In the infamous words of Shonda Rhimes, if you’re a fan then you will know that she uses this line in every single episode of Grey’s Anatomy; “Donald Trump “you don’t get to” demand an apology for Mike Pence.”

Let’s wind this back a little bit.  Donald Trump has been spewing insults toward Hilary Clinton for the better part of two years, if suggesting her security detail put down their guns and leave her essentially unprotected.  Hmmm???? He has flat out told the world that in his mind Obama was lying about being an American citizen.  He reenacted the mannerisms of a disabled reporter whom he took issue with.  He has been stirring the pot of hatred in the underbelly of America for two straight years, and his little friend Mike Pence a known homophobe, who is anti-woman’s rights, racist individual goes to see the play Hamilton, and the cast took a golden opportunity to make one request of him.  First off lucky son of a bitch for getting tickets; they’re not only incredibly expensive, but more importantly difficult to get.  So well done him.  But this post isn’t about that, it’s about the lead actor Brandon Victor Dixon addressing him as he goes to leave the theater at curtain call.  I’ve watched the said “harassment” video and good Lord it couldn’t be kinder, more respectful, or diplomatic.  It is simply, as Brandon puts it, a call to freedom, a request to the future VP of America that he remember the foundation of what America was built on.  A plea that he allow people of all colour, sexual orientation and religious background to continue living their lives as free people.  If you don’t believe me watch it here for yourselves.

I, perhaps romantically, believe that the more people who record and share around the world the TRUTH about situations that Trump deems negative/hateful against him and his friends, via his twitter, which is so Presidential of him…insert giant eye roll emoji here.  Then hopefully more of his rational supporters, the ones who aren’t racist, bigots, or misogynistic human beings, the group of his supporters who voted for him mostly because they wanted to see a change of the old guard of politics, will keep a closer eye on their President elect and notice that he is in fact a liar, and gossip, and brat.  He’s that bratty little brother who takes the truth and twists it that little bit so that the other sibling would always get into trouble, and they would get off “scott free” while the other kid took the brunt of the punishment, leaving the lying tattletale feeling like the favoured child.  Trump is that kid who always lies so well that even people who know the truth find themselves second guessing that truth.  But I say we have a power that his parents, his siblings, his classmates never had over him, we have the power of the internet, and the videos to dis-spell his lies and exaggerations.

Anyway, I swore to myself I wouldn’t post about Trump anymore, which is why I’m delayed on this one, it’s basically “old news” but when I read about him tweeting, still can’t get over the fact that he does this, a call for an apology I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut any longer on this issue.  You simply “don’t get to” demand an apology Donald, after being a shit stirring hate monger for the better part of two years.  Nobody is demanding that you take back all the hateful things that have poured out of your hateful mouth.  So sit down and get used to this, the world is going to be demanding that you and all your backward thinking staff rule with logic, heart and reason for the next four years.  You’re either all going to need to develop a thick skin about it, or change the way you treat your fellow American’s.

I guess we’ll just wait and see how it unfolds…



  1. In an interview I saw (by accident) Pence himself said no one needed to apologize, the situation was overblown. So there Mr Trump you should listen to your minions. Talk about a tempest in a teapot, since when does asking for fairness is a personal attack?

  2. None of this surprises me. Trump is a 70 year old toddler with infinite scorn for everyone else and the thinnest skin imaginable. To criticize pence is to criticize trumps choice of him as vp. Everything is personal. If you expect him to suddenly become presidential… PEnce is another gem as are the rest of his cabinet of deplorables. 4 years of this? I don’t think I can stand it

  3. Hamilton Musing:

    Hey Shantelle:

    I have to tell you that I am getting more anxious about this human (I refuse to even entertain the thought that he is a man), and am concerned that we are starting to see the elimination of our Right to Free Speech, let alone being able to love who you choose to. I’m very worried that we haven’t even SEEN what’s going to happen after this bastard takes office. I can see censorship truly happening unless its to tout his agenda. I really don’t think I’m going off the rails, so to speak.

    I have a gift, that a lot of women do, it’s called Intuition. Referred to mainly as “women’s intuition”, but that’s only because we are more in-tuned to the “universe”. My sense, with relation to this human has been grim. More and more, the twist in my gut is becoming constant. Today I saw a crawler on TV that he said the Japanse internment camps were (I’m paraphrasing here), on the right track to interning Muslims! Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

    He runs a parallel to Hitler! I’m not exaggerating. Please read up on it, everyone that reads this post! We are in big freakin trouble! It would not surprise me, that he’d refuse to give up the Office of President when his term is up regardless of voters choice or should I say Electoral College choice. Dear God I hope I’m worrying over nothing….but I can’t shake this feeling!


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