Here’s the best idea to help somebody being robbed, I received!

Yesterday’s WWYDW created a bit of a stir, some people, suggested calling the police, which I for one would agree with, especially in this day and age.  Many of you pointed out, that certainly in the States a lot of people could be carrying concealed weapons legally, not to mention the chances of a mugger having one on them, also being high.  I had thought about that possible scenario, given that in the one YouTube video I used showed the one dog chasing the robber with the gun right back out of the store.  While watching this video after reading your responses, it seriously brought out the “hmmms” for me, and here they are:

  1. I found it fascinating that the would be robber who had a gun, didn’t shoot the dog dead when the dog lunged at him.  Why not?  If it had been a person stepping in to save the day I wonder if he would have shot the human?  Are people kinder to animals than their fellow humans?  Why didn’t he shoot the dog, and the human?  Was his gun not actually loaded?  Honestly, so many questions.
  2. Where did this attempted robbery happen?  In North America or Europe?  Are criminals more hesitant to actually commit crimes that cause death in Europe than they are in North America?  What are these stats?  Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.

Now, the reason I didn’t put “call the police” as an option for things you might do if you witnessed a mugging is because, I’m not sure if you’ve been mugged, but Mikaela has been, while she was in Barcelona.  Thankfully the guy who robbed her was a kind pick pocketing sort of person, and didn’t lay a hand on her.  Thank God indeed!  I can’t imagine what it would have felt like to get that call; “hey mom I’m in the hospital because I was banged up during a mugging in Barcelona.”  Yeah, those sort of phone calls are going to be a no from me.  Anyway, my point about muggings/robberies are that they happen so quickly that there really is no time for anybody to contact the police in the hopes that they’ll get there in time to thwart the mugging.  Also the cops, sadly don’t respond very quickly, or seriously to these sorts of crimes.  Or at least they don’t in Barcelona, where Mikaela, and her friends, who had also been robbed same day, different times, literally got no help.  This is why I gave only personally involvement choices.

For me, I have to say that the reader who said; “I would begin yelling loudly about the mugging in the hopes to get some other bystanders involved so that we would have strength in numbers.”  Was actually the best response I received.  I really hadn’t thought about that, and I do believe in this day and age the more the merrier when trying to be a crime busting citizen of the world.  So friends, may we, if we ever bear witness to this sort of thing may we now have our strategy of how to be a help to a fellow human being.

xo SB

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