Am I alone in my disgust that on Canada’s anti-bullying day, our neighbors committed a most heinous act of bullying? #DAPL

You know, I find it incredibly difficult, in fact nearly impossible to remain positive, upbeat, and faithful these days.

On one hand, today, we have Canada sporting pink shirts to show their support for those who have been bullied.  Making a visual commitment to others that there will be zero tolerance toward bullies.  It is beautiful, it is necessary, and it is important.  Anybody who has been bullied, and I’ve yet to personally meet anybody who wasn’t, appreciates this, and recognizes its importance.

On the other hand, today, we witnessed our neighbors, the United States of America remove indigenous people from their land, by force.  Police force.  All because they wanted to protect their land from the government.  They wanted to ensure the land that was left to them, actually the land we stole from them, then gave back to them as some sort of consolation prize for taking the entire rest of their country from them, was protected.

How did the white man react to their pure and sacred plea to save some of what little land that they have left?

To bully them off of it.

To deny them their rights.

To take it by force, once again.

I have never in my entire forty seven years been more ashamed of the colour of my skin than I have been in the last two.

I apologize for our white leaders, the Ass Pimple, and our Canadian pretty boy, who everybody finds so charming, so much so that they miss the part where he also shook on this deal.  He, who stood with our native people shedding tears for their women who are missing, and with the tribes who have lost so much.  During his campaign he played the part, as did Ass Pimple of being a different kind of leader.  The sort of leader who cares for the “under dogs” as it were.

Yet here we are, February 22nd, 2017, Canada’s anti-bullying day; our leader, agreed with your leader to go in with force and take what wasn’t there’s all in the name of money, and greed.

For this I will forever be sorry.  Forgive us if you can.


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  1. Trying so hard to be upbeat but it has become a relentless torrent of sad news every day. The biggest bully if them all is sitting in the White House systematically stripping people of hard won rights day after day.

    We must continue to resist this and keep our spirits up!!

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