A lot can happen on the internet in 72 hours.

What a wild day on the internet today.  After taking the weekend off I thought I would check it out so I could glean some content for today’s things that make me go “hmmm” post.  And man oh man did I ever.  I got so much that I’m going to give you one of my compilation posts.  It’s been a while since I’ve done one of those, but how could I resist with the plethora of subject matter today?!

Does #45 think he’s starring in a live action version of Love Actually?  And instead of having a fight with the young, dashing Prime Minister of Great Britain he’s having his with Canada, and is it because Trudeau sort of looks like Hugh Grant?  What in the hot hell is coming out of that man’s mouth, and does he not know that we are allies, friends, and pretty much family?  I can’t even with what’s happening here.

Something else that seems to be happening all over the internet is that people, troll like folks, I’m assuming, are trying to lay Anthony Bourdain’s death at the feet of his lover, Asia Argento?  I still haven’t figured out the connection as to what it is that inspired her dear friend Rose McGowan to call everybody out, but I’m guessing it has something to do with people saying she’s the reason he committed suicide.  Which is beyond fucked up, and makes me feel like people need to just mind their business, and you know, not write stupid shit on the internet.

Not only are people writing stupid shit, they’re doing stupid shit.

There was a mom here in Ontario who thought the best thing to do with her three year old daughter, to you know, be the coolest mom on the internet and go virile was to post videos of her and her daughter together.  Not a big deal, moms post videos of their kids all the time.  You know the super unique ones of a kid throwing a fit because they’re getting a baby brother or sister they didn’t ask for.  Or how about the ones of kids stoned in their car seats after having a tooth pulled.  Some of my personal favorites are when parents make videos of their children with Lego pieces up their noses or in their ears documenting it on video before they actually help their kids out of their predicament.  So many parents looking for their fifteen minutes of fame.  Anyway, I guess this mom is sort of like me and thinks that that’s all lame regular stuff that all kids get up to, and wanted to take her video one step further, really rack up those views.  So what does she do?  She plops her three year old on her lap, while on the freeway, neither wearing seat-belts, and lets her kid steer the car.  She has her three year old NOT in a car seat, ON HER LAP driving the car on the freeway.

Oh her video(s) went virile and got her noticed alright…all the way to the police department where multiple charges were laid.

Then there is another epic mom fail…a mother left her eleven month old baby in the car while she went shopping for ninety minutes.  She’s twenty nine, my eldest is twenty-nine, and I know my kid knows not to leave a baby in a hot car, alone.  Which means this mom is old enough to know you do not leave a baby in a locked car.  Does she not have a stroller?  Was she perhaps in the mall looking to buy a stroller???  So many questions, but only one good answer…babies/children/elderly people and dogs do not stay sitting in a locked car on summer days for any amount of time.  Period.

My final thing that made me go “hmmm” after perusing the “local news” today is what’s with people committing hit and run crimes.  Like, I’m thankful to be able to say that I’m fortunate enough to not have hit anybody with my car, thank God.  So I don’t know what it’s like, I’m assuming that it’s probably the single more traumatic thing to do in the world, in your life, and having to stick around to watch a fellow human injured, bleeding and in some cases already dead on the ground can’t be fun.  But to flee the scene???  Nah.  That’s beyond the pale.

People, we have to be better to one another.  Passing judgement against people you don’t know on the internet, is so gross.  Going for social media fame at the cost of your child’s safety?  So brutal.  Being so ignorant on how to be a parent that you leave your baby in a hot locked car?  Somebody check and see in what other ways this baby might be in danger.  Not staying at the scene of a crime that you commit with your car…honestly, I can’t even.  And #45 causing beef with Canada?  Listen, I’m confident the NAFTA needs to be tweaked.  Like every relationship the terms need to be adjusted, and revisited every so often.  But to burn the bridge of the relationship and name call the leader of the country, a leader I’m not fond of; well it is honestly short sighted and ridiculous if you ask me.

Oh wait…I almost forgot about the state employee, the ONE PERSON in charge of inputting people’s names in a database in Florida to see if they have any criminal charges, or mental health issues that would make them not ideal candidates to carry a concealed weapon.  Actually never did check their names because, well, she was locked out of the database.  FOR A YEAR.  I CAN’T EVEN WITH THIS.  WOW.  WOW. WOW.


  1. All of this is an indictment on the state of modern society. A President who constantly displays his lack of intelligence…..people anonymously attacking others who are grieving…..children being left in locked cars, and a mother putting her child and herself in danger….hit and run accidents – here it is a criminal offence to not report a hit and run, and also to leave the scene. That still happens far too much around this country….often with cars that have been stolen! And gun licenses in the US …they seem to be given out like candy given to children at Halloween.

