Am I the only person concerned about predators in non gender restrooms?

For the most part you all said that you have no problem sharing a bathroom with the opposite sex, and that gender-less restrooms are not an issue for you.  Here’s where I stand on the entire issue.  To be clear, I have not got a single problem with a trans person being in the same restroom with me, this is not where I see the problem.  If you’re a woman, use the woman’s bathroom, if you’re a man, use the men’s.  Period.

I also don’t care about single contained restrooms, with one toilet, one sink, one door being gender neutral.  Have at it.  And as some of you pointed out, the men move through the restroom line WAY FASTER than us girls, so huge benefit to us ladies.  So, if it is a single stand alone restroom, thumbs up, I don’t mind sharing it.  I don’t love it, but don’t have a problem with this.

My concern lies here.

If you have a public restroom that has dozens of stalls already, for example like what you find at a sporting venue, or a theatre, I don’t think these should be gender-less.  I believe that these should remain women’s and men’s bathrooms.


Well I’m going to tell you why.  I feel that we live in a time where there are lots of crazy, unstable, predatory people and I truly don’t believe that women, and young girls should be subjected to entering one of these large public facilities and potentially end up running into a sexual predator.  Now, some of you may argue that they can wander in and lie in wait regardless of what picture is on the door, and you’re not wrong, this has actually happened.  But, rarely.  My concern with this notion that anybody can go into any public restroom anywhere, male or female is that it’s like handing out a license to the unhinged bad apples to walk into any restroom anywhere without alerting anybody to this being “abnormal” and potentially predatory behaviour.

This is where I see the issue, and I think it is both a serious, and potentially dangerous one.  I don’t get it, and I don’t see why anybody regardless of what they identify as would think that this is more important than public safety?  This part of the argument perplexes me.  Like why does it matter so much that the public restrooms be without a gender?  I mean I don’t care what you are, what you used to be, and what you currently think you are.  Where I come from there are two genders.  Female.  Male.  Sorry but you won’t change my mind on this.

Something you’ll never see me get on side with however, is the argument that some right wing people are running with.  They’re all bent out of shape about having homosexual people in their bathrooms, and trans people…blah blah fucking blah.  Who cares about this.  We’re not talking about people who identify, and live their lives as the gender of the restroom they want to use we’re talking about being a danger to other people in the restroom.  From where I sit, the potential for this to allow the wrong type of people into a restroom to assault, or worse, abduct people is simply too great a risk, in my opinion.  I mean we’ve all read stories, and seen news reports where men have installed cameras in women’s restrooms, do we really need to openly allow these sort men into women’s bathrooms???  I mean really???  I for one truly hope and pray that the only bathrooms that end up without a gender on the door are the single occupancy ones.  If they start doing it with large multi stall restrooms, well, I guess this bitch will start wearing a diaper.


  1. Hi Shantelle! I found this post very interesting, especially as a Gender Studies teacher who is in a school with two very hard-fought-for GN washrooms. I feel very strongly that GN washrooms are important. Many trans, queer, and non-binary folks do not feel comfortable or safe in gendered washrooms. There is the danger of being queer-bashed in them, and also being attacked for not being in the ‘right bathroom’ based on their appearance. In my school, we had trans kids who didn’t go to the washroom ALL DAY because they didn’t feel safe using the men’s and women’s washrooms. The students at our school fought for multi-stall washrooms. One, because they can use the washrooms with their friends and feel safer. Two, because walking into a single-stall ‘trans only’ washroom might make them feel outed.

    While I understand GN washrooms might make cisgender people like you and me uncomfortable, I think we have to recognize that as cis people we DO have the option of using other washrooms, and trans and non-binary folks often do not. As far as GN washrooms being a haven for sexual predators, the same is true of gendered washrooms. Men’s washrooms can often be unsafe spaces for queer boys/young men, for instance. And honestly, I think there are very few sexual predators in GN washrooms– I think it’s far more likely that there are just some lovely trans and non-binary folks who need a place to pee!

  2. I can’t believe I never even thought about the predators . How naive is that?! I try to think the best but I really should have thought about that. Separate will always be better. I think wherever they have gender-neutral they are trying to save money. It always comes down the the mighty dollar I guess. They need to think about the safety aspect. Not like I totally spaced that. Thanks for bringing me back to reality

  3. I’ve had the experience of having a choice to use either a genderless restroom or a women’s restroom. Since the former was near the lab I was working in I tried to use it. (A single use restroom). But as soon as I opened the door I quickly changed my mind. Guys are pigs when it comes to their bathrooms. Why is that? It’s bad enough to find pee on the seat in a women’s room but guys just pee all over the place. You’d think they’d have better aim!! In this case I walked down to the women’s room where I didn’t have to be assaulted by the smell or the pee on the floor! Just disgusting! I will use women’s room for a myriad of reasons.

  4. Agree 100%. Nothing more to add except won’t ever go in to any genderless washroom ever.

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