage, i.e your twitter feed, that you haven’t paid your taxes in years, they would be on your doorstep SO FAST your head would spin.  Just ask Wesley Snipes how that turned out for him.  So folks, we already know Trump is a criminal, he just hasn’t been “convicted” of anything, therefore he can still take his place in the White House.  If you’re like me you probably also think he made the rape victim go away minutes before the election too.  This man is a crafty son of a bitch and we must not allow him to distract us from the real stories with his whiny, tweets deflecting from what he’s really doing.  Deal?  Deal.

And while we’re on the subject of that pimple on an ass, Trump, how ignorant are his racist, scared white supporters?  Well ignorant enough to be painting swastikas on Synagogues across North America.  What’s the problem with that some of you simpler Trump supporters might ask.  Ummmm, well his son in law is Jewish, and his daughter Ivanka converted…know your Trump facts, “supporters”.  But again, why am I surprised that they don’t know this about him, they voted him in.

The final thing that is currently making me go “hmmm” today, is how late is enough of a sleep in for my West Coast girl?  I just want her to get up and hang out with me already, it’s 10:20am, but I don’t want to ruin her vacation, and her time of rest by waking her up too soon.

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…





  1. “Why is everybody freaking out that it snowed in Ontario yesterday?”
    Because that’s what they seem to do. As an Edmontonian (now living in the GTA), it’s bemusing how people don’t seem to know “what to do about snow” (and pleasing to hear an Ontarian, such as yourself, questioning this!) I mean, a snow disinclination seems to be the norm wherever, but there appears to be a particular…different mentality around these parts. Especially when it comes to the roads/driving..Back home we don’t even use that snow/ice-melting salt stuff (only sand, for traction) and for sure (as you mentioned Alaska having snow since October) there would be Halloweens that would necessitate the costume being worn over a snowsuit.
    I can only think being conditioned to worship the sun and warmth *year round* has something to do with it (Oh, The Weather Network. I enjoy you, but, you tend to lean so towards the snow skittish). But goodness, Ontario, is your season for the white stuff not short enough already? Snow is actually important; it might be cold, but I think it would appreciate a warmer welcome!

    Anyway, tying into dogs knowing the passage of time (which I believe they do, too): I wonder what they think of the season(s)?

    Keep musing!


  2. Yes, animals do feel the passage of time. How else would my sister’s cat know she was coming back on that particular day, after 6 weeks, from Florida by car? Caramel waited by the front door, on that day, until she got home. Hmmm
    Hormones be quiet let Shatelle sleep. Is it perhaps that your mind has things to say and won’t rest until you listen?
    9:00am seems like a fair compromise to wake your little California girl.
    Big hugs

  3. Hey Shantelle:
    Let the girl sleep! She deserves it after all her brain busting work she’s put in as student AND she’s home, in her bed, with her loving parents and dogs around her.
    My nephew comes in to my home 2 days before Thanksgiving to be my assistant baker and chef for our family Thanksgiving dinner. I let him sleep in on both mornings, but last year he was disappointed I didn’t wake him to make the stuffing! I needed to get moving and didn’t have the heart to wake him. This year, his ass will be up early! Lol!
    Enjoy your baby while she’s home!

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