Is America really being led by such hatred in 2017???

There never seems to be a dull moment on the internet these days.  Whether powerful men in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein, or Ben Affleck are being exposed for their crimes against women, or it’s dumb and dumber sadly in charge of the U.S.A there’s plenty to shake our heads at.

I’ve asked this question so many times, too many times actually, but the answer is always the same.  There is no answer for how, or why those two racist, bigots got to be President and Vice President of America.  Except that too many people with dark hearts thought they would be a good idea.

Now I know some of you will come at me with your comments; “we’re a military family” or “we’ve always been Republican” or whatever your reasoning, and rationale is for voting for him/them, but honest to God, can you even believe what’s happening?  I’m sure you cannot, and I’m hopeful that you don’t condone their comments from today.

Pence has said he; “would like to hang all gay people.”  And Trump thought, not only was it funny enough to repeat, but he clearly backs it and shares his friends mentality or he never would have uttered the words publicly.

I’m honestly at a complete and utter loss. I for the life of me cannot understand what difference it makes to anybody who other people love??  What business is it of anybody’s who another person has consensual loving sex with???  Why do you care so much Mike Pence?  Why?  WTAF difference does it make to your life.  I truly don’t get it.  Nobody has to agree with the way somebody lives, or who somebody loves, but to wish actual death on them for it???  I CAN’T EVEN.

Look, I get it, we all think off coloured things in the privacy of our own minds, our own homes, we are all entitled to our thoughts and feelings about every single thing about our world.  But to insight, condone, encourage violence against fellow human beings, to say you wish DEATH upon them because of who they love, is morally irresponsible for anybody to believe, never mind the #1 and #2 leader of the U.S.  It is grossly irresponsible to say out loud.  Especially when there is still so much hate against any person who is LGBTQ.  We’re barely getting a handle on it, and now this?!  This endorsement for violence against an entire group of fellow human beings is heart breaking, and it’s honestly inexcusable.

These two men are not leaders, they are the scum on the sidewalk.  They must be removed.  I don’t know what the process is of getting them out of office but it must happen.  It truly must happen.  Who gives a flying fuck that the alt right, and all the other wackos who are like minded will be pissed, I’d rather they be pissed than an entire group of human beings be afraid for their lives, and in danger.

Today I pray that our friends, family, and colleagues who are LGBTQ are surrounded by angels of light and love.  That no harm comes to them on the heels of this irresponsible statement made by Pence and then dumped into the mainstream media by #45.  Which by the way, brings to mind that it isn’t just Pence and Trump responsible for spreading hatred, I hold the media equally responsible.  If any harm comes to any member of the LGBTQ community, the blood will also be on your hands.

Why did you need to print that statement???

Why did it even need to see the light of day???

I mean the Harvey Weinstein news was buried for nearly three decades, you could have kept this hateful, potential call of random violence against LGBTQ people to yourselves.  No?

Did that statement really need to be published?  I think it didn’t.  I think the media is as much to blame for inciting hate as those two assholes; and so I pray also for you to make better choices in the future.  To think through what you print before you do it.  I understand that the grand plan is to bring to light how horrible these two people are, but we need to also think clearly, and thoughtfully before we bring attention to such things as this.  We have seen first hand in Charlottesville the deep seeded hate that is coming to the surface against Americans of colour, we can rightfully assume, that there is the same depth of ugly, unwarranted hatred against our LGBTQ loved ones.  So let’s use our brains and defeat the evil that sits in the White House while not putting anymore people into the line of fire for the unstable, rabid, unhinged supporters who might think that the statement Pence made that Trump repeated is an open invitation to abuse, or worse, murder our friends in that community.

Even if you’re not a religious person, please join me today and every day when you meditate in asking the universe to protect all who might be targeted simply  because of whom they love.



  1. I did not vote for Trump. I don’t know anyone who did. I hope that the majority of my fellow citizens are not ‘Dark Hearts’. Can I suggest that he had to have obtained votes by illegal means. We all know he is dishonest and can’t handle things not going his way. His win at any cost mentality. would it be too hard to believe that he found a way to beat the system?

  2. I agree with everybody’s comments on this post; I always am interested in every one else’s take on things. That’s so sad, Theresa, that you and your partner cannot be your true selves, and be accepted as fellow human beings, except in the confines of your home!

  3. Someone, I think maybe George Takai, posted an Instagram comparing the way Obama and Trump speak about their daughters. Obama praised his daughters the way a proud father would, with respect. Trump, on the other hand could not speak about his daughter without some sort of sexual reference. Beyond disgusting! She was even next to him and was laughing at what he was saying. All I can say is, I try to pay him as little attention as possible; otherwise I would spend all my day being angry. I’m just waiting for his time to be over.
    It’s sad and tragic that there are always people who are afraid of the uncertainty of life, and express that fear with hate and violence. They never even consider that diversity is a strength, and a wonderful opportunity to widen all our horizons, making life that much richer and sweeter. They make themselves feel “safe” by keeping their world small. I pray for peace and love to prevail.

  4. Your passion is so inspiring, We have to keep fighting for love. I am so embarrassed by our leadership. More than that, it is scary. How can men in those positions be so totally ignorant?! We need to embrace all who have been lucky enough to find a partner to share their lives.

  5. It’s as if those two have been catapulted from the past to drag civilization back 300 years. And they are both clearly very happy to be doing it. The darkness and the hate is just sickening. There is just too damn much of it in the world right now. I sway back and forth between “enraged” and “despondent”. I find myself grasping for good news wherever I might find it. It can be exhausting.

  6. I thought those days of hiding and lying about myself were over. I thought after my Puritan State, PA, allowed gay marriage, that we had won the battle of equality. I was wrong! We now have to be careful again, I’m now relegated to referring to my partner of 35 years as my “roommate “. Just to protect my employment. I know and believe in karma, I just wonder how long it will take to see these two excuses of a human being will get theirs. I’m afraid I won’t see it soon; possibly ever. Where’s karma when you need it;when the world needs it! What a sad sad country we are, to have allowed these 2 POSs to be leaders.

  7. Dearest Shantelle,
    I agree with everything you have said. Love is love.. All people need love and it doesn’t matter who there are. How can these 2 make such a horrible statement. This is a such a miss use of power.. I hope that the LGBTQ are aware and take measures to be safe💖💖💖💖🐝bj

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