    You are right. We have to treat each other much better, in all situations in life. We have to use our brains to think properly In order to do this. And we have to also act responsibly. If not, we become less than human beings.

  2. Hi Shantelle❤ love your blog. I admire you action on these Hot topics. I think some patents should not be parents. Why would anyone leave people or animals in a Hot car or let a 3 year old drive. These parents are absouluty crazy. I hope the women got the book throwing at her. Police speaking 👩‍🏭👨‍🏭 Now hit and run that’s just evil. How could anyone just leave someone hurt or dying in the middle of the street or anywhere and just drive away. I hope these people ROT IN HELL. I do believe that Luke Bryant’ s song Some People are offly GOOD says it all. Now about Trudeau, He’s an ASS 🍋🍋🍋 THAT’S all I have to say on this 💚💚💚 love ❤ keepem coming 💚💚💚

  3. Ok now this is just getting stupid! #45 is continuing to act like a dick, like he always does; grandstanding in every situation he is in! He’s called your PM “Little” Justin Trudeau! How disrespectful! He proves over and over on world wide media, albeit print, TV, Internet, Social Media, that he is a giant DICK! I can’t even listen to his voice or see his face. If it pops up on my computer screen, I change the screen. If it pops up on TV, I either mute it, or change the channel. Same with Newspapers, my iPhone, etc! HE IS A GIANT DICK!!!!!! Well, I’m sure he’d like to think he HAS a giant DICK, but we all know that men that act that way, have very little needle dicks!!!! Always trying to compensate for their inadequacies.
    As far as these “girls” and I use that word firmly, that leave their children in cars by themselves no matter the time of year, should have the child taken from them immediately! Then, they should have to undergo psychological evaluation at their own expense before the child is returned to them! That should wake them the hell up!!! Dear God, I don’t even leave my dog in the car anytime of year. If my partner or someone else is with me, then I’ll take her, otherwise, she has to stay home in her crate until I get back! What the hell!? Don’t these “girls” watch the freakin news, we know they watch their phones?! How many times are we to see a child die in a hot car! How many stories have to be told in order for this to get drummed into their pee brains?
    People are sooo judgemental! Like really judgmental, especially hiding behind a keyboard! If they had to face the person they are verbally assaulting, in this case Asia Argento, I’d lay money they wouldn’t say a word. But, to put the blame on her when he OPENLY televised a visit with his therapist stating that “its a nice day, the sun is out, I should be happy; but I’m not”. HE SUFFERED FROM SEVERE DEPRESSION!!! No one knows what a person goes through that has this affliction except that person. So to place blame on that poor girl who’s heart has just been ripped out is INSANE!
    I blame this plethora of negativity on #45 and the JACKASSES in the US that voted him in, mainly, the Electoral College. He has opened Pandora’s Box and let loose the anti-life from within it! (metaphorically speaking) Since he has been in office, the number of assaults, verbal, electronic, guns, weapons in general has multiplied! Racism which was getting under control, has stepped back 100 years. Anti-Americanism is at an all time high! If you are not white, male and speak American English, then you’re a foreigner and a criminal. He has given license to all those cowards, who can now flex their electronic muscles and spout their racist rants under the guise of taking back America. WHAT A BUNCH OF SHIT! Karma has a way of smacking you in the back of the head when you least expect it! I hope to God I can witness when he gets his for the harm he has/is doing all over this one world that God has given us.

  4. OMG I missed some of those which in some ways is a good thing. And I will do a compilation reply 🙂
    Definitely did not miss our glorious #45 name calling our allies. I Really don’t think he has a single thought in his head before he speaks.
    Parents who leave children in locked cars need to be prosecuted as criminals. You Don’t Forget your child, Or in the case you mentioned just decide to leave them for a ‘few minutes.’Children can DIE in a very short, It is a minimum of manslaughter and in this case it would be voluntary manslaughter if she had been lost.
    And another idiot parent with no seat belt AND 3 year old on a lap ON A FREEWAY, What happened to common sense. Bet she didn’t think her cute viral video will hopefully send her to jail.
    OK no background checks for concealed carry because she was locked out FOR A YEAR. How about FIX THE PROBLEM. So there could be any number of people in Florida with a concealed carry permit that shouldn’t even have a gun, Where is the oversight??!!
    I can’t believe there are such horrible people on the internet who will attack people grieving the loss of a loved one, No one has any right to speculate about what demons any person was dealing with when they felt they had no option but to take their life. We need to show love and support for those left behind, And we need to reach out to those people that we feel are dealing with demons and tell them they are not alone and there IS help.

    Thank you Again for your thoughts and words and for bringing so much to light.

